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Natalie Portman Ignores Her Part in Time’s Up’s Collapse

Oscar winner says mistakes were made, allowed extreme pro-Democrat bias

Natalie Portman played a starring role in the creation of Time’s Up.

The group, forged in the wake of producer Harvey Weinstein’s downfall on sexual abuse allegations, vowed to prevent future Weinsteins from attacking women.

And she wasn’t alone.

Fellow stars like Ashley Judd, Eva Longoria, Meryl Streep, Kate Capshaw, America Ferrera, Rashida Jones, Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington either donated huge sums or joined an advisory board to oversee the fledgling group.

That’s where the “Black Swan” star came in.

Portman served on an advisory board that did nothing to correct a series of catastrophic errors which led to the group’s dissolution last year.

Time’s Up:

Or, as Portman tells The Hollywood Reporter, the group made a few mistakes along the way.

I think a lot of people made mistakes, but mistakes are deadly for activism. You have to be so perfect in order to demand the change that you want to see, and I don’t know, maybe acknowledging all our imperfection as humans and saying that people can do something wrong and also be good at something else, having a little bit more shades of gray might actually let us get to more progress … For an entire movement to not be allowed to exist because of individual mistakes or even collective mistakes, I think that we have to be able to make mistakes and learn from them and allow that.

A better scenario?

A powerful woman who volunteers to oversee an organization actually oversees said organization and prevents it from making one gargantuan “mistake” after the next.

Did Portman ever step in to fix the sinking ship? She happily joined the Women’s March movement during a GOP presidency, a protest group that went missing when Biden spoke the oath of office in 2021.

Natalie Portman speaks at Women's March

Chances are Portman either didn’t care enough to fulfill that obligation or agreed with Time’s Up becoming a hack partisan outfit that sided with powerful Democrats.

Here’s betting she chose the latter option.

Now, she’s washing her hands of the group, shrugging her shoulders at the mistakes that brought it down.

No. Sorry.

She played a role in its destruction, and reporters aren’t willing to press her, or her famous chums, about it.

Time’s Up is no more, and women in and out of Hollywood have one less place to turn. That falls on Portman’s shoulders, whether she’ll publicly confess to it or not.


  1. Those woMEN are LEFTISTS! Now they are ALL FOR protecting THEMSELVES but OTHERS not so much! And by “OTHERS” I mean NON-LEFTISTS!! Their “protection” works in two ways – one to protect LEFTIST women from any abuse and two to protect LEFTIST ideology agains NON-LEFTISTS’ decency and lawfulness! In short, they are HYPOCRITES and BIGOTS! An old saying “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly runs clear to the bone”! They are pretty OUTSIDE but INSIDE they are hideous!

  2. Giver her credit, she was as effective on the advisory board as she is an actress.

    Oh, sorry, “actor”. LOL

  3. All roads lead to abortion with Hollywood women. If you support abortion, you’re untouchable. All sins are forgiven.
    Since women age in dog years in Hollywood (Once they get past 30, most of them are kicked to the curb), they have a very limited window for getting roles. A pregnancy can derail those aspirations and make that window even smaller. That’s why so many of them are so radically pro-abortion.

    1. What does abortion have to do with this article? It’s about hypocritical, Lefty Hollywood celebrities who really don’t care about sexual abuse of women when the victim accuses a Democrat.

    2. I’d never thought of the urgency of time on many female celebrities abortion stances. But, I do think that they are often driven to go along with the Leftist majority in their field.

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