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New Media Win: Twitter Roasts DiCaprio’s Eco-Push

If you got your news solely from the mainstream media you’d think Leonardo DiCaprio is the ultimate environmentalist.

Reporters regurgitate the actor’s speeches on Climate Change. They kneel before his wisdom, his good looks and his ability to use his star clout to raise money and awareness about the planet’s health. They breathlessly report on his latest documentaries about Mother Earth … sans context.

And then there’s the other Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s an eco-hypocrite, plain and simple The examples of that duality are legendary. Here’s just one tasty example, courtesy of The New York Post:

One of the Sony emails leaked by hackers last year revealed that DiCaprio took six private flights in six weeks. We might not know science, but we know math. A plane for one, taken once a week, hurts the environment far more than what regular people who “don’t believe” in climate change can do.

And, for the most part, outlets like, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter either downplay that hypocrisy or ignore it entirely.

Here’s just one example.

Will they do more of the same this weekend as DiCaprio promotes the march?


And yet Twitter users know the truth about the Oscar winner’s troubled eco-history.


Take a bow, New Media. Hardscrabble sites that don’t fawn over stars’ every utterance, spread this information far and wide. To be fair, some British media outlets have been very tough on DiCaprio. Let’s share the credit with them, too.

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Still, the rise of New Media means more information reaches everyday Americans. And they’re fighting back. Here’s just a sampling of Twitter snark tied to the actor’s plea to support the People’s Climate March.

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  1. He is indeed a notorious hypocrite. He prefers living on yachts when he has to travel overseas, he takes private planes whenever possible. His properties also have major water wasting “features incorporated as part of the landscaping. Eco Hypocrite fits him perfectly.

    Did he not make a movie on some eco fragile islands near Thailand or Cambodia or something, and make a huge damaging mess on one of them? Should have wound up in prison for that, us regular folks would have.

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