Late night's new voice is just like the old one ... nasty to the core.

Samantha Bee showed she could cuss just like the boys last night. Don’t think that was an accident.

The former “Daily Show” correspondent kicked of “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” Monday. The TBS show offers yet another way to slice and dice the news.

And Bee let loose with a string of expletives before the very first show wrapped. Wonder where she learned that from?

She opened her weekly TBS show by calling the current presidential race a “deranged electoral s*** show.” That’s the equivalent of a rock band giving a shout out to the city du jour.

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Bee mocked Hillary Clinton’s disingenuous appeal to New Hampshire voters with an “Oh, f*** off.” Later, she called Tex Sen. Ted Cruz a “fist-faced horse-s*** salesman.”

The show’s promotional teaser vows the show will “piss off all the right people.”

Was that TBS’s way of saying Bee will be yet another late night comic targeting conservatives? Based on night one, the answer seems to be “yes.” She did take a light swing at Clinton and teased Bernie Sanders for his wacky grandpa veneer. The much harder punches were thrown at GOP faces.

Part of the problem Bee faces isn’t of her own making. It’s our increasingly noisy media culture. Cutting through said noise isn’t just a challenge. It’s a near-impossible task.

Ironically, Stewart already had a firm grip on the zeitgeist when his cursing career blossomed. The court jester who once mocked CNN for debasing the political debate did plenty of damage to it himself, and he didn’t need to go that route. Now, his successors are more than happy to follow his lead.

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Bee could make her late night mark by tackling subjects other shows don’t go near. Perhaps a segment on how colleges are now a cesspool of PC groupthink, the very antithesis of free thinking?

Instead, she devoted more than six minutes Monday mocking the flailing Jeb Bush campaign. How very @#$% edgy.