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Rainn Wilson ‘Changes’ His Name, Saves Planet?

'Office' alum offers pitch-perfect virtue signal to address real-world problem

Eco-activists are targeting the world’s most treasured masterpieces to raise awareness for climate change.

They’re glueing themselves to precious art, dumping tomato sauce on glass-protected paintings and committing other acts of vandalism to “raise awareness” about the ecological peril we may face. 

(And one of Hollywood’s biggest directors is helping foot the bill)

A comic actor known for his reign on “The Office” is doing his part with far less mess. Rainn Wilson changed his name, at least digitally, to Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson.


Wilson wants to “raise awareness” about climate change, too.

The 56-year-old star’s name hasn’t been altered on, and no one suggests old “Office” episodes will be tweaked to feature his newer, longer moniker.

It’s just a publicity stunt, one he hopes others will emulate.

That stunt, so far, has been successful by one measure. Wilson earned copious media coverage of his alleged name change, all of it either neutral or positive in tone.

That’s gold for a working actor. The other part of the stunt deserves more scrutiny.


Is there a sentient soul not aware of Climate Change, both the term itself and the greater dialogue around it? Did someone miss the countless Climate Change movies, speeches and eco-articles released over the past 20 years only to stumble upon Wilson’s Tweet?

Does Wilson’s name change impact how India and China, countries that contribute massively to carbon emissions, view their culpability in the earth’s ecosystem?

It’s also unknown if Wilson’s personal lifestyle reflects his eco-conscious. Does he fly private jets, notorious for spewing far more carbon into the atmosphere than other flights? Does he live in a modest home or a sprawling manor that gobbles up more energy than most American dwellings?

Is he Ed Begley, Jr., the veteran star who walks the walk when it comes to eco-friendly living? Or, is he Leonardo Di Caprio, the Oscar-winner renowned for his “Do as I say, not as I do” lifestyle?

Discerning consumers would like to know.


  1. Rainn’s silly comedic “activism” isn’t very funny. Maybe he should return to reading and acting out stuff other people wrote. He just looks like a fool when he does his own material.

    Maybe this one based on actual science would work:
    Jim: Sea levels are rising due to man-made climate change
    Dwight: FALSE! 1. Sea levels aren’t rising. Look at the Statue of Liberty’s island. The sea level has been the same for almost 150 years.
    2. Climate change is not man-made;
    3. Climate change is a natural repeating cycle being used as a false narrative in the first place.
    4. Climate change alarmists have been 100% wrong every day for the last 60 observable years, and they are still wrong.

  2. The problem is not “climate change” but rather “man-caused climate change,” that’s where an intelligent discussion needs to be. The planet’s climate has been changing for millennia, but is the change caused by you grilling hamburgers outdoors on Sunday? Is the change actually apocalyptic? Sea levels are rising at the same rate they have been for over a hundred years. Planetary CO2 levels were supposed to be causing warming, but the apocalyptic warming has not occurred, thus a new bugaboo — nitrous oxide has been trotted out. Aside from the political aspect of pushing climate anxiety, for celebs, this is just the latest virtue signal, like Ukraine flags in you social media profile. Not surprised Wilson is on board, I just wonder how many more failed climate predictions he’ll endure and try to explain away before he moves on to the next “existential threat” cause.

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