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Comic Suspended by Twitter: ‘Suspicious’ Timing to Blunt DNC Jokes

Steve McGrew joins growing list of right-leaning comics crushed by Big Tech

Comedian Steve McGrew’s liberal alter ego got bumped from Twitter this week, and he wasn’t alone.

Twitter either temporarily or permanently suspended the comedy accounts of The Babylon Bee, faux woke warrior Titania McGrath, Jarvis Dupont, Guy Verhoftwat, Tolerance Police and Sir Lefty Farr-Right QC, according to Spiked-Online.

Andrew Doyle's Unveiling as Woke Satirist Titania McGrath | Joe Rogan

What did they all have in common? They either mocked Cancel Culture, Social Justice Warriors or Democrats in toto.

HiT reached out to McGrew to find out if Liberal Larry will be returning to Twitter and why the timing of the Twitter suspensions may not be accidental.

HiT: What can you share about your Liberal Larry character’s suspension? How did you learn about it? Were there previous warnings from Twitter and what was the official reason for the ban?

Steve McGrew: Yes Twitter murdered Liberal Larry. Well, they killed his account. There was no warning. It was weird how I found out. Larry had just Tweeted a happy birthday message to great Communist actor Robert De Niro, and I received a reply notice for that tweet.

I signed on to read the reply and it said the original tweet wasn’t available. I thought, how could a De Niro tweet get me in trouble? But when I went to Larry’s main page it gave me the “account suspended” message. So I checked my e-mail and there was this:

larry liberal twitter ban message

Apparently I was accused of spamming or some B.S. I wasn’t. Larry was just a comedy character with over 30K followers!

HiT: For those who weren’t following your Liberal Larry account what can you share about the personality and his Tweets?

McGrew: Liberal Larry is the ultimate liberal, very woke, always wears a pink P hat and doesn’t wear shirts because clothes are a symbol of white racism. He says no indigenous people wore shirts until the sexually repressed white man came here and forced everyone to cover up.

Liberal Larry: ‪Why are Trumpers so set on sending kids back to school just to get sick?! Why?? ‬

You could always bet he was going to say something stupid about hot topics and anything Trump did. Basically he was every person that replies from the Left to any media story posted about Trump or his election.

HiT: This isn’t your first time facing a social media punishment. Can you briefly sum up how Twitter and other platforms have punished you in the past?

McGrew: I pretty much stay in Facebook jail. My wife bought me a T-shirt that says Facebook Jail Repeat Offender.

My main account on Twitter, my verified account that had over 113,000 people, was killed off by Twitter. So I used another account I had (because Twitter used to let you have more that one account) then that account was “reported.”

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Basically it was attacked by whiny liberals who were upset I was a Trump supporter with more followers than them. Like most liberal hack comics with no following, they’re bitter little people doing each other’s open mic events.

Comedians Against Comedy

HiT: Are you aware of any left-of-center comics facing similar social media scrutiny? If so, can you share who?

McGrew: I don’t know of ANY lefty comic or Twitter account getting banned. There are accounts that wish death to Trump, some have posted how they’d like his death to happen, and they’re still there. And yes, those are violations of Twitters terms … which I think they make up as they go.

HiT: The timing of the suspensions (your character, The Babylon Bee and more…) came at the start of the DNC convention. Coincidence?

McGrew: Oh yeah, the timing of the suspensions is very suspicious. The day of the DNC convention. Done before the convention. I think it was so we couldn’t live tweet and slam the crap out of how bad the DNC convention was.

That first night was like the Jerry Lewis telethon! Only with less comedy and more disease. And for a group that has its legs wrapped around Hollywood that thing had the worst production values.

HiT: Final, related thoughts?

McGrew: Twitter will die as soon as Trump leaves. When he goes to it will be over for them. All of us who got slaughtered in the St. DNC Massacre have moved over to Parler. I’m moving all my characters to Parler. Most are there now.

Oh. And I did get an email claiming “SUCCESS” in getting Liberal Larry banned from Twitter. It’s a guy who’s been claiming he was going to get Larry fired for a long time.

Twitter is full of bitter sad people with no life. It’s a cesspool of crying Commie wannabes who hate America and hate Trump even more. I guess they still aren’t over Hillary losing. Just wait and see how they act when Trump wins his second term.

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