Woke Fail: Perlman Shames First Lady, Sanders and Nikki Haley

It’s hard to believe Ron Perlman gets any work done these days.

The prolific character actor continues to rack up IMDB.com credits while simultaneously savaging President Donald Trump on Twitter.

Morning. Noon. Night. It’s relentless.

The “Sons of Anarchy” standout’s tirades go beyond Trump. Anyone associated with Trump, including the powerful women in his inner circle, are fair game. That means in our #MeToo, #TimesUp era Perlman has no problem not just critiquing powerful Republican women but dehumanizing them at the same time.

Here’s Perlman attacking Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a gross fashion:

First Lady Melania Trump gets it worse. Notice how the actor collectively slams both Trump and wife Melania Trump for allegations of lavish spending:

How does Perlman trash rising GOP star, and current U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley? He tries to justify the rumor, spread by an author whose latest book has been shredded for inaccuracies, that Haley is sleeping with the President.

It’s the kind of slur that would enrage the folks at NOW if Haley’s name had a “D” after it. Instead, some Twitter users defended Haley’s honor.

Some actors are less woke than others, apparently.

To be fair to Perlman two female stars also attacked Sanders in ways that would fire up the “She persisted” crowd if the parties were reversed.

Cher recently mocked Sanders’ wardrobe as dressing like a “sister wife.” Full-time feminist Chelsea Handler, in turn, called the press secretary a “harlot,” “trollop” and “whore.”

Note: Last year, when TBS playfully compared Hillary Clinton to a hyena feminist comic Samantha Bee demanded the network apologize. The TBS suits did as told.


Photo by Gage Skidmore on Foter.com / CC BY-SA


  1. A long time ago, Perlman was a tortured, poetic, compassionate, lion-maned Vincent, a hero to the oppressed. Or at least he played one on TV.

    Now he’s just a Beast.

  2. It is not possible for Ron Perlman to shame the First Lady, Sarah Sanders or Nikki Haley. Actors simply don’t have the juice. Remember, they are just unemployed waiters.

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