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How News Media, Hollywood Collude to Rock Your Vote

Those two groups see no problem using their money – and clout – to do the same. And they often work in tandem to make that happen on behalf of liberal causes.

Take “We the Economy,” a new video series meant to educate the public on key fiscal issues. A gaggle of Hollywood stars, including Adrian Grenier, Morgan Spurlock, Adam McKay and Sarah Silverman, chipped in to teach economic principles to the average American.

The video series just so happened to debut days before the midterm elections – for free – across multiple platforms. The shorts are full of liberal talking points disguised as nonpartisan lessons.

So how did the mainstream media cover the video series? Did reporters note the slanted nature of the material? Did they ask why the information was being released so close to an election that may spell trouble for Democrats? Did anyone vet the experts cited by the video series or explain the political biases of the key participants?


Instead, news outlets directly or indirectly aligned with “We the Economy” to spread its message without questioning the timing or the biased nature of the material.

Newsweek said the series “makes cotton candy out of spinach.” CBS News created its own web page dedicated to promoting the film’s shorts.

CNN Money went so far as to team up with “We the Economy” to make sure potential voters got the message.


This isn’t the only example of news outlets delivering biased Hollywood content. Every time reporters fail to put the word “liberal” before the names of Jon Stewart, Rosie O’Donnell or Stephen Colbert they’re being dishonest with their audience. The trio’s collective commentary comes from a highly partisan, left of center, perspective and should be labeled as such for transparency purposes.

Stewart himself said his “Daily Show” was “designed as a mouthpiece for our point of view.”

Mainstream film critics often fall in line with this collusion. Critics will blast a right-leaning film as “one-sided” or sheer “propaganda.” Yet similarly biased films that lean left often escape without those negative descriptions.

Celebrities who spread positive news about Democratic politicians also get a boost from the press. They’re rarely asked tough questions about their stances. At the same time, stars who embrace faith are grilled about their positions. Just ask Kirk Cameron.

Has a mainstream news reporter ever challenged O’Donnell about her 9/11 Truther stance, a belief many Americans find abhorrent? That might change the way viewers think of O’Donnell, a performer who does all she can to promote progressive views.

The mainstream press appears unwilling to let that happen.

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