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Did ‘Ellen 2.0’ Happen Right Under Netflix’s Nose?

‘Patriot Act’ producer, writer describe toxic work environment, media silent

“Patriot Act” never got the mainstream media love of its progressive peers.

Every time Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel or Trevor Noah “destroy” someone from the GOP we hear about it in the media. And it’s not just from the usual entertainment sources like or The Hollywood Reporter.

The Associated Press and other allegedly mainstream news services often do the same.

We're Doing Elections Wrong | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix talker didn’t get that kind of media love. Now, the weekly show is no more, canceled by the streaming service earlier this month. Only a show producer has mixed feelings about the show’s exit, stage far left.

Nur Nasreen Ibrahim.

The former producer on the short-lived “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper” shared some disturbing Tweets following the show’s cancellation.

“A lot of people have asked me to talk about Patriot Act,” wrote Nasreen. “I avoided it because each time I relive the experience of being humiliated and gaslit, targeted and ignored. I sink back into days of depression.” she added.

“I am proud of my work there to this day. I am also grateful for the opportunities it gave me … But I wonder if it was worth the mental anguish I went through over my last few months there,” she speculated. “I wish we still had Patriot Act. I also wish they truly practiced the progressive ethos they cultivated on screen. Then they would really deserve all your love,” Nasreen concluded saying.

Her Twitter messages inspired similar comments from those connected to the program:

The sender followed that up with this equally cryptic comment, which Nasreen-Ibrahim, a contributor, thanked the person for sending.

Others weighed in on the matter:

Here’s another confirmation of Nasreen-Ibrahim’s take on “Patriot Act.”

So far, Nasreen-Ibrahim’s tweets have received near-zero attention from the media, especially given headlines surrounding the toxic atmosphere behind-the-scenes at “Ellen.” Newsweek, to its credit, shared her concerns with its readers. The Pakistani news source linked above did as well.

That’s it, according to a good faith Google News search.

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It’s not the first time a “Patriot Act” employee complained about the work culture on the show. Consider these Tweets from June regarding the Netflix series from writer Sheila V. Kumar.

These messages similarly got ignored by the mainstream media and Hollywood press at the time.


More importantly, did these complaints factor into the show’s cancellation?

HiT has reached out to Netflix for comment on these allegations. The company did not respond to a similar press request from Newsweek. 

UPDATE: Two days later, HiT has yet to receive a response from Netflix on the matter.

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