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Media Pound ‘Sound of Freedom,’ Ignore Biden Crime Family

Reporters X-ray every element of indie smash while downplaying Dem scandal

Reporters are treating “Sound of Freedom” like it’s Watergate 2.0.

Meanwhile, media outlets are either downplaying or covering up one of the biggest news cycles in recent memory. The drip-drip-drip of proof the U.S. government rushed to protect a Democrat’s son from the long arm of the law matters little to the Fourth Estate.

And that’s only the tip of the media corruption iceberg.

To be fair, it’s hard to cover a scandal that goes all the way to the White House when you’re savaging an over-performing indie film.


Major media outlets have pulled out all the stops to cover “Sound of Freedom,” which just shattered the $100 million mark at the U.S. box office. That’s stunning for a film made by a major studio but left on the shelf for five years.

Even Best Picture winners like “Parasite” ($53 million) and “Everything Everywhere All at Once” ($77 million) couldn’t break that mark stateside. And “Sound of Freedom” may earn much more in the weeks to come.

It should be a major story for entertainment outlets, and maybe some mainstream platforms.

Yet coverage of the film is exhaustive … and exhaustively negative. Outlet after outlet has attacked “Freedom” as if it featured under-age girls gyrating for our sick pleasure. Oh, wait, the press defended Netflix’s “Cuties” three years ago.

Some suggest the “Sound of Freedom” story isn’t exactly what happened off screen. That’s likely true, and something Angel Studios admitted.

Films based on true stories almost always embellish details to make for a more dramatic motion picture. It’s a trope as old as Hollywood. Remember that tense airport sequences in “Argo,” a film also based on real events?

It never happened. Recall the wall-to-wall news coverage of that revelation, along with the appropriate outrage? No? That’s because it never materialized. Audiences and reporters understand fact-based movies have the creative license to tweak stories as needed.

Argo - Cleared For Take-Off Scene (9/9) | Movieclips

“Red Pilled America,” an NPR-style podcast that leans to the Right, questioned elements of the film in a sober, professional manner. Mainstream reporters failed to measure up to that standard.

The other attacks on “Sound of Freedom” are more vicious and cartoonishly biased.

The film is QAnon adjacent, reporters cried (even though the film was completed five years ago and likely conceived even earlier before QAnon dominated liberal groupthink). The film’s audience is  older, with gray hair and wrinkles. Conservative news platforms are promoting it.

We need more pearls to clutch, stat!


The film’s star, Jim Caviezel, allegedly believes in conspiracy theories like children being harvested for their chemicals by the rich elites. Actors, up until Caviezel, have never shared conspiracy theories or said crazy, unsettling things.

This, apparently, is a Hollywood first and demands wall-to-wall coverage.

Meanwhile, Showtime made a two-part miniseries about the biggest conspiracy of modern times, the Russian Collusion hoax. Has anyone in the press clutched a single pearl over that project or the actors who made it, like Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson?

Stars like Mark Hamill and Rob Reiner still peddle said hoax with zero press coverage, let alone outrage.

We thought the brazen, embarrassing hit pieces against “Freedom” reached their nadir when Bloomberg hired a writer with ties to a group seeking to rename pedophiles Minor Attracted Persons.

Oh, no.

Now, Vox is telling us the people who made the movie are the same, morally speaking, as the ghouls who sexually traffic children. Maybe worse.

Let that sink in. Now, read the actual passage from the story.

Just as OUR itself is something of a smokescreen, Sound of Freedom is ultimately a form of extremist propaganda — and that extremism is at least as dark and dangerous as the very thing Sound of Freedom wants to combat.

Why? Why would the press humiliate itself like this? Don’t reporters realize trust in the mainstream media is collapsing? Don’t they care?

Well. No.

If they cared they wouldn’t stoop this low, this often, even when called out by sane press outlets on the Right. And they wouldn’t look at the mounting evidence that the Biden family’s financial portrait teems with near-treasonous exchanges and shrug their shoulders.

Plus, the media will do whatever it can to ensure right-leaning voices and stories don’t gain purchase in pop culture. Reporters want progressives to remain in charge of those narratives.

And, if you doubt it, just consider the press’ reaction to Jason Aldean’s newest chart topper.


  1. The folks that voted for $5 gas for poor people think they are our moral betters. When folks are that delusional, and have great numbers, it simply can’t end well. For anyone. Get ahead of it, Hollywood: learn to code, learn to clean a hotel room, learn something……anything that will make the rest of America give a sh*t about you.

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