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Sen. Franken Returns to ‘Comedy’ Via Climate Change Videos

Sen. Al Franken is back in the funny business. Technically.

One of “Saturday Night Live’s” most newsmaking alums is teaming up with the liberal site for a series of videos on Climate Change.

The series’ name? “Boiling the Frog.”

Only the plan isn’t to lecture or scold us into believing the latest “we’ve got x amount of years or else” warnings about global warming. It’s to make us laugh. Or so we’re told by the press release announcing the videos.

Judging from the first two videos in the series the Minnesota Senator may be a mite rusty.

The debut video finds Franken droning on about a hypothetical fat person seeking out a doctor to explain away his unhealthy habits. Each time the doctor won’t tell him what he wants to hear.

Finally, the morbidly obese soul discovers just such a doctor. Too bad the physician is in the pocket of Big Potato Chip.

Laughing yet? Are there even jokes hidden somewhere we should be seeking out? Could there be Easter Eggs a gimlet-eyed viewer could point out?

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Then Franken not so smoothly segues into the classically debunked “97 percent of all scientists agree climate change will doom us all” canard.

The project is a co-production of the Showtime series “Years of Living Dangerously.” That docu-series apparently didn’t move the public opinion needle, thus the need for an Al Franken Decade 2.0.

The second episode isn’t an improvement. The clip demonizes the Koch brothers, the right-of-center millionaires who channel some of their cash to conservative causes. Retired late night host David Letterman helps Franken mock the philanthropists as well as anyone daffy enough to buy their shtick.

The second clip doesn’t even attempt any jokes, unless you call Franken’s “Siegfried and Roy Koch” line to be a knee slapper. It’s just two older liberals slamming the GOP, the Kochs and fossil fuels.

Naturally, neither Letterman nor Franken acknowledges the Donkey in the room. George Soros is the liberal billionaire who dumps money into liberal causes.

Why is this content even on a comedy platform?

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To Franken, there’s no sense of “good faith” in his Republican opponents. It’s all about greed and fear. And Letterman simply nods along, chuckling at any chucklehead who dares to think differently.

If the Democrats have a smug problem, these two elders aren’t the least bit concerned about it. After all, when it comes to climate change, “Anyone who says this ain’t real is talking through his butt,” Franken says.

If you find that funny, you’re in the same charitable spirit as the minds behind the video series. Here’s how the press release describes both “Frog” and the senator’s contributions to it.

“I thought Senator Al Franken had lost his comedic mojo,” said series creator and executive producer David Gelber. “And I assumed that his mind was permanently stuck in the serious policymaker mode. But our team discovered that this guy still has it. And with great humor he’s able to tackle the hot-button and deadly-serious issue of climate change in a way that is both hilarious and informative.”


  1. Sounds like Gelber has achieved room temperature on actual mental capabilities.
    Are these clowns Real or is the media complex so totally GONE brain wise they believe this SHIT? Looks like it to me.

  2. “Judging from the first two videos in the series the Minnesota Senator may be a mite rusty.”

    No, he was never funny to begin with.

    1. I’m wondering when ‘Funny or Die’ is going to finally get it over with and die. Never seen anything funny coming from them.

      1. Maybe half a dozen of their sketches have been genuinely funny. But considering how many years they’ve been making them, that’s not much. And their political sketches are NEVER funny.

  3. They should title the series, THE FACES OF DEMENTIA. Look at these CRACKPOTS. It is sad, disgusting.

  4. Frank’s videos are almost unbearably slanted and unfunny. I tried to give it a fair hearing, am listening to the fourth now, and can’t take it any longer.

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