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Is Liam Neeson Trying to Sink His Own Movie? UPDATE

Veteran actor's anti-Trump MSNBC project won't help 'Saints and Sinners'

Liam Neeson’s career changed forever following his 2008 smash, “Taken.”

Suddenly, the towering actor became an action hero after decades of serious screen work. He’s been cranking out genre films ever since, including the upcoming thriller “In the Land of Saints and Sinners.” 

The film casts the 71-year-old as a reluctant assassin hoping to turn his life around after decades of killing. Oscar-nominee Kerry Condon (“The Banshees of Inisherin“) co-stars as an IRA terrorist.

In the Land of Saints and Sinners | Official Trailer | Starring Liam Neeson | NOW IN THEATERS

The project hits theaters March 29, but Neeson fans can sample some of his most recent work now. He contributed to an MSNBC podcast celebrating the 91 indictments against former President Donald Trump.

Set against an ominous musical soundtrack, Liam Neeson kicks off the podcast by reciting passages from the January 6 federal indictment in a special bonus episode of MSNBC’s “Prosecuting Trump.”

The “lawfare” attacks on Trump may be the most divisive issue of this election year. Some see the current justice system as operating with two distinct tiers – one for Republicans, the other for Democrats or garden-variety criminals.

Just Google “Biden Crime Family” and consider how the First Family is in little to no peril, legally speaking, despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.

Just ask Robert Hur.

People Magazine picked up the Neeson story along with Breitbart News. Other outlets will, too.

Lawfare may be part of Trump’s shocking popularity. The Biden administration’s attempts to jail Trump helped him seal the GOP primary against formidable opposition. It’s all but made him a martyr in the eyes of his most ardent supporters.

It might hold some sway with on-the-fence Republicans and independents. Trump’s current poll numbers against incumbent President Joe Biden suggest just that.

Plus, Neeson aligning himself with an anti-Trump project as his film reaches theaters could hurt its box office chances.

Neeson’s action films have tumbled at the U.S. box office in recent years.

  • Retribution” (2023) – $6.9 million
  • Memory” (2022) – $7.3 million
  • Blacklight” (2022) – $9.5 million
  • The Ice Road” (2021) – Netflix, no U.S. release
  • The Marksman” (2021) – $15 million
  • Cold Pursuit” (2019) – $32 million

He can ill afford another financial dud.

That means anything he does to dissuade audiences from giving “Saints and Sinners” a look will hurt the movie’s bottom line. That’s exactly what his rabidly anti-Trump MSNBC alliance does.

Neeson may loathe Trump, as many stars do. That’s fine, especially considering the political leanings of the film industry.

His timing, however, is far from perfect.

Neeson’s Anti-Trump Stance Isn’t Unusual

He’s hardly the only star to actively work against their best interests. Robert De Niro has chased his fair share of fans with his chronic anti-Trump rants.

Actor Christian Bale alienated the faith-based crowd when he described Moses as a “terrorist” while promoting his eventual box office dud “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”

Christian Bale says Moses was a freedom fighter, terrorist

Neeson probably has plenty of fans from Red State USA, too. They cheer on his action movie heroics and the moral clarity some, not all, his screen characters possess.

Why alienate that audience?

Many modern films are financially risky due to the box office’s unsteady rhythms. Social media and YouTube rob plenty of eyeballs from the theatrical marketplace. Some movie goers may be curious to see “Saints and Sinners” but will wait until it makes its VOD debut.

Or, they’ll catch it later on a free platform like Pluto TV or Tubi.

That means a project like “In a Land of Saints and Sinners” needs every bit of promotional juice it can muster. Neeson’s MSNBC alliance will not help.

UPDATE: “In the Land of Saints and Sinners” opened small at the U.S. box office. The film didn’t crack the Top 10, mustering just $1 million from 896 screens. Even if you triple that theatrical count, you’d have a paltry $3 million haul.

Compare that to two lesser-known titles – “Tillu Square” and “Crew.” Both films debuted on less than half the number of screens “Saints” enjoyed over the March 29-31 weekend.

Both out-earned the Neeson thriller.


  1. Was a fan. Will not watch anymore films by him. He is too old now for action movies. He is just another member of the Hollywood crowd now. He should go back to Northern Ireland and retire

  2. “Neeson’s action films have tumbled at the U.S. box office in recent years.”

    Duh. He’s 71 years old and looks every day of it. He’s simply not believable as an “action star” any more.

    You can clearly see the stiffness of his age in the way he walks and moves in mundane, everyday actions, but then we’re supposed to believe that all the sudden he can run and jump and fight like a 30 year old when the bad guys attack?

    I’m almost 60. I’m still very active but I know there are things that I just can’t do any more. My body simply doesn’t work that way any more. I make concessions and keep living my life but pretending like I can still do the things I could do at 30 isn’t an option.

    I just can’t suspend disbelief enough to see someone significantly older than me, obviously not in much better physical shape, doing the things that the “magic of the silver screen” enables them to pretend he’s doing.

  3. Buh bye Liam Neeson. See ya in the movies……….20-30 years from now when you’re worm food.

    So sick of entertainers telling regular folk how to vote. They just don’t get that they go from entertainer to annoying gasbag when they assume they’re smarter than you. They need to prove that, not assume it, because being a ‘great pretender’ just means you got a pretty face and you’re breathing. No smarts required.

  4. I have seen In The Land of Saints & Sinners and I can tell you that it is a fine film and a good story. I have been aware of Neeson’s politics for ages, ever since his stint at Qui Gon JInn. I am a diehard Trump supporter. I believe Toto gets it wrong about Trump supporters. We do not see him as a martyr, we do not support him because he is anathema to The Left. The Left does not attack Trump because they hate Trump. The Lefts hates us and The U.S., Trump is just in the way between them and us. I support Trump because he’s not a political hack. He is a businessman and running a country is just running a business. The Left has tried to assassinate Trump because we elected him instead of Hilary and that threatened to expose all the left-wing criminal behavior since Bill was in office. They had to get rid of Trump and now they have to stop him even more. If elected, nothing will stop him from turning the tables and shinning the light on the roaches. All this aside, In The Land Of Saints & Sinners is a good movie and worth watching. You do not have to support The Left Machine. You can see just about any thing you want without paying them. Exercise your freedom and give Hollywood the bird.

  5. Wow, hugely upsetting. I have been a fan for years and loved his movies, no more! Just make movies and shut up.

  6. I don’t know why I thought differently about neeson, I’d never heard him publicly comment on politics, but if he’s that anti trump, he’s no different than the banshees on the view or the anderson poopers on cnn, his so called manliness is all fake .. I can tell you this, this writer is correct, I’ll never watch another of his movies again

  7. Forming a partnership with the worst news network on TV right now(MSNBC, aka the Trump Derangement Syndrome Network), will definitely severely damage Liam Neeson’s reputation.

    1. He contributed to an MSNBC podcast celebrating the 91 indictments against former President Donald Trump.
      Bye Bye loser

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