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Thomas Jane: People Get Canceled for Sharing ‘Inconvenient Truths’

'Run Hide Fight' star opens up about Cancel Culture's insidious nature

Actor Thomas Jane isn’t as vocal as his peers when it comes to politics.

Jane, best known for his work in “The Mist,” “The Punisher” and “The Expanse,” doesn’t weigh in on the latest headlines like his peers.

His Twitter account focuses primarily on his busy career, pinging between behind-the-scenes snapshots and odes to various co-stars.

Jane opened up more than usual during a candid chat with for his latest project, “Slayers.” The horror-comedy hybrid follows a veteran vampire slayer (Jane) who teams with social media influencers to battle an undead syndicate. 

Slayers - Official Red Band Trailer (2022) Malin Akerman, Abigail Breslin, Thomas Jane

Jane expounded on the film’s satirical nature but spent time excoriating the current state of free speech in America.

The actor questioned narratives surrounding the “science” we read about in the public space and worried those who offer conflicting opinions find themselves silenced by Big Tech.

“Who are the sources? Who’s backing this up? Is there any science behind it? What is the science who’s paying for the science… it’s being twisted to serve the purposes of the man and a much grander machine. And I think any one of us can really wrap our minds around how grand the machine is, that is manipulating us. But we’re seeing that’s why people are getting canceled, because they’re not lying. Most of them because they’re telling the truth. And these are uncomfortable truths that are being shielded from us for a reason, because it is very powerful.”

Americans can now do their own research and come to conclusions that may differ from the accepted narratives. That scares those in charge of the information dissemination, he said.

“…there’s been no greater time for democracy than the present moment with the technology that we have. In fact, that’s become so dangerous to folks, that we are now being excised from access to that truth.”

Some scientists and reporters (like Alex Berenson) were banished from Twitter in recent months for sharing conflicting views on the pandemic. YouTube similarly deplatformed voices which countered the government’s wisdom on lockdowns and the pandemic in general.

Jane continued, bringing Climate Change into the conversation to show how more information, not less, is the path forward.

“You don’t have to be right. In fact, if you’re wrong, and if you’re able to bounce that off people, the feedback you get will generally lead you toward the truth.”

The actor doesn’t name-check Dr. Anthony Fauci, who famously said, “I represent science,” but he excoriated those who suggest “the science is settled.”

“Science never claims to find the truth about anything. It’s an ongoing discovery. It’s a process. It’s a process that needs to be democratic in order to function.”

It’s not the first time Jane spoke out against the new limitations on speech.

In a 2020 chat with Agence France-Presse, Jane explained his participation in “Run Hide Fight,” a thriller set during a school shooting. 

“The subject is taboo,” Jane told the outlet.


“Run Hide Fight” struggled to land a distributor due to the film’s incendiary subject matter. The story involves a teen (Isabel May) taking the fight to teen terrorists who overtake her high school.

Jane said that story deserves a fair hearing.

“Everyone wants to tow the line. Nobody wanted to do a movie about it. Everybody is so goddamned touchy in this country, and I’m sick of it … I am sick of not being able to have an open discussion and a disagreement.”

The Daily Wire, a freedom-friendly, right-leaning platform, eventually shared the film via its burgeoning entertainment platform.


  1. Sounds like a bad actor with a dying half-career that never really took off, trying to find someone to blame for the lack of success of the s****y movies he’s limited to by his lack of talent.
    But hey there’s definitely a career to be made playing the victim when you’re a white man now so good luck to him.

    1. Gee, where do I begin? With the irony of *you* actually accusing *others* of looking for someone to blame so they can be the victim? The irony of*you*, who isn’t even the best cashier at the McDonald’s you work at, criticizing *others* that their success isn’t as high as the success of others? The irony of *you* referring to yourself as “Dr” when you cannot even spell “PhD”?
      No matter where the political winds blow, you will always be a loser. If the most interesting part about you is what boxes you can check based on your sexual perversion or melanin content, then you’ll always be a pathetic loser.

    2. Tell us about your vast accomplishments skippy. I realize that some people cannot grasp the truth, while others ignore it because it forces them to confront their unicorns and social justice world. And I do love your use of the word talent, a word that never applies to affirmative action gender studies majors. If you could present a specific example of where Jane is wrong you’d demonstrate your education, knowledge and objectivity.

      But clearly you’re in the school of divide us for the social good. I am heartily sick of such losers who offer nothing but the usual “The View” bromides and caterwauling.

      This perhaps explains why Hollyweird has sunk to such disasterous lows and why people would rather undergo root canal work than sit through the latest Disney “message” film.

      Which I am sure Dr. No and his Nambla chapter watched in an endless loop for two days.


  2. Nerve struck much?

    I like how people are so self rightious about free speech and the right to disagree, the right to disparage anyone they dont like for whatever stupid pointless reason, but then real back in mortified insult if someone does the same to them.

    Then turn around and sling it right back in a
    Perpetual escalation of hatred and judgement.

    I’m ok with the canceling cause I’m just sick of everyones goddam bulls*** and I want them all to stfu.

    Dont care a dam what any of your opinions are.

    But I like Jane as an actor, so i’ll forget he lowered himself to participate in the innane drivel of modern political discourse

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