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Patton Oswalt: ‘Sweet’ Joe Rogan Has Gone ‘Off the Rails’

Woke stand-up admits he's ripe for future cancellation, slams podcast king

Patton Oswalt is so woke he fell for the biggest con of our age.

The actor/stand-up once praised Antifa, a thuggish outfit known for assaulting free speech. Oswalt compared Antifa to the Allied soldiers who walked into enemy fire on D-Day in World War II … just to mock President Donald Trump.

Note: Just because a group dubs itself “anti-fascist” doesn’t mean it actually is. 

Oswalt likely feasts on a diet of CNN, MSNBC and other corrupt news outlets that refuse to tell Antifa’s full story.

Still, praising that hateful group wasn’t enough to stop the woke mob from pouncing, and seizing, on him for a critical error.

He treated longtime friend Dave Chappelle … like a longtime friend. Oswalt appeared on stage with Chappelle, a comedian targeted by the far-left for telling jokes about the trans community. The social media mob torched Oswalt for supporting a longtime chum who tells the “wrong” kind of jokes.

That episode ended with Oswalt throwing said friend under the bus in favor of a few dozen woke Twitter accounts.

Now, Oswalt’s latest special admits the obvious. He’ll never be woke enough for the far-Left mob.

Patton Oswalt: We All Scream | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Daily Beast, via Yahoo!, shares how Oswalt’s new Netflix special reveals an ugly truth. No one is woke enough … ever.

Not even a progressive comic eager to throw friends aside at a moment’s notice.

“I’m woke, I think,” Oswalt tells the crowd. “But you know what? I won’t be someday. Be woke, be open-minded, just don’t pat yourself on the back, because it will bite you in the ass….”

Oswalt does predict that as he continues to age, he will inevitably fail to keep up with the progress of society and risk getting “canceled” for expressing opinions that are no longer acceptable.

Oswalt also casually threw another comedian, podcast giant Joe Rogan, under the same bus as Chappelle.

The “sweet” Rogan, he says during the special, has gone “off the rails.”

Why? Because CNN/MSNBC told him to think that way. Oswalt probably cringes at Rogan suggesting we should be able to speak our minds, debate those with whom we disagree and worry the CDC may not have the best advice on global pandemics.

For that, the far-Left put a juicy target on Rogan’s back. And Oswalt, following his progressive marching orders, is only to happy to pile on.

Perhaps when he’s canceled, sooner or later, he’ll join Rogan’s Spotify podcast and share his side of the story. Rogan once said of Patton, “I love him to death.” Chances are, he’ll forgive Oswalt for the unkind words and embrace him like a brother.

After all, that’s what friends are for.


  1. Shawn, thank you for that anecdote!

    I’m binge-watching Justified now (on final/6th season), and liked Timothy Olyphant from Deadwood and the Santa Clarita Diet (note: Justified was partially filmed in Santa Clarita), and Walter Goggins from The Shield and Vice Principals.

    As far as Patton Oswalt, I remember him as the social awkward, nerdy, annoying friend on King of Queens, where he worked in a subway token/ticket counter who, miraculously, scores the hot (although equally-leftist) Rachel Dratch as a girlfriend. By the time I watched Justified, I had already heard enough of his leftist diatribes about common sense, conservative values, actuals facts/and real science, and seen him in numerous cameos in movies and TV shows, often so much that my eyes roll every time I see or hear him (I now can identify him solely by his annoying voice). While he played the Constable Sweeney well in Justified, he was, again, a nerdy, incompetent, socially awkward loud-mouthed idiot… He’s a method actor of the John Wayne tradition… I’m convinced he plays all his characters the same… as himself… Probably the most acting he’s actually had to do was a scene where he actually had the cajones to not to reveal information during a violent interrogation and, miraculously, ‘kills’ an experienced fighter by nicking the man’s femoral artery with a knife, when I strongly suspect in real life this sniveling, Gollum-like toady would cowardly spill the beans/betray his friends (to the point that they’d want him to shut up) at even the hint of pain or ‘cancellation’, like he did to his ‘friends’ Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan.

  2. I hate myself for ever thinking this a**hole was ever funny.

    He is an insufferable, hateful, small twerp of a man and I cannot *imagine* how truly miserable he must be. Probably not far away from a suicidal headline, unfortunately.

    He fits right in with that crowd – hateful, vindictive and just nasty to everyone he disagrees with. He deserves his misery to be sure.

  3. The troll has been an ahole toward the Real Americans for years… Always just slightly wondered if God was getting back at him with the deal with his wife … but I know God doesn’t work that way, so it was karma

    1. What a sad soul you must be. Have no idea what constitutes ‘a real American’ but I suspect it’s anyone who speaks out against diversity, women’s body autonomy etc and who blindly follows a a demigod who lies to them and steals money.
      Must be nice to know how god works and what’s karma. Careful, yours could be around the corner.

  4. never knew anything about Oswalt’s comedy before I saw him on the screen. It’s sad he has so much vitriol for people like me, but that said, I am impressed with his work.
    His portrayal of Constable Sweeney on Justified was just awesome. He takes the goober with small-man syndrome character and nails him just as his looks would suggest. By end of the episode, he brings out an actual hero you can cheer for. Outstanding.
    Later, I caught some of his stand-up on a local comedy radio channel. After wiping tears over the clip, I hear the announcer declare that was Patton Oswalt. Imagine my surprise.
    Anyway, I would prefer he keep his MSNBC inspired hatred bottled up and just make us laugh. With the occasional drama on the screen.
    That would be good.
    – a –

    1. “His portrayal of Constable Sweeney on Justified was just awesome. He takes the goober with small-man syndrome character and nails him just as his looks would suggest. By end of the episode, he brings out an actual hero you can cheer for. Outstanding.”
      I too thought he did a good job in that role. Funny anecdote about that. Timothy Olyphant, from everything I’ve read or seen about him, is reported to be a very laid back and easy to get along with kind of guy. Shortly after Justified’s final season, he made an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show. They talked about Justified and at one point, Conan asked Olyphant what his working experience on the show was like. Olyphant said he loved working with everyone on the cast and crew the whole time, except for one person, and that the one person was a complete a-hole. Conan asked who it was. Olyphant said he wasn’t going to name names. Conan kept bugging him and said “at least give me a clue.” So Olyphant said “Well, he was on your show.” Conan sat thinking for a few moments and then said “The only one I can think of from your show that was on my show besides you was Patton Oswalt.” Olyphant’s reply was “Well, there you go.”
      If that’s any indication, seems Oswalt’s been a gaping a-hole from before he was “woke.”

      1. thanks for that interesting bit. I was able to find the clip online and got a good laugh. All I can say is “yep” I kinda figured that about him. Still…love his work

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