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‘SNL’ Ignores Biden’s Gibberish, Invents Attack on Trump

Show's bias, ignorance shines through in embarrassing Weekend Update

You don’t need to make stuff up to mock President Donald Trump.

He’s larger than life, plays fast and loose with the facts and says the meanest things about his foes.

It’s catnip for even a second-rate satirist.

Tell that to “Saturday Night Live.” The creaky comedy institution just made up an attack on Trump out of whole cloth.

And it gets worse.

The show’s Weekend Update segment hammered Trump repeatedly this weekend for his mental competency. It highlighted Nikki Haley’s critique of her presidential rival, citing his so-called “senior moments.”

Trump has misused a few words in recent weeks, suggesting at 77 he isn’t as sharp as he used to be. That’s a fair attack from both Haley and a comedy show.

Except “SNL” followed it up by mocking Trump for using the phrase “de-bank.” The edited clip featured Trump using the term multiple times. [Hat Tip: End Wokeness]

“I don’t know what the hell ‘de-bank’ means, but [Trump] might have to take ‘de-ambulance’ to ‘de-doctor,'” Weekend Update co-host Colin Jost cracked, calling it “an interesting new term.”

Weekend Update: Trump Ordered to Pay $83 Million, DeSantis Endorses Trump - SNL

Enter “de-bank” into Google, a popular search engine the show’s writers clearly must be aware of, and you’ll find this result at the top of the page.

The Alliance Defending Freedom breaks down the phrase., calling it “Cancel Culture’s newest threat.

Wikipedia also weighs in on the subject.

De-banking, also known within the banking industry as de-risking, is the closure of people’s or organizations’ bank accounts by banks who perceive the account holders to pose a financial, legal, regulatory, or reputational risk to the bank … Criticism of de-banking has included it being a potential threat to freedom of speech.

The dawn of the de-banking era should frighten everyone, no matter your political persuasion. Trump didn’t make it up. Nor did he use it incorrectly.

Yet the writers’ room for one of TV’s longest-running shows couldn’t bother to do a Google search on the phrase. Nor is it politically savvy enough to recognize the term.

Embarrassing? Of course.

The anti-Trump segment is even more awkward given the past seven days. Not once but twice President Joe Biden slurred his words in dramatic fashion. 

It’s a recurring problem for the 81-year-old leader, an issue both “SNL” and the mainstream. media downplay and/or ignore for partisan reasons.

This week’s Biden blunders proved brutal even by his compromised standards.

See for yourself.

“SNL” ignored those moments. The show didn’t even name-check Biden during the headline-heavy Weekend Update segment. Instead, it used the “Age Card” against Trump and employed a manufactured gaffe to do so.

It’s the latest sign of the show’s precipitous decline, one that extends beyond political coverage.

Earlier in the episode, “SNL” used the NFL playoffs to fuel a “cold open” so bad the far-Left called a penalty on it.

“SNL” is currently in its 49th season. Could it be any more clear that it’s time to call it a wrap?

The same may be true for the mainstream media. 

The press is suffering major layoffs across the journalism landscape, from the LA Times to Buzzfeed. So how did Mediaite cover the “SNL” gaffe?

See for yourself.


    1. Count up the number of Trump-based cold opens vs. Biden-based cold opens.

      Then, compare the kind of jokes about Biden on the show vs. the kind of jokes aimed at Trump on the show.

      If you can’t see a gargantuan difference on both fronts … I don’t know what to tell you.

  1. Three Soldiers killed.The United States in multiple military fronts — plus the ongoing migrant strife along the US-Mexico border.
    Biden has totally checked out.
    No Press Conference? No questions Please!!!
    Tell Biden to put down the Ice Cream and answer questions.
    Why is SNL covering for him?

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