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Tim Dillon: ‘Making Woke Garbage Might Be Over’

'Funny always wins in the end,' says Bobby Kelly on Dillon's popular podcast

Tim Dillon sounds like Howard Stern circa 1996.

The “Tim Dillon: A Real Hero” star talks like the current woke regulations don’t apply to him. Dillon takes the devil’s advocate position on a hot topic one moment, then makes perfect sense on a geopolitical query the next.

It’s unexpurgated rants fueled by wit and wisdom.

Tim Dillon: A Real Hero Streaming On Netflix Now (Princess Diana Clip)

Anything goes on “The Tim Dillon Show,” one reason Netflix signed him up for the “Hero” special.

So when Dillon says a change is in the wind regarding comedy, it’s worth noting.

Dillon invited fellow comic Bobby Kelly of “Fourth of July” fame on his most recent podcast episode. The two cracked wise about food addiction, comedy stylings and more.

Bobby Kelly | The Tim Dillon Show #322

Mid-chat, they reflected on both comedy and show business, with an emphasis on the “business” part of the phrase.

“The streamers … they’re all broke,” Dillon said, referring to belt tightening tactics at both Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery.

“They’re losing a lot of money. I didn’t get any notes on that [Netflix] special … I think it’s gonna go the other way, where people are like, ‘We gotta make money.’ These are all businesses. These guys all have mortgages. People forgot about that. They’re like, ‘oh, we can just win Emmys and have articles written about how great we are.’ Eventually, something’s gotta make money and something’s gotta be good,” Dillon said.

“Making just woke garbage might be over, and people are like, ‘let’s make things that are good,'” Dillon said.

“Funny always wins in the end,” said Kelly, whose new comedy special “Kill Box” debuted exclusively at

The comments come after Warner Bros. Discovery pulled the plug on a seemingly woke superhero film, “Batgirl,” while Netflix similarly bailed on programs from progressive darlings Ibram X. Kendi and Meghan Markle.

The New York Times recently shared how Hollywood insiders are having second thoughts about embracing the woke mindset, acknowledging lost revenue and a cultural over-correction.


  1. It has to end. I refuse to watch anything now without checking reviews first. I am so cautious about giving Hollywoke any money right now because I no longer trust them. I no longer go to movies on a whim. I go WHEN all signs point to it being entertainment ONLY, and not a woke lecture.

    This year, I gave Tom Cruise money for his Top Gun movie. That was a fun ride. Sure, Tom has his own issues, but at least the guy can make movies without inserting his personal beliefs in to them. I can respect that.

    Hollywoke needs to knock it off because the push back continues to grow. If they keep this up they will all go out of business. Maybe if that happens, new entertainment can take hold. So if they don’t smarten up, and stop lecturing us, then they deserve to go out of business… if they do smarten up, they better not EVER lecture me again in anything they do.

    I only give media producers permission to entertain me. That’s all!

  2. Time to get drowsy again, this woke life is nothing but a bunch of young adults screaming for attention. And the gross thing is how many of these young deranged idiots who’ve never known a life without social me want to play the victim so badly they will lie and scream rape, or homophobia or whatever serves their purpose. Just to be validated.

  3. I do hope this is true some day. But Hollywood has been intentionally losing money on woke rubbish for many years now. If I recall correctly ten of the eleven Gulf War films were leftist money losers. Somehow simple economics never touches the folks making the decisions. Weird & Frightening, that.

  4. You know what was ridiculous fun (at least, for a GenXer like me) and not woke at all? The Weird Al Yankovic movie on Roku. No politics, no message, just goofy satire with lines delivered straight, like “Pablo Escobar, you’ve just made the biggest mistake of your life.”
    It’s the Citizen Kane of accordion player movies. And maybe a sign of a welcome apolitical trend.

  5. Sure seems like the tide is turning. Even liberals are getting tired of the same old thing. Let’s hope this continues to carry over to late night shows(it’s already begun), and even SNL, which I’ve had no inclination to watch in 24 years. Maybe the red tsunami(fingers crossed) today will get ball rolling full steam ahead.

    1. That’s because the woke contingent is a small minority of progressives. The vast majority of progressives detest woke culture. Not unlike how white supremacists represent a small minority of conservatives.

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