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Rob Schneider Calls Out Kimmel, Young for ‘Disgusting’ COVID Stances

'SNL' alum also slams reporter who grilled Eric Clapton for healthy skepticism

Chances are Rob Schneider won’t appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” once the writers’ strike ends.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum is a poor fit for the ABC propaganda show in the first place. Kimmel no longer defies authority. He serves it. And he’s been virtually silent on the war against comedy from his ABC pulpit.

Schneider might have to bite his tongue – hard – if they met again.

The comic star’s latest comments all but ensure he won’t be chatting up his next project with Kimmel anytime soon.

Schneider shredded both Kimmel and rock icon Neil Young on social media this week, bringing up their actions during the recent pandemic.

Kimmel mocked ordinary Americans who resisted the pandemic lockdowns, which we later learned were wildly ineffective (but excellent at crushing small businesses and many lives). The late-night Leftist also argued unvaccinated Americans didn’t deserve medical care.

A Message for the Anti-Vaccine Movement

Young behaved just as badly, especially for an icon who came of age during the free-wheeling 1960s. The rocker demanded that Spotify podcaster Joe Rogan be silenced for sharing contrarian views on COVID-19 and the various vaccines meant to shut it down.

He wanted Rogan’s free speech to be stripped from him. To make that possible, he took his music off of Spotify and hoped others would follow suit.

A few did, like fellow rockers Joni Mitchell and Nils Lofgren. (at least for a while…)

Except the vast majority of singers ignored Young’s authoritarian stance or feared the monetary hit of losing their Spotify royalties.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek stood up for his employee despite sizable public pressure. Rogan emerged stronger than ever. And, over time, we learned Rogan was more accurate in his musings than many respected medical bodies.

It’s likely both Kimmel and Rogan hope we’ll forget their toxic behavior during the global crisis.

Not Schneider.

(Here’s what Schneider wrote, in case he decides to take the note down)

Seeing Jimmy Kimmel on TV saying unvaccinated people should not be helped at hospitals, Neil Young asking to censor Joe Rogan and the vile spewed at Eric Clapton just for going public with his vax injury were for me, disgusting and unforgivable.

Clapton suffered considerable side effects from one of the COVID-19 vaccines and shared his health status with the public. He also teamed with fellow legend Van Morrison to protest the draconian measures meant to smite the virus.

Those measures mostly failed, and rockers had every right to protest them even if they had merit.

Freedom still matters.

Slowhand & Van - This Has Gotta Stop (Eric Clapton, Van Morrison)

Instead, the press turned on Clapton and Morrison. Outlets dug up decades-old stories suggesting Clapton was racist, and the scorn heaped upon Morrison spread across many media outlets.

The problem wasn’t relegated to pop culture.

Figures like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Teachers Union kingpin Randi Weingarten have spent the last few weeks pretending they didn’t do what they did during the pandemic.

Sow fear. Erase freedom. Crush children’s educational lives unnecessarily.

The press is mostly allowing them to rewrite history. The same could happen with Kimmel and Young, but Schneider wants his 1.5 million Twitter followers to know what really happened.


  1. Sure – the lockdowns were effective. Children were the least vulnerable but they were locked inside homes because some teacher might get a respiratory illness – you know, like the flu is around every year and we never shut down society because of the flu. At least the medical authorities back during the Spanish Flu had enough sense then to quarantine sick people – not healthy people like we did for covid. As for the deaths due to Covid – at least in the US, the federal government paid more to hospitals every time a patient died WITH covid – not FROM Covid so of course, there was incentive to label every death due to Covid – even when a person died from a gunshot. You may want to read up on Janice Dean from Fox News about what happened to her in-laws inside a nursing home in NY state.

    1. We would have been better off not locking down, telling the vulnerable to stay isolated and let the healthy get the virus and get over it. Natural immunity works, that’s a fact, it does not fade away! That was a lie to enhance Big Pharma’s profits!

      That’s what we did in Florida, the problem was that people are stupid and don’t listen. Many people with vulnerable conditions went out and mingled with the public, got COVID and died! But that’s the price you pay for a free society.

      You do not restrict the freedoms of the healthy to protect the vulnerable, it is the responsibility of the vulnerable to protect themselves.

      1. I think in some cases the “co-morbidities” might’ve been a bit oversold to scare people as well. I’m not saying anyone that feels they need to take precautions shouldn’t do so. But personally, I’ve got more than one of the co-morbidities they talked about, and when I got COVID, I had not been jabbed and honestly, it hit me like a semi-bad head cold. I felt stuffy, had a mild cough and had sinus headaches for about a week. During that week I ran a mild fever of like 99.5 for about a day. Other than that, I felt rather sleepy the whole week, but that was it. Everyone’s different of course, but given my experience, I think they oversold the co-morbidities thing to scare the crap out of people and make them want to run out and get the jab (which I hadn’t done, because a relative of mine did run right out and get jabbed and he had a really bad allergic reaction to it).

  2. Despite all the idiotic absurdity in this drivel I will keep my comment to one point. We never later learned that the lockdown protocols were wildly ineffective. In fact, we learned quite the opposite and I’m so tired of hearing mindless robots spout the same nonsense that Tucker Carlson tells them is their truth. Look at New Zealand and Japan, NZ took the lockdown seriously and had the lowest rate of transmission and infection in the entire world. And as an effect also had a lower death rate. Japan already had mask protocols in place before the pandemic, they will mask in public even if all they have is the common cold. Again lower transmission and death rates for them. Even here in the US, in places that had enough brain matter to take the spread seriously guess what happened? Lower transmission, lower death rates. Look at the most prolific deaths that happened because of Covid, who were they? Covid denying, anti-vax morons who were spouting their nonsense and going around pretending that there wasn’t a pandemic. How do you explain that?
    But alas, you are far too advanced in your understanding of world economics for an educated person like me to comprehend. You know the truth and have your tinfoil hat ready so the government can’t read the couple of brain cells you have left when they fly over with their mind reading drones. I know my words fall on deaf ears because you’ve already made up your mind of what you want your reality to be. Honestly, if I could create my own reality like you do I would at least be be living somewhere tropical or something.

    1. So evidently, this is what you’ve been told by the censored media and captured W.H.O. and pharma industries… well I’ve got some disturbing news for you my good man… you’ve been lied to by the so-called “experts”. Yes, take a deep breath! The government, media and medical establishment have been LYING TO YOU about CoVid, Vaccine Safety and lockdown effectiveness this entire time. Credulous sheep like you need to wake up! Honestly, some people will believe every statistic read, every piece of propaganda swallowed. It is a shame to your innate intelligence and ability for independent critical thought. Gifts you’ve abdicated to your puppet masters.

    2. Total cases is a bullshit number! When you look at total cases per 1M people New Zealand ranks third (338.21k) behind France and Germany. The US ranks 4th.

      Sweden, who did not lock down had a case rate /1M of 256.62k.

      This is what you get when you live in an information bubble! When you only consume the state media!

    3. You need to read the actual studies that are not paid for by the ‘government’. We have known since 2019 that the masks do not help flu virus prevention, and the Chinese Covid is a smaller molecule, therefore is even more transmissible.

    4. You are completely wrong. Lock-downs hurt people and did nothing to stop or slow the spread of the virus. That is an undeniably proven fact.
      Countries like Sweden that did not institute mandatory quarantines did remarkably better.

    5. You don’t sound educated. You sound butthurt that your God emperor, Jimmy Kimmel, got called out.

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