Michael Che teed off on the same mainstream media outlets that routinely inspire the president's wrath.

You won’t catch Michael Che wearing a MAGA hat anytime soon.

The co-host of “Saturday Night Live’s” Weekend Update is just as tough on President Donald Trump as his colleagues.

Maybe tougher.

Remember when Che insinuated Trump was racist … while Trump was hosting the venerable NBC show? He followed up that comment with more withering barbs over the weeks that followed. Here’s just one example:

Over the weekend Che sounded a different note regarding the Commander in Chief. While virtually every media outlet denounced Trump’s Twitter attack on MSNBC star Mika Brzezinski Che offered another perspective.

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The liberal comic sounded like Sean Hannity for a moment. The only thing missing? #FakeNews

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Here’s the key part:

“Trump calling a news lady ‘dumb as a box of rocks is f***ing funny…. Trump is not wrong about the media. They DO make sh** up. They DO sensationalize bull**it for ratings and profit.”

That’s subversive.

It wasn’t the first time the comedian defied the standard comic groupthink. Late last year he agreed with Trump again when the president complained “SNL’s” political humor proved too one sided.

Anti-Trump all the time, in short.

Oddly, I agree with him. We try to write that way. But the thing that Donald Trump doesn’t understand is that when you’re that ridiculous, it’s kind of hard to talk about anything else. You have this ridiculous orange billionaire doing stranger and stranger things, what else is there? But I do agree with him. I think the show should show all views and we make a conscious effort to do so.

Che shared that sentiment with Esquire magazine. His most recent comments came via Instagram. Will he follow up his media critique when “Saturday Night Live’s” Summer edition kicks off next month?