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Megyn Kelly on MeToo’s Collapse: ‘We’re Back to Where We Started’ (UPDATED)

SiriusXM podcaster reflects reality shared by Emily Ratajkowski, Grace Van Dien

The MeToo revolution promised to change Hollywood … and the culture … for good.

No longer could abusive men run wild without facing serious consequences. Producer Harvey Weinstein fell first, but he was quickly followed by Kevin Spacey, director Brett Ratner, Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer and more.

They even made a TV show about MeToo cancellations, the celebrated Apple TV+ drama “The Morning Show.”

The Morning Show Season 1 Trailer | Rotten Tomatoes TV

Except the MeToo movement made serious unforced errors. The cause overreached in near tragic ways, and its most vocal proponents applied a progressive filter to its efforts.

  • Accused Democrat? Look the other way (see Cuomo, Biden and more)
  • Accused Republican? Release the hounds (no matter how flimsy the evidence)

Podcaster Megyn Kelly brought up both MeToo and the latest charges against low-rated CNN anchor Don Lemon on her SiriusXM showcase. Variety published a piece detailing allegations against Lemon, from “diva-like” behavior to charges his recent anti-women comments date back several years.

Lemon strenuously denies the allegations and CNN offered little clarity on the subject.

Kelly suggests the same movement meant to stop guilty people no longer has the weight it once did. In short, it’s back to normal, and that’s not good news for women.


She recounted the Lemon allegations on “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast and brought up similar, behind-the-scenes headlines from her Fox News days. Kelly has said Fox News CEO Roger Ailes sexually harassed her, while other ex-employees accused Ailes of similar crimes.

The scandal fueled the Oscar-nominated 2019 movie “Bombshell.” Ailes passed away in 2017.

Bombshell (2019 Movie) New Trailer — Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie

Kelly says prior to MeToo, when powerful men were accused of a sexual crime the powers-that-be protected them.

“The women, up until the MeToo movement, always lost, always lost. Then MeToo was totally an overreach and got disgusting and weird and political. We started just emerging with scalps without any probing or facts, and it fell apart thanks to the Left, frankly, and what they did to [Brett] Kavanaugh and Time’s Up,” Kelly said.

The latter refers to the failed organization’s allegiance with accused abuser Gov. Andrew Cuomo and inability to defend alleged victims like Tara Reade. The former staffer of then-Sen. Joe Biden claims the Democrat sexually attacked her in 1993.

“We’re back to where we started … the progress has been eroded. The MeToo movement has been exploded and women really have nowhere to turn. You can leave the set in tears after being screamed at by [Lemon], who I bet has a long HR personnel file, and they just say, ‘re-educating training, bye.’ Not good enough.”

Kelly’s take has merit given recent revelations from several women. 

Actress Grace Van Dien of “Stranger Things” fame admitted she turned her back on Hollywood after several gross experiences involving male colleagues. 

She accused a former boss of requesting a threesome with her, and now she focuses her energies on her Twitch streaming channel.

She’s not alone.

Model-turned-actress Emily Ratajkowski found sizable roles in “Gone Girl,” “I Feel Pretty” and “Entourage, but she told the LA Times she fired her acting team three years ago.

“I didn’t trust them. I was like, ‘I can handle receiving phone calls. I’m gonna make these decisions. None of you have my best interest at heart. And you all hate women.’”

Australian actress Mia Wasikowska has a less than flattering take on Hollywood in the post-MeToo era. 

The “Alice in Wonderland” star told the Sydney Morning Herald last year why she left the industry is now works in independent features.

“I think you would be hard-pressed to find any young woman who hasn’t experienced a level of abuse or inappropriate experiences or behavior towards them.”

Actress Heather Graham of “Boogie Nights” fame says the changes happening within the industry have been minimal despite MeToo’s efforts.

The sexism remains the same.

“I feel like nothing has changed drastically. More people care, but it’s not suddenly equal. It’s still pretty sexist, to be honest. Every phase of the business, whether it’s financing, distribution, the reviewers, all those people are mostly men. To get a female driven story that is appealing mostly to women through all these levels of male-dominated business, it’s not that easy.”

Weinstein is gone. So, too, are some powerful men who preyed on women for decades. The system, alas, may still have plenty of scoundrels.


  1. No, we didn’t abandon her at Fox b/c of her attacks on Trump, we did so because she made the debates about her. That’s why we nicknamed Megyn into Me Again.

    A reporter should never make themselves the story. Completely destroyed her credibility as every report was met with “what’s her angle this time?”

    She also adopted liberal talking points overnight, which made her a fraud. I remember because I was impressed with her before she became a name.

  2. As long as “feminism” is simply another word for “Democratic Party Ladies Auxiliary”, don’t expect anyone to take it seriously.

  3. And now they have biological men taking awards and titles from actual women as well. We are back in the stone ages.

  4. If you ladies cannot report the crime immediately, you lose the high ground on your case.
    It is just that simple.

  5. People tend to do overreach no matter the subject or policies and they never learn. Try fighting against overreach and you’re labeled and ruined by internet mobs (if they know who you are).

  6. People are still losing their JOBS and CAREERS to wokeness SO RACIST BARBIE FAILS AGAIN.

    And to the butt hurt scum who’ll object to that label SHE WAS FIRED FROM FOX NEWS FOR RACISM . Let that sink in you stupid effing turds.

    1. Fox did not fire Megyn Kelly. Fox still wanted her but lost in a salary negotiation war. She got a massive contract from NBC.

      She did not do very well at NBC. The NBC news is so over-the-top leftest that she did not have an audience. And she did not bring her conservative audience from Fox with her because they had largely abandoned her over her attacks on Trump. She was fired from NBC over a comment defending blackface as a Halloween Costume and she was cancelled by the leftist outrage mob. It is odd that the leftests never canceled Justin Trudeau Premier of Canada and Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam both of who actually wore black face. Selective outrage! Leftists get a pass! Kelly walked away from the deal with $30 million.

      And why is black face worse than woman face by the likes of Dylan Mulvaney? Dylan Mulvaney makes a mockery of actual real women.

      1. Dylan Mulvaney is a grifter of the first order. He’s doing it for the cash. I’ll give him that, he saw his opening and went for it and is now rich, but he’s just an actor playing a role, and badly at that. But, as you mentioned, he gets a pass because of his politics.

      2. Thank you for making the connection to Transgender individuals trying to “genderface” women.

    2. Actually, she was fired from MSNBC for saying she didn’t see what was wrong with dressing up as Diana Ross as a child.

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