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Reporters Rage as Free Speech Heroes Bill Maher, Elon Musk Meet

Journalists can't hide their fury as duo trashes 'woke mind virus'

Late-night hosts kiss up to their guests all the time. It’s in the job description.

That’s how you treat celebrity guests, one of the few elements today’s far-left hosts retain from the Johnny Carson blueprint of yore.

it takes on a surreal component when the guests hold the levers of power. So when Stephen Colbert gushes over Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Vice President Kamala Harris or another Democratic lightweight, it lands differently.

They do it anyway and the media never calls them out for it.

Yet when Jimmy Fallon did something similar to Donald Trump in 2016 he endured brutal attacks from both the Left and mainstream media reporters.

But we repeat ourselves.

Donald Trump Talks Media Coverage, Polls and His Vocal Transformation

Now, several media outlets are furious that the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” played nice with fellow free speech hero Elon Musk.

The Tesla billionaire joined “Real Time” Friday night, and the two shared how much they have in common on speech, innovation and more.

Notably, they loathe what Musk once dubbed the “woke mind virus.”

Elon Musk (Full Interview) | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

The free speech averse site used random Twitter users to frame its coverage of the Maher/Musk summit.

Maher was clearly thrilled to have Musk in front of him – and the “Real Time” audience made note of it, saying in various ways that Maher was “kissing a–.”

“Nobody can tongue bathe a racist billionaire better than Bill Maher,” one person wrote.

This just in: One person said something, and journalists across the country are scrambling to share his or her thought with the masses. This is a developing story…

But wait, there’s more…

Several other Twitter users shared similar thoughts because they, like the media, hate Musk for allowing more voices to be heard on his social media platform.

Rolling Stone, which once represented both free speech and the counter-culture, similarly framed the summit in the most negative way possible.

The headline is almost comical in its bile.

Elon Musk and Bill Maher Warn Against the ‘Woke Mind Virus,’ a.k.a. Historical Fact

The story is even worse.

Their conversation … included a strained discussion of the “imaginary” woke mind virus.

Imaginary? Tell that to readers who grew up on books by Ian Fleming, Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss and Agatha Christie. Their classic tomes have been infected by said virus.

Rolling Stone similarly raged against Dave Chappelle, who is black, for telling the “wrong” kind of jokes from various stages.

The extreme Left Daily Beast strikes a Mean Girls pose in its Bill Maher/Elon Musk coverage.

Bill Maher Drools All Over Elon Musk in Softball Sitdown

The article includes a message asking readers if they “Like This Article? Support Journalism Like this for Less Than 11 cents a day.”

Sign us up!

The article itself assumes a more neutral, AKA journalistic tone albeit with plenty of qualifiers.

Bill Maher conducted a chummy interview on Real Time Friday with “likable guy” Elon Musk, with the two bonding over what they deemed to be threats to free speech and what Musk has long derided as the “woke mind virus.”

Would The Daily Beast ever describe a Colbert chat with Dr. Anthony Fauci as chummy? We know the answer to that, even though Dr. Fauci’s record all but demands a serious, probing interview from even the silliest of comics given his track record.

Musk’s achievements dwarf that of Dr. Fauci, but the media inexplicably fawns over the latter.

The left-leaning Mediaite also used the “F” word – fawning – in its coverage.


Why would media outlets go out of their way to negatively spin the Maher/Musk conversation?

it’s simple.

Maher uses his HBO platform to slam woke overreach, defend free speech and criticize his fellow liberals.

Every. Single. Week.

Musk’s crime? He bought Twitter, streamlined the operation, let many banned accounts back onto the platform and, best of all, opened the books on pre-Musk Twitter.

The Twitter Files exposed a massive, speech-suppressing operation that overlapped with the Biden administration’s attacks on the First Amendment.

For that Musk is now a supervillain. Never mind his groundbreaking work on the electric car front or his spectacular space innovations.

Musk and Maher heart free speech, and that’s put a media target on their back. And boy, do they have little interest in hiding it.

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  1. My god how conservatives love to whine and cry about double standards. Are you really equating Colbert and Fallon, whose shows are entirely based on obsequious interviews with celebrities in the “Johnny Carson blueprint” with Maher, who loves to tout himself as someone who speaks truth to power?

    Maher’s interview with Musk was completely ridiculous, and this is not the first time Maher has had someone controversial on his show (Steve Bannon, Mark Esper to name just two recent ones) and kiss their ass the entire time. What’s worse is that Maher will talk shit about these people on their show from afar and then once they’re guests he will slobber all over them. Nancy Mace is a recent example.

  2. This kind of blatant media double-standard and hypocrisy used to make me angry. Not any more. I actually get a good laugh out of watching these people make abject fools of themselves. Like the fat dude with the “no fat chicks” bumper sticker on his car. How can you not laugh at that?
    Nobody takes the media seriously any more when they claim to be objective. For better or worse, we all acknowledge that everyone has a bias, especially reporters, and they will report through that biased lens. So now we all find media outlets that see through the same lens we do, and that’s where we get our news.
    We’re just returning to what the media used to be. The idea of neutral reporting without bias is a relatively recent phenomenon that has gone the way of the hula hoop and dodo bird.

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