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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Beclowns Itself (Again)

Latest inductees confirm everything wrong with Cleveland-based institution

Willie Nelson got an odd gift for his 90th birthday.

The country music legend learned he finally made the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame cut.


Is there any sane argument against the singer/songwriter’s legendary status? Did the Hall’s voters need another year of Nelson above ground to finally say, “It’s time?” Did they miss his decades-worth of essential songs, tours and collaborations?

And, by the way, isn’t he a country singer, not a rock ‘n’ roller?

Absurd. All of it.

Then again, absurdity rules this Hall, which officially opened its doors in 1995. The institution is meant to honor rock legends, but through the years it’s welcomed acts whose songs soar beyond the “rock” category.

Think this year’s nominees, including Nelson, Missy Elliott, Chaka Khan and “Soul Train’s” Don Cornelius. Do any of those names scream, “rock” to anyone?

It gets worse.

Bon Jovi, the band that brought the song “Bad Medicine” into existence, is enshrined in the Hall but Iron Maiden isn’t. A more embarrassing case of exclusion comes via the so-called Pre-Fab Four.

The Monkees remain uninvited despite their outsized impact on pop music. The faux band became the real deal, reportedly outsold the Beatles at its musical peak and enjoyed musical rebirths in both the ’80s and mid-2010s.

Their wacky TV show built on the Beatles’ visual legacy and became a precursor to MTV.

And the songs! So many perfect pop moments – think “Last Train to Clarksville,” “Daydream Believer,” “Sometime in the Morning,” “I’m a Believer,” “Shades of Gray” and “Pleasant Valley Sunday.” Even the deep cuts count, and the band’s 2016 “Good Times” album delivered more essential tracks.

The Monkees - Me & Magdalena (Official Audio)

No invitation as of yet.

The same holds true for the Indigo Girls, a tireless duo with a string of killer tracks and albums. They’re one of the most beloved touring acts around, and yet they still stand outside the Cleveland Hall.

Warren Zevon, Soundgarden and Joy Division also await their induction, assuming it ever happens. Maybe Hall voters are waiting until they each turn 90, which hits Zevon the hardest since he passed in 2003 at the age of 56.


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame chairman John Sykes accidentally summed up the institution’s irrelevance via this quote to Variety.

“Sometimes it takes a major moment like Willie’s 90th birthday or, in the case of Kate Bush, music being played in ‘Stranger Things’ to shine a light on them for a lot of younger people who didn’t know who she was in 1985; they probably weren’t even born yet.”

Good thing Nelson lived to be 90, otherwise his body of work might have gotten ignored.


The Baseball Hall of Fame is special, in large part, due to the brutal barrier to entry. Some of the best players of the modern era, including Curt Schilling and Don Mattingly, have yet to make the cut. The former’s political positions clearly play a role in his omission.

Other MLB giants excluded from the Hall include Lou Whitaker, Dale Murphy and Dwight Evans. That means getting a Hall pass means something significant to the culture and the sport.

The musicians who make the Hall cut? The honor means little in the long run. Perhaps that’s why we’ve seen inductee no-shows over the years, including three-fifths of Van Halen, Paul McCartney, Axl Rose and David Bowie.

To quote Bill Murray in the classic camp comedy “Meatballs” … it just doesn’t matter.

It Just Doesn't Matter! - Meatballs (6/9) Movie CLIP (1979) HD


  1. What? Iron Maiden isn’t in the Hall? Seriously? OK, they’re now officially dead to me.
    Maid-en! Maid-en! Maid-en! Maid-en!

    1. Up the Irons!!!! Why are all genres of music allowed in Rock hall of fame, but rock and metal aren’t allowed in any other music hall of fame?!?! Total bull!

        1. To someone like you, sampling of other people’s music and scratching hold more weight than the intricate guitar and piano work often seen in heavy metal tracks. Be careful, your idiot is showing.

          1. Your idiot is showing. The people scratching and sampling have more weight to be there being that their ancestors created rock!!

          2. AMEN!!

            Idiots such as Mark; who’s “Musical Instrument” is more than likely 1 of his hands, or only 1 finger as he plays WITH HIS MALE ORGAN, obviously is someone who can only play the Radio or plays with his Streaming iHeart among other Streaming Burglars that have absolutely STOLEN money from all Musicians.
            This is why this “Institution” is lovingly called by real Musicians like myself and others: The Rock And Roll HALL OF SHAME!!
            I have the utmost respect for Willie for his contributions to COUNTRY MUSIC. That’s why he’s in the Country Music Hall of Fame.
            Mark may go back to STRUMMING HIMSELF and holding up his Posters of Snoop and….HAHAHA Vanilla Ice, as well as Millie Vanille.

        2. Comments like this are those that are close minded and clearly lacking an understanding of music.

          1. You don’t get it Rock and roll hall of Fame. This should be for rock music artist, I would never waste my time visiting this place.

        3. It takes tremendous talent and endurance to play metal, it’s not a couple of simple grunge chords and presto, it has to be played tight and with precision

        4. I guess BILLY JOEL, RICK WAKEMAN, EMMERSON, LAKE, AND PALMAR ETC. ARE JUST A BUNCH NON-MUSIC INDIVIDUAL with no talent have fun listening to your boring crap.

          1. There’s so many people missing that have been excellent rock groups. They are not admitting in rock groups and anything under the rock ‘n’ roll heading male and female individual and group. It didn’t take long for this Hall of Fame to get water down tremendously.

          2. Add to that great list:
            Dream Theater, Sons of Apollo, Transatlantic, Liquid Tension Experiment, King Crimson, who also, by the way Greg Lake; from Emerson, Lake and Palmer….I’m sure you accidentally hit the “M” key twice, by accident. I promise, I’m not making fun of you.
            Lord knows how many times I’ve done the same while replying to IDIOTS, such as that…..Carbon Based Unit!!
            METAL RULES!!
            Too bad Virtuoso Power Metal Bands from places such as Finland, Germany, Switzerland and other European Countries like Stratavarious, Primal Fear and Gamma Ray, Dragonforce, and sooooooo
            many others will NEVER STAND A CHANCE.

          3. You spelled Emerson, Lake and Palmer wrong; twice. And to criticize other’s musical preferences as boring, considering your own, is patently absurd, to say the least.

          4. It’s the Woke Mob again, with their stupid “reimagining”, “repurposing”, and virtue signaling by insecure and neurotic loners . Translated, it means censorship and trying to delete whatever they don’t like in history. That includes music artists. Let’s put this Rock Hall in the same trash bin as the Academy Awards because that’s what it has become.

          1. I understand that I love ❤️ it All. The musical strings, chords ect. and Such a blessing to US ALL !!!

        5. Metal is for those that appreciate music that takes skill and aren’t toddlers like you. ❤️

          1. Metal and all it’s genres, are for anyone who likes it. Same as all music. What a banal thread. Change things or accept them, don’t just yap yee fingers about it.

        6. The what critics said about Black Sabbath an they literally became close to one of the most popular bands of alltime.and BTW does anyone even remember those critics names

          1. What a bunch of children. No matter how you create music how easy Or hard it is to create.
            It’s all about communication and entertainment. If you’re scratching And Sampling or you’re bedazzling people with a zillion notes. Or one Well placed in tasty note.

        7. You are clueless with such a stupid comment about Metal.

          Metal bands like Iron Maiden, Queensryche, and Dream Theater all feature musicians and singers that can outperform mainstream acts effortlessly.

          You must be sheltered.

          1. Well said!!! ALL music is a gift from the universe as The AMAZING Sully Erna said in his tribute to rock music.

          2. When a Metal band can play acoustic and sound just as good, or other genres, then they should be in the Hall.

        8. I am a classically trained musician, play in jazz bands and combos, toured internationally, play in cover bands, and release my own music. Your statement is born out of ignorance. Metal is relevant, and some is easy to play, some is very difficult to play. You don’t have to like it, but it is definitely music, deservedly so!

          1. Absolutely! I am also an accomplished player/musician, and no one could have put it better! Than you…

          2. Another “classically trained” whatever who appears to believe that by attaching that phrase to whatever it is they do somehow makes them better than everybody else..

            I never heard a musician ever describe themselves-if they were “trained”- as being “hillbilly trained” or a chef who was “leftovers trained”

        9. We look forward with great anticipation to YOUR next sold out tour or gold album. Oh, wait….

        10. That’s a ridiculous statement ment. You don’t have to like metal or any other genre, All music is valid.

        11. You’re a cretin. Metal falls under the definition of rock and roll, whereas nothing Willie Nelson has ever done comes even remotely close. But more than that, many immensely talented artists have played metal for decades. Look at guitarists such as Richie Blackmoor, Dave Mustaine, Buckethead, and the immortal John Petrucci. Or singers like Layne Staley, Bruce Dickinson, and King Diamond. Drummers like Bill Ward, Danny Carey, and Mike Portnoy. Bass players like John Myung, Les Claypool, and Cliff Burton.

          But you don’t know any of those amazing artists. You don’t know who they are, what bands they’ve played in, or what they even sound like. And you embrace your ignorance. How sad you are.

          1. WOW I see you found out how to Google! Now Google this! Look at all if Willie’s accomplishments and how many songs he has written and exactly who sung them. There is more than one way to get into the HOF.

        12. You are an idiot. If metal isn’t your preference so be it. But to sat they have no talent shows that you have no musical intellect at all.

        13. Mark’s definition of music must be very biased. However, everyone is entitled to their option. I think Mark is an uneducated Internet troll that gets off on posting unintelligent comments to spark debates. Then, he logs back in later, eagerly awaiting the heated debates and web-based trash talk. Mark gets off on the arguments. Stroking his small manhood in his mom’s basement.

        14. Metal is for the standouts of the music industry. The purposely complex. The odd time signatures. The Wagner’s & Mozart’s of our time. While mainstream music continues to decline to it’s simplest form (scientifically documented), Metal continues to push the envelope of possibilities.

        15. Actually the opposite is true; metal is for those who understand music and how it (notes/harmony) works.
          #GFY you POS

        16. You are definitely not someone who listens to music for what it is, or the feeling it gives you

          1. We all must remember it is called the Rock and Roll Hof .There was a time when Rock an Roll ruled the airwaves,when there was radio oh yes when the Rock and Roll HOF was started ,how things have changed nobody listens to radio so there is no such place now for a RnR Hall of fame let’s call it a music Hall of fame and start a metal Hall of Fame and the first inductee can be e Johan Sebastian Bach…

        17. I am not a great fan of metai, my tastes more to the classic sounds of the 70s and Metal just isn’t what I go to, however I know that there is a great deal of technical skill, arrangement and composition and raw energy displayed in a lot of this genre. To your tastes or not it is in my opinion worthy music with many very talented practicetioners.

        18. Exactly! “Metal” is – angry toddlers on the kitchen floor with pots and pans and various utensils banging and screaming unintelligibly. .

          1. BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

            And not to forget about the pre stain those toddlers leave after they’re done throwing the tantrum ….

            Just think Mick Jagger …. And close your computer and turn it off for the week

      1. Hey seriously, do you think any Hall of Fame necessarily inducted people or groups at the appropriate time? Sure there’s Metal prior and after who have been inducted.
        I don’t think it’s necessarily punishment. Could happen in 2 years, who knows.
        Plus you must be old enough to appreciate it. Yes I sure an.
        You sound like a Fan, going to stop listening and disregard them?
        Your life is ruined, get over it because life isn’t fair. Your dream can still happen. The band may be angry but they didn’t start because if the Rock n roll Hall of Fame. The mission was beyond that. Have a little happier life

      2. Because you/the group has to pay for the privilege to be in the hall of fame,it has become a joke…

      3. Agreed.
        Not in RR Hall of Fame
        It’s like it skipped my generation…
        Jethro Tull
        REO Speedwagon
        Ozzy Osborne
        Bad Company
        Phil Collins
        Iron Maiden
        38 Special
        3 Dog Night

        1. Don’t forget

          King Crimson
          Harry Chapin
          Jim Croce
          New York Dolls
          Joe Cocker
          The Kingsmen
          The Troggs
          Ten Years After

          And so many more!

          1. Eric/Phil/Dave
            I don’t follow any self grandiose type award shows or the rr hall because of the politics, so I had no idea most of my generation of music is represented by almost no one.
            More reason to not put a lot of value into it.
            And metal is not my choice of music, but it absolutely would be included in a true hall of fame.

          2. Great line up Eric. Buzzcocks YES.
            SO everybody indeed has the right to opinions. But really?. I’ve been scrolling and shaking my head at the silly childish banter from opinionated brats, grown men, that can’t see beyond the tip of their opinions to accept these 2 things. 1) The RnRHoF is a joke. AND 2) MUSIC is amazing no matter the genre. The universal language kids. Appreciate it, love it, support it. But don’t bash it or others for liking what they like. It’s all a beautiful thing.

        2. You are 100% correct, Phil. Don’t forget Chicago, The Guess Who, America and so many more. That they made The Moody Blues wait 50 years to get in is a disgrace.

          1. To me, it doesn’t even seem like it would be an honor to be in the RRHF. It seems to be like little league baseball, (everybody gets a trophy) what do the greats deserve? To watch the undeserving get what they DONT deserve?

        3. They also are still skipping the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s .NO FREE, NO BAD COMPANY, NO BOSTON, NO TOMMY JAMES, NO GRAND FUNK, NO TEN YEARS AFTER .,and atleast 60 or 70 other ARTISTS

        4. Phil knows whats up good choice of bands although Boston and toto aren’t my cup of tea ,I am glad you like em but I do not enjoy hearing their jams…? Songs
          I guess for me they are in same boat as rod Stewart, Elton John,Bruce Springsteen, and Jonny coug melonhead, I’d like to push that boat out to sea ; never to be heard from again

        5. Where’s Robert Palmer and Huey Lewis

          Guess they’re still sneaking sally thru the alley, so she can cheer in Dollywoods’s best

      4. Been to 13 Maiden shows since 1983. Ir was because of the first one that kept me coming back. Speaks for itself

      5. I been a Country Music fan all my life ,but putting Wille Nelson in the Rock N Roll hall of fame is not right Willie is a Icon in Country Music, this just ain’t right, that like putting Iron Maiden or Kiss in the Country Music hall of fame, I don’t know what the hell they are doing.

      6. This “Halll of Fame” is an absoulte travesty. The hold a fan vote and ignore it. They induct George michael [ top vote getter] but not any of the fest of the top 5,despite Zevon and Lauper getting each over 600,000 votes. . Then they take Nelson,not rock not in top 5. Bull.


      1. You must be right. Pop is so sickening. It should not be allowed anywhere, nevermind the R+R Hall Of Fame! It can’t even truly be called music, and it’s practitioners can not be called musicians. Most are not even very good technicians.

        I know my comment is not witty, and doesn’t display any personal qualities that will be envied. But if calling Pop Music garbage is the most concise way to describe it, then so be it.

        The H of F needs to be limited to excellent Rock And Roll, Progressive Rock, and legitimate crossovers, like some but not all New Wave, Reggae, World Music, and Country Rock.

        Rap is not Rock. Most Hip Hop is not Rock. Country is not Rock, though some crosses over. Most Classical is not Rock, as much as I like a lot of it. If people with terrible taste want to open a Hall Of Fame for Pop Music, decorated with dollar signs everywhere, they can go ahead. But keep that crap away from the R+R Hall Of Fame!

        I can’t stand Willy Nelson. I love Glen Campbell, but he’s NOT Rock!

          1. Hey! Here’s a laugh. But Janet Jackson IS in the Rock HOF. WTF ?!?!

          2. Right on bro. Tull is glaring omission.
            Maiden, Bad Company, J Geils Band, Guess Who, Soundgarden, Monkees, I can go on and on. Meanwhile let’s indict Missy Effin Elliott into rock hall.

          3. If I was the band Jethro Tull I’d pretty much laugh off not being nominated the hall of fame is as always money driven

        1. I don’t know what to say about rock n roll hof….I like a lot of different styles but the best is contemporary Christian music of 70s and early ’80s. They really have something to say. One obscure band Malcolm and alwin said his best: “the songs are okay the music is fine, but without the truth they’re just wasting their time!

    3. They were in the top 5 when voted so was Cyndi Lauper and they never got in. The Hall has now proved themselves to be a joke and only a joke.

      1. The fan vote is totally irrelevant but shouldn’t be. If you win the fan vote you should absolutely be in, no question.
        My problem isn’t so much with the rap groups getting in but people like Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston who never so much as attempted to sing rock songs in their entire careers. Donne Warwick kerpd geting nominated. WTF?

    4. Paul Rodgers and Bad Company should have been a long time ago. Paul has one of the best voices in rock.

    5. The rock and roll hall of fame is a joke. It doesn’t mean anything to be inducted or even mentioned. The phrase rock and roll used to mean something. Not anymore.

    6. Maybe they’ll get in the country music hall in Nashville, by the way a much better venue. My wife and I were totally let down by the rock when we visited a few years ago
      Feel like I was robbed

    7. How is Dianne Warwick, New Edition, The Whispers, Blue Magic, not in BEFORE a Missy Elliott? Unbelievable!!!!

    8. So this, in 2023, is where you draw the line with RnR HoF? lolz.

      They’ve been an irrelevant bunch of dumb***s for decades. Wake up.

      1. The Hall is useless. Has been for decades. No Jethro Tull, no Todd Rundgren…total joke. It has no credibility anymore.

    9. Yep and No Steppenwolf it Jethro Tull. RRHOF is a complete joke. I like Willie but rock song did he ever do?

      1. Soundgarden……how can Soundgarden not be in the hall? honestly I don’t follow who’s in the rock hall an who isn’t. I went there once back when it was relatively new in ’96 or ’97 and while impressed at the time, never would imagine a hip hop act or RnB artist would make it but now I hear Willie Nelson? Willie? Really? Just wow! Ok then. I must be missing something right? Soundgarden never made it but Willie Nelson does? He is still country right? They do have their own correct? Again. Don’t follow who’s who of the rock hall ever and to not have Soundgarden there? Yikes! I never knew that.

    10. I agree. There is clearly a bias against metal bands, Iron Maiden being a major one. When you look at the criteria you are blind and ignorant if you cannot see that they surpass the expectations.

    11. I couldn’t agree more. It’s a f’n insult. But Mary j bleige, and Kate Bush? Kate Bush had 1 half decent song wtf.

      1. Kate Bush has plenty of good songs, most of which she wrote, played on and produced! She is extremely influential, moreso than fellow Hall members Grandmaster Flash and the Righteous Brothers, for example.
        I could live without inductees such as Laura Nyro (great songwriter, but so are many who have never been nominated), the Dells, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Ringo Starr solo (his best work was in a band) and Stevie Nicks solo. The Smiths, the Monkees, Bad Company, the Replacements, and Iron Maiden are more deserving. There is a bias against hard/classic rock, and a desire to honor “pop” and sell tickets to the annual banquet/show. Mary J. Blige was nominated, but not inducted.

    12. iron maiden technically doesn’t yet qualify i beliebe they are a year away from release of first album date to now qualifying them to even be nominated. or this year may been the very first year they could have been nominated. none the less there is a time from first album release rule to qualify. And I’m actually very for them extending it as are all the artists actually to other genres of music. Maybe it should be renamed the Music artist hall of fame but all the artists deserve respect regardless of their genre. If anythibg the Rock hall is actually fixing whay has been wring with its institution for far too long .

    13. Yep no maiden yet no scorpions they had a bunch of radio friendly music plus they came out 1 year after Sabbath 1965 . Rammstein should be in motorhead , Slayer , overkill , anthrax , Nugent , Megadeth but yet Pearl jam is in wth is wrong with that Hall of Shame

    14. The rock h.o.f.is a joke. Alot of people in there who shouldn’t be. And alot of people not in there who should be. The Grammy’s are a joke too. Alot of B.S.

    15. Just like Bob Seger, it took Kid Rock to get him in there.When Seger should have been in there yrs ago

  2. 3 Dog Night, Harry Nilsson, BTO/Guess Who/Burton Cummings
    R&R is the music, RRHOF is just a horrible institution.

    1. Ted Nugent certainly belongs, but he’s not a woke, liberal, pedo, gooming democrat fascict, so he will never be inducted!

        1. Where’s you record? Did you write “ Cat Scratch Fever”?
          People who don’t even know who he is( young) know THAT SONG!

        2. Incorrect. The Nuge is awesome. Everything in life is now all about someone’s politics. AND I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t care.

        3. After all the s*** I’ve read your post is the only one to floor me. From a pure musical stand point The Nuge absolutely….. overwhelmingly……and completely belongs in the rock and roll hall of shame. Put your political bias aside.

      1. Sorry bud, but fascism is a far right movement. Always has been, always will be. Dems have been calling you that for years. Why don’t you stick to your wore out “socialist” label instead of trying to use the other partys label for you just because it’s a popular word now.

        1. So because the left has been calling the right fascists for years means it is true? Do you even know the definition. How about you try looking it up and then look at the tenants of both parties to compare. I have stayed Independent my whole life and supported the best candidates. I do not hate Republicans or Democrats but I do hate empty head loud mouths that regurgitate talking points with nothing to back them up.

          1. The fact that republicans have been fascist since the 1920s is all the evidence needed. Read up on Prentiss Bush (yeah, that family) and his fellow wall st. thugs plot to overthrow the FDR admin. ,for starters.

        2. If you actually read any history, you will understand that fascism has and always been a movement of the Left. Nazi was short for National Socialist. They weren’t duping the people with the Socialist brand; they were lefties. Mussolini was a Communist and slightly softened as he became Il Duce.

          1. Nice reply Frontman. The left commit the crime,then point to the right. Dems. Party of the KKK, and Jim Crow law. Liberals are the biggest fascists if you don’t agree with them they want to cancel you on the internet, call you a racist etc. Coming after our kids. Who the hell wants more Govt. In their lives.

        3. Wrong answer J. Crazy always comes from the left. Gun, media and people control. Hitleri gained power through a German Socialist Labor Party. Stalin used the Bolsheviks (Russian Socialist Labor Party). Chavez through a Venezuelan Socialist Labor Party. Mao Zedong through Chinese Leftist Cultural Revolution movement. THE LEFT HAS ALWAYS BLAMED CONSERVATIVES THROUGHOUT HISTORY. It never ends well. EDUCATE YOURSELF before you open your mouth.

      2. Oh he belongs there.
        Far more than Iron Maiden but the same post I made on that applies to Ted Nugent. Maybe he just didn’t do everything an excellent guitarist should do. Maybe it’s because he didn’t do drugs, I’m kidding.
        Do you really care or like the music? That’s all that matters. Seen him and hundreds of Rock, Blues, Jazz, large and smaller venues all over the country in the 70s and 80s. Sure some since but I am losing hearing. My head rang 3 days after seeing The Who first time, he wasn’t as loud.
        That political junk isn’t important.

        1. Foreigner, Kansas, Bad Company and many other’s left to the wayside. Let’s not wait until they are all dead and gone.

          1. Wound like to add Toto, Judas Priest, The Ohio Players, Allman Brothers, The Cars, and the Pet Shop Boys. Call it what it is, A Cleveland tourist attraction. No one knows the criteria used.

      3. Congrats Joe, perhaps the .most ignorant comment ever published ! I’m sure Zeppelin, Clapton, Hendrix,The Stones ,Carlos Santana,etc will be disappointed to find out they are communist pedophiles. Nugent is a 2 chord hack with minimal talent. His political views have no bearing on his induction !

      4. It’s not a Rock N Roll hall of fame. It’s music hall of fame. Thus half of the people in there shouldn’t be in there.

    2. Yes on Guess Who, +Bad Company, Tull, ELP, Willy DeVille, Joe Jackson, Rickie Lee Jones, etc. Glad Todd Rundgren finally got in.
      And Chaka Khan is fine.
      Sheryl Crow talented, but…

  3. The fan vote means nothing obviously how about allowing the fans to vote in our choices like Free/Bad company/Paul Rodgers!

  4. At least multi-talented Al Kooper finally got into the HOF. He’s played with most of the R&R groups, founded BS&T, discovered Lynyrd Skynyrd, played with Dylan, the Who, and the Stones, not to mention producing over 11 personal albums. Not too bad a career. And Hendrix gave him a guitar.

    1. Thanks for the Johnny Rivers mention…..Mary Wells? Martha & The Vandellas? Melanie?

    2. YOU ARE RIGHT ON TARGET MR.MAQQEBET. How does an institution ignore the contribution of Johnny Rivers to Rock-N Roll yet proclaim itself the Rock-N Roll Hall of Fame! Until Mr. Rivers is inducted into “The Hall” a large group of my friends and myself won’t make the trip to Cleveland.

  5. I am a huge Iron Maiden fan I hope that if the day ever comes when Iron Maiden is inducted that all 6 members of the band collectively give the finger to the Rock hall of fame. With a large portion of the musicians in the hall of fame now it’s a badge of honor to NOT be in that ridiculous institution. I will never give my hard earned money to that institution.

  6. Johnny Rivers not in. Who’s making these decisions? Obviously not someone who knows music. If it’s called the RRHOF, shouldn’t that be the genre?

  7. Jethro Tull, Kansas, and many others not in the Hall but room for Country and Hip Hop stars. No disrespect but change the name if you are going to include other types of music.

      1. I am boycotting the so called RRHoF until Tull is enshrined.

        Furthermore, I am boycotting Cleveland. And all of Ohio.

  8. Styx,Bad Company, Foreigner, Grand Funk,IronMaiden, Motley Crue,, REO Speedwagon,all of what Unc mentioned,

    1. Grand Funk is not in??? There first three albums solified them as one of the best garage bands of all time

  9. Next thing you you know they’ll be inducting Barry Manilow or Frank Sinatra.
    I can’t believe Missey Elliott on this hall of Fame . I don’t see any white performers in the BET hall of Fame

    1. F’n a,dude. So should we kick all of the black performers out of the Rock Hall then, huh?

      1. Right? What a half-witted ignorant comment! For what it’s worth – Maiden , Halen, Jethro, & B52s ALL need to be in, or burn it down. They each took big chances, created their own sound & style & led the way Into the Future. Definition of pioneers, which is part of criteria. Screw that Hall what a joke it’s become. I dig hip hop & understand Country’s popularity, but I mean come on

    2. You got that right pally! Jesse Jackson would cry like a baby if one of US got into THEY world.

    3. It’s not the white rock and roll HOF, and rock and roll comes from the roots of Black music so your take is wrong in multiple ways.

      1. You obviously get it and know how things happened.
        I’ve seen many of them. Muddy Waters 4 times, Dizzy Gillespie 6 or more. Count Basis. I can keep going. Lots of duplicate music. I’m not big into county but now it’s just pop. However a song like Mama Tried was first recorded in 1921 and that’s been covered as well. Music has roots.

      2. So by that logic any black artist should automatically be inducted because its roots come from black music? Regardless of the music they actually create now? When will Beyonce be nominated?

    4. Try comparing like things. The rock and roll hall of fame is just called that. Its not an actual hall of fame for rock. Its the music hall of fame. Im sorry that you and the author dont know that but you all make yourself look like such a sad group of losers

    5. Why do you feel the need to bring race into this conversation. Why don’t you think before you post.

  10. As someone who spent their entire middle school and high school years in the 90’s, I find it hard to believe some of the artists that were best known in that decade are in the Rock Hall of Fame but Soundgarden and Alice In Chains aren’t. Stone Temple Pilots even belong in over some of them. Sheryl Crow and Missy Elliott…really?

    1. And where is Steppenwolf! It looks like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is running out of legitimate choices so their picking musicians who are questionable. I understand picking musicians who have had an influence on Rock& Roll but I don’t see how Dolly Parton or Willie Nelson have had an influence on Rock & Roll. If they wanted to add legitimate choices over a longer period then they shouldn’t have inducted 10-12 nominees at one time over the years which has caused the choices to run out

  11. I still cannot understand why the SCORPIONS have not even been considered, scorned or anything! 58 years of making great music and still going strong, and they aren’t even on the list! Why is that?

    1. Seriously. Scorps and maiden Tull and Foreigner and Bad Company etc..aka actual rock music. Scorpions 70s albums are really underrated. Fly to the Rainbow. Virgin Killer, and Taken by Force are all excellent

      1. So many artists that should be in there! You guys have mentioned Rock geniuses! Yet there’s so much Pop crap in there instead! Even if it’s good, if it ain’t Rock we don’t want it!

        They should have added 20 – 50 a year for decades, and then stopped. Nobody makes great Rock anymore. Diluting the gold with garbage creates only pure garbage overall. The place is worse than a joke, and it has a hella bias against all non USA artists!

        BTW, Jethro Tull just released a new album.

    2. So many artists that should be in there! You guys have mentioned Rock geniuses! Yet there’s so much Pop crap in
      there instead! Even if it’s good, if it ain’t Rock we don’t want it!

      They should have added 20 – 50 a year for decades, and then stopped. Nobody makes great Rock anymore. Diluting the gold with garbage creates only pure garbage overall. The place is worse than a joke.

      1. How does Steve Winwood not qualify for induction? He should have been nominated before three quarters of the current inductions.

    1. Yep, caught an Indians game there and toured the Cod, the pro football hof and the r’nr hof. The only one that disappointed was the r’n’r hof. And the people were very kind and welcoming. Very underrated aspect

  12. The one that always get me is, The Meters are not in there. A lot of rappers and soul groups inspired by them however, they are not in there. I just don’t get it. Popularity contest I guess. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s great. Fugazi or Slayer will never be there either. Really….doesn’t matter to me. But still intriguing

  13. Fanny!
    “They were extraordinary: they wrote everything, they played like motherfuckers, they were just colossal and wonderful, and nobody’s ever mentioned them, they’re as important as anybody else who’s ever been, ever; it just wasn’t their time.”
    David Bowie

    1. Right on, they played their asses off and rocked harder than most of the chumps they’d open up for. The HoF is an embarrassment to R&R, and shows what happens whenever any a**hole tries to use the energy of someone else’s sweat and heart for profit. Fanny deserves better than Cleveland.

  14. Yeah, the article writer doesn’t even bother to fact check the false claim that the Monkees outsold the Beatles. That was a complete fabrication by Nesmith who explicitly told the interviewer he intended to lie to him. The interviewer printed the lie anyway and gullible people have been believing it ever since.


    1. Except: according to Billboard in 1967 the Monkees had four number one albums to the Beatles two and sold the most albums. If you’d read your own link the false claim from the interview was the Monkees outside the Beatles and Stones combined.

  15. Alex Lifeson’s HOF acceptance speech should be required viewing for every rock music fan.

    “Blah, blah blah. Blahblah blah blah blah. BLAH! Blah blah….”

  16. How can you not have Jethro Tull, Kansas, Bad Company, etc., in, while “honoring” Missy Elliot? Willie Nelson? Ridiculous indeed. My guess is that politics is involved and at this point, the Hall is irrelevant. Being in Cleveland was a ridiculous place to house it too. Philadelphia is where it should have been placed. But who cares? Right?

  17. The Rock and Roll hall of Fame is a joke, to have Dolly Pardon and Eminem, which I’m a big fan of both to be in the Hall of Fame and Rock Groups Foreigner and Styx haven’t even been considered, that makes the Rock and Roll hall of Fame a joke.

  18. Kate Bush are you kidding,whom ever is in charge is either very prejudice toward certain types of music. The Village people are a house hold name so are the 5th Demention, Tom Jones the first to have his own show. Stephenwolf,Jethro Tull, Mountain,
    Bette midler,and the biggest snub the monkees, who out sold the beatles

  19. Another band that is predicted not to get in,and they’ve been around for over 25 years with minimal changes and recently a Grammy winner!! Dream Theater!!

  20. So many great bands that actually influenced Rock are missed, and others that are not even Rock get in. How about Slade? They influenced many bands that are in there. Quite a few others above are mentioned…and so many are wrongfully missed.

  21. A few years back I had sick relative getting extensive treatment in Cleveland. I went to the RRHOF several times over a year. The Beatles were in a closet, The Stones, all the greats. Elvis had a small room, John Cougar Mellencamp had THREE ROOMS! the third time I inquired about that, since nothing had changed for almost a year. It was like they moved two tractor trailers of everything he ever owned in there! They claimed they changed those rooms out. So if you’re a hoarder, and get in yippee they’re also a lazy museum! So do they play favorites….ahhh yeah!

  22. Tears for Fears ??? Since 2007 they’ve been eligible.

    They will SHOUT it out till they reach THE TIPPING POINT! Is the Hall, HEAD OVER HEELS about other artists? Or does EVERYBODY (there) WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD? And yes it’s a MAD WORLD and time to CHANGE to SOWING THE SEEDS OF LOVE for them.

  23. I’ve felt this way for years. Where as I don’t think Iron Maiden should be in it either because they suck, hip hop, country etc. are not rock n roll bands.

    1. Really? You must not know too much about music. Iron Maiden are masters. They were headliners from 1983 and on. Never second to anyone. From Monsters of Rock to touring around the world….fans all over the world. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying such a stupid thing. Why don’t you go listen to some of their albums before you make such foolish comments. They have 17 studio albums…they influenced Metallica and countless other bands and genres of metal.

      Wow, how clueless some people are.

  24. And the band with one of the greatest selling debut albums of all time , Boston , isn’t in either. Criminal !

    1. Without question-a travesty. Guess they were TOO talented-more musical genius than 90% of all the no talents combined.

  25. When will the complainers realize that rock and roll shares a family relationship with other genres? If you recall Progressive Rock radio stations, you know how varied their playlists were, including Willie, Chaka, and others! It’s all about what INFLUENCES rock. Stop making rock out to be a niche format.

    1. Right you are ! Tom Brady , Pele , Billie Jean King , Dale Earnhardt, Bobby Orr , all deserve to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame

    2. You are the only person to actually realize that fact.. well played sir…I was surprised none of these other “EXPERTS”..can seem to figure that out.

  26. I read that because Willie Nelson turned 90 years old and it is the 50 anniversary of Hip Hop the hall choses overruled their lack of intelligence over fan votes. Last year the top 8 made it in, which made for an incredible show. This year only will watch for George Michael, I didn’t vote for any of the others inductees. Cyndi Lauper, Iron Maiden, Soundgarden and Warren Zevon should have made it. No excuses why they didn’t. Big Disappointment to me.

  27. I am tired hearing people complain about the Rock Hall inductees every year. I myself am a guitar player and am from the Rock and Roll Capitol of the world, Cleveland, Ohio, originally. The vast majority of the complainers are those who no nothing about Rock and Roll or even music in general! Did you know that Willie Nelson performed Rock and Roll, Blues, Blues Rock, Jazz and many other genres, not just Country?? And did you know that the Monkees also played Country Western?? Mike Nesmith was from Texas and he formed his own Country Western band as a side project??

  28. I have no musical ability whatsoever, other than turn up the volume on the stereo. I can’t sing, play a musical instrument, read music, produce records. I CAN sing badly in the car and frequently do.
    I fully expect to admitted to the Rock HOF within a few years, along with Milli Vanilli.

  29. No Jethro Tull means it’s a total joke. C’mon the band has released 24 albums, sold over 60M albums, had over a dozen top 10 albums including two number 1 albums, played more concerts than any act alive, has a huge following around the globe and has created a unique sound all to themselves. Also arguably the best front man of all time. Hall of Shame is more appropriate.

    1. Not to mention as Ian Anderson put it after their debut album . We figured out we were from the Uk and not Bluesmen from Chicago. Thus Jethro Tull was one of the first artists to incorporate this breakthrough observation and make some of the best, classicrock music of the past 50 years . On those reaction channels younger generations are now discovering and being overwhelmed by the genius of Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull

  30. I lost all respect for the Hall of Fame. I guess they don’t have any sense as to what their Job is supposed to do. What about groups like Foreigner, Kansas, and many other Greats. Cheryl Crow??? A 2 hit wonder
    Willie is a legend and should be in their. To me they just snub their noses up in the air and don’t take the required stats into account. Done with the Hall!

  31. George Thorogood – defines rock and roll, and some of the all time classic songs of the genre. Several others too as said by others. Stop being a farce, rrhof!

    1. It’s ridiculous that George Thorogood is not in the RnRHOF, they’ll probably put George strait in there before Thorogood if he ever gets in. If any country artist deserves to be in the RnRHOF it’s Hank Williams Jr. he did more for rock n roll than Dolly Parton or any other country artist save for Waylon Jennings.

  32. Who gives a crap about the RRHF anyway! A bunch of Jews trying to cash in on classic rock as they’ve been doing since the 70s. R&R is in the heart of every true music lover and THAT is your RR HOF!

    1. Whatever, Adolf…if that’s the limit of your intelligence, I can just imagine what sort of “true music lover” you are, let alone what is in your heart. Somehow, I doubt it has anything to do with rock ‘n roll.

  33. Personally i find them to be an embarrassment. To claim people like Chaka Khan was an influencer of rock is the equivalent to saying potatoes is why we have corn. They are not related. Yes, R&R was influenced by soul from the 40s and 50s but not anyone from the 80s and 90s. As for Dolly, she even agreed she had no business getting inducted. She had nothing to do with rock.

    There are amazing groups not even considered. No need for me to list them because everyone else has done a super job. I guess they are waiting for the true rockers to die of old age before they are considered.

  34. I think it’s absolutely hilarious how many people get so but hurt over things as such as Wiley Nelson being inducted into the hall of fame. The man has given so many years of his life to music. And when he started he was considered to be rock and roll. I believe all types of music should be celebrated. And should be able to be in any institution that wants them.

  35. The Rock and Roll HOF is an absolute joke. No legitimacy at all!! Warren Zevon one of the great songwriters of a generation was 3rd in fan voting. He pissed a lot of people off, apparently, and there is still a grudge 20 years after his death

  36. Change the name to world of music Hall of Fame. Instead of Rock and Roll because some of this artist certainly aren’t Rock and Roll but great artist none the less and should be in a Hall of fame but not a Rock and Roll. Same goes for some of this award shows but that’s a hole different subject to address.

  37. Someone needs to start a real rock hall of fame and keep it true rock so the true rock n rollers will have something to be proud of. And we can forget about this sorry excuse of a hall of fame. Its more like a hall of shame!

  38. The Monkeys, Guess Who, Gordon Lightfoot, Kool and The Gang, Roberta Flack, Rick James, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Bryan Adams, INXS, Soundgarden, Weezer, Oasis, Blur, Smashing Pumpkins…

  39. They should have a 3 day event to solve all this bull crap of the hall of fame. With all of music that is now being allowed into the Rock n Roll hall of fame which is not rock and roll at all!! Rock n roll was born out the blues that git kicked in the ass and speeded up with electric guitars and that is why the blues and rock n roll are tied together!! So there is your pure rock and roll! But this other stuff is not!! So what they should do now is call it the world music hall of fame!! They should do it like the oscars and have different categories of music to award!! Hip hop and R&B day and the next day have the pop and easy listening bands and on the third day have the rock n roll bands day that gives bands like , bad company, Styx, Fournier, peter frampton , REO, bryan adams, eddie money,j giles band, james gang,joe walsh, joe cocker,molly hatchet, Ratt, motley crue, super tramp, Ted nugent, Toto,Alan parson, and many more that been all over the radio’s for years. So just fo the world music hall of fame and have different categories and then this bs stops! We can watch the days that we want to watch and all will be happy!!!!

  40. They put who they want in there. The fan vote has nothing to do with it. Frankly I’m embarrassed by the way they snubbed some of the real ROCK AND ROLL artists..

  41. I can’t believe they did soundgarden like that they were easily the best in the inductees they keep out soundgarden and Iron Maiden but they induct Kate bush just because of one song that got popular from stranger things and idk if y’all know but Alice In Chains or pantera isn’t inducted either which is terrible

  42. I really can’t believe Zevon isn’t in the HOF with all the hits he has. The Monkeys did play and sing and write their songs! They have a load of hits also. Salesman, Door into Summer and many more are great songs. HOF needs to go by how many hits and albums the bands and solo singers has.

  43. Last time I checked, Joan Jett is not in the Hip Hop HOF, and Led Zeppelin is not in the Jazz HOF. The list of musicians enshrined in the Rock Hall include too too many that don’t belong there. It’s a joke.

  44. Aren’t there an immense amount of rock acts who should be members and shamefully are not
    without resorting to inducting non-rock acts time and time again? Get your act together so-called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

  45. Kate Bush was inducted into HOF….. name me 2 songs of Kate Bush. That’s right. You can’t . Yet Toto, Boston, Foreigner and Styx have been excluded. What a joke!!!!

  46. Why is Jethro Tull not in the HOF, one of the very best bands ever, Ian Anderson is a MASTER. I was at their concert in Las Vegas when the Eagle’s were the warm up band.

  47. What about Alan Parsons, Supertramp, Peter Frampton, Bryan Adams? No, but let’s induct The Go Go’s and Roxy Music.

  48. The Amazing Blue Oyster Cult?
    Deep catalog, revolutionary live act. Phenomenal guitarist. Awesome lead man.
    Every time I drive the Seaford Blue Oyster Cult Expressway it makes my Soft White Underbelly itch just thinking about them.

    Go Long Island!

    RRHOF is a joke.

  49. Yea, they are a joke
    Have been for years
    The fact that it took Yes and the Moody Blues
    Years to be inducted, years after they’d moved onto
    acts of later decades only shows their lack of any sense of historic responsibility.
    The criteria of being inducted should have nothing to do with whether or not the people in charge there like that particular band or not.
    The greatest hall of fame moment was when Steve Miller came up to the podium to except his induction award for the Steve Miller Band and ripped them all a new one right there live on stage
    Calling them all a bunch of A**holes
    Man that was fantastic!

  50. Whoever wrote this article 1 needs to learn how to spell and take an English grammar course! But being a “journalist” does not involve being a disrespectful prick!!!

  51. Let’s not forget Paul Revere & The Raiders, a great American garage-rock band from the 60’s, Alvin Lee & Ten Years Years After, Johnny Winter and Robin Trower.

  52. I love Willie, and Dolly…See no reason why there can’t be a country hall of fame. It’s not rock. As for heavy metal it sure is rock…From the Beatles to Led Zep to Black Sabbath…It rockn roll ! I am not a huge thrash metal fan…I was playing in a heavy metal cover band in the Early 80’s….van Halen, Sabbath, Deep purple, Dio, Malmsteen, Ozzy,Aerosmith, Rush, Boston,Triumph…That was considered heavy metal. Then Mettalica hit the scean , Slayer, Megadeath, and the whole description changed…Metal is rock n roll…just heavier…Not my taste, but the hall is right for them…As for alot of the pop and hip hop artist I say no. They deserve their own Hall…Same for country music..

  53. Call yourself a “Rock and Roll” hall of fame and don’t have Paul Rodgers but do have Missy Elliott? That’s strictly clown-world stuff.

  54. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five did more to kill Rock & Roll than any band ever and they’re in the Rock Hall of Fame. Just that one induction proved to me the irrelevance of the Hall.

  55. This author makes an excellent point, but shows his lack of rock and roll knowledge at the same time. Willie Nelson has been primarily country for years, yes. He was also on tour along with, occasionally played with, and was supposed to be on the plane that night with Buddy Holley. He was one of the first rock and rollers, and deserves his place. Still – no Iron Maiden? No Zevon? Yep – the Pop Music Hall of Relative Fame rears its ugly head again and once again screws the pooch.

    1. You are mistaken, it was Waylon Jennings that lost a coin flip to be on that plane with Buddy Holly

  56. It doesn’t bother me that Iron Maiden isn’t in the Hall, because Black Sabbath is. Maiden didn’t blaze any new trails unless you count cartoon-mascot album covers. They just followed in Sab’s footsteps (followed very well, but still just followers).

    That said, they should change the Hall’s name to something like “Popular Music Hall of Fame”, or even stick to the original criteria and call it “Music Artists Jann Wenner Wants To Bang Or Suck Up To”.

  57. None of it will even matter in 5 billion years when the sun burns out and and consumes the earth when it turns red giant. enjoy the music you love and fuck the rarhof.. their opinion or inductee staff mean absolutely nothing to me or my day to day life or love of music.

  58. Yes, it’s ridiculous that non-rocknroll artists are in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Apparently they need to change the name to Music Hall of Fame.

    1. I totally agree with this Article! Yes The Monkees that have Influenced So Much Rock Musicians and practically invented the Music Video along with Michael Nesmith with Pop clips before MTV. I find their CD’s, Record’s and All in the “Rock Section'” always at the Music Stores. What a Travesty!!!

  59. I can understand having blues artists such as B.B. King and Muddy Waters as inductees in the hall as the blues greatly influenced rock and roll but artists such as Bob Wills, Johnny Cash, whi are country, and Eminem, Jay-Z, L.L. Cool J and Notorious B.I.G are definitely not rock by any stretch of a definition nor are they really musicians either. I used to think it was great when my favorite bands would be honored by being inducted in the hall but now anyone without any real influence can become a member. It takes away the sense of honor and pride that one should have for such achievement. May as well give everyone a participation ribbon.

  60. To me the biggest omission is the band WAR. They lost several times. I don’t understand how Kiss and Green Day are in but not WAR.

    1. Christian,
      You are as confounded as I was when they finally inducted Lou Reed. It took his death to make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame say to themselves: “Oh darn! How did we overlook the Rock and Roll Animal himself?” Not to mention the lyricist poet laureate of the Grittier Side of Life. I had taken for granted that Reed was certainly among the first 20 inductees. That night the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame died for me.

  61. Same ongoing logic as was Cleveland being picked for the R&R hall of fame instead of somewhere like like Memphis or London.

  62. Let’s get real. This has been a B.S. JOKE for decades. While there are some great Rock n Roll bands inducted here, far too many are the wrong genre, non- deserving and I saw a guy on YouTube show that the last few years the people’s votes are truly meaningless.
    The more bad bands and non- genre bands that are allowed in, the more that the best bands would rather NOT be included in this stupid tourist concept.
    The fact Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden arent in here only tells me the people in control of who is inducted, don’t know a damn thing about music and what bands influenced the world musicians the last 50 yrs. Rage Against the Machine? SMH. Please. Even there fans know they don’t belong here.
    Id rather Canada start a Rock n Roll Hall of fame and have them induct legit , Super stellar bands.
    I never watch the ceremony and its an embarrassment.

  63. I can get behind Willie being in the Hall, his music has influenced musicians of nearly every genre for decades longer than most of us have been alive.
    However, skipping over true rock artists to induct him and a bunch of pop/rap artists is a throat punch to those artists that have lived, and died, rock and roll.

  64. Until Ted Nugent is an honoree I will never spend a dime at the RRHOF. “Sham” doesn’t begin to cover it.

  65. Scorpions isn’t even in the Hall of Shame for god sakes they had a lot of radio friendly music no curse words been out since 1965 and still nothing from Hall of Fame for them priest came out 1969 and maiden came out 1973 scorpions came out 1 year after Sabbath . Nugent , Megadeth , motorhead , Slayer , Overkill , Anthrax hell even Rammstein should all be in but hip hop and soft rock like pearl jam is in WTH is wrong with the Hall of Shame

  66. Any music journalist who dismisses Willie Nelson from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an ignorant hack. An incomplete list of artists who have recorded his songs includes: Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Smoking Popes, Bon Jovi, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Everly Bros, Freddy Fender, Linda Ronstadt, Tina Turner, Bryan Ferry, Cake, Norah Jones, David Lee Roth, B.B.King, and hundreds more! His music has influenced Rock from its very beginnings. I mean, for Pete’s sake, educate yourselves before exposing your gaping hole of musical ignorance.

  67. Hateful article, and responses. Yeah, the RnR Hall of Fame is a joke, but why do I need to read about it?

  68. I am a musician and love Willie Nelson, Iron Maiden, some country, a bit of pop, some rap, jazz, and a huge blues fan from Muddy Waters to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Let’s simplify this matter. The baseball hall of fame has zero players from any other sport than baseball inducted into it’s s halls. That’s the way the “Rock and roll” hall of fame should have only inducted Rock artists. Too late, so change the name to Entertainment Hall of Fame.
    Then every Joe blow that toots a whistle or something can get in as long as it’s entertaining to enough people. Thanks!

  69. The entire purpose of the hall is so reactionary cranks like you can piss and moan about what is and isn’t rock and roll and how embarrassing it is that “unworthy” artists are inducted while “worthy” artists aren’t.

    It’s a tourist trap museum and you fell for it.

  70. Meanwhile the liberal Marxists Rage Against the Machine made it in. This day in age I’m really not surprised.

  71. Rock & Roll H.O.F. has lost its identity.
    It needs to rebrand itself as the Popular Music H.O.F. Done.
    Enough embarrassing itself as the sham popularity contest which it has devolved into.

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