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Is This the Media’s Nastiest Attack on ‘Sound of Freedom?’

Journos cite obscure connection to skewer summer's biggest Indie hit

The mainstream media beclowns itself on a near-daily basis.

  • Russiagate
  • The Hunter Biden Laptop
  • “Don’t Say Gay”
  • The Wuhan Lab Leak ‘Theory’
  • Florida Schools Teach Pro-Slavery Lessons

It’s hard to pick out the most egregious examples of misinformation, and that doesn’t count the important stories ignored by the Fourth Estate. Even by those standards the press’ full-on assault against “Sound of Freedom” proved shocking.

Sound of Freedom | Official Trailer | Angel Studios

Media outlets have been attacking the film, which follows a man trying to save children from sex traffickers, in ways that might startle even Bernard Goldberg. (The former CBS News journalist was among the very first to call out the press’ bias)

The film’s stars support QAnon! The target audience is gray-haired Christians! The story takes some creative liberties with the actual tale that inspired it!

The guilt-by-association crowd worked overtime to slime the project in any way possible. 

Why a free press would devote so much energy to unfairly attack a film exposing a horrifying, real-world crisis deserves a separate investigation.

The digital assaults aren’t letting up, though. The latest attack line? One of the film’s investors allegedly was arrested for “child kidnapping.”

Here’s a partial list of the news outlets covering this critical part of the film’s rollout.

  • Newsweek
  • The New York Post
  • Deadline
  • E! Online
  • Yahoo!
  • The Daily Beast
  • Rolling Stone
  • RadarOnline

The latter mocked the film’s supporters in its headline, saying fans “shrugged off” the story in question.

‘Sound of Freedom’ Fans Shrug Off Arrest of Donor for Child Kidnapping: The child-trafficking drama was a hit with conservatives who say it raised awareness of an important issue — which they are now pointedly ignoring

Here’s why they did just that.

“Sound of Freedom” was completed five years ago and only now resurfaced thanks to Angel Studios. The company’s business model involves crowdfunding with a twist. Contributors can give money to various projects while investing in the material.

The company’s previous film, “His Only Son,” paid back its investors. And then some.

That means if the company has thousands of investors in a film like “Sound of Freedom,” chances are one of them (even more!) might behave badly.

And that’s what happened. One of the 6,600+ “Angel Investors” has been accused of a crime involving children.

Accused, not convicted. The details are less egregious than reporters suggest. It appears to be a custody dispute, not a child being taken for outrageous purposes.

That was enough for the media machine to go into overdrive in a fresh attempt to destroy the film. Plus, it’s a not-so-subtle message to anyone who might fund future projects that make the media mad.

We’re watching.

Angel Studio’s co-founder Jeffrey Harmon offered the best response to the insane media narrative.

The media can’t sink any longer in its “Sound of Freedom” coverage. Can it?

Just wait.

The corrupt, biased press likely has more bombs to drop on an indie film that has earned a shocking $160 million, outgrossed the latest “Mission: Impossible” entry and brought countless folks back to theaters.


  1. The investor should have made the donation via Hunter’s laptop. The media would have never found it there, because no self-respecting “journalist” would get caught within 10 miles of that sucker.

  2. Because of Trump, the Christian right is basicaly cooking their own brains. Pastors are delivering sermons based on Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount. and it’s riling up congregatnts. They’re approaching ministers following services, and asking where tyhe preachers got such “subversive” ideas, LOL.

    They believe forgiving is “weak!”

  3. Sue them. I’m tired of all these conservatives calling them out for their hypocrisy but not doing anything about it. The media needs to be held accountable for once.

  4. Interesting. That LOSER “artist”. Jason Christner refered to the film as a “turd.”

    I forgot , (so help me out here) WHAT was the name of the movie that d-rated scribbler made again?

    Oh yeah. Nothing. Never made ANY film. That ANYONE ever saw. Just a bunch of sh*tty drawings.

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