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Why Robert De Niro Could Actually HELP Trump Win Reelection

Oscar winner's latest anti-Trump screed won't win over a single independent

Robert De Niro once had a simple policy when it came to press interviews.

No, thank you.

GQ penned an entire feature story in 2006 around the star’s reluctance to chat with journalists. (This reporter briefly met De Niro at a public event years ago and he politely declined to chat.)

That changed during the Trump era. Suddenly, De Niro popped up anywhere and everywhere. He used those opportunities to attack President Donald Trump.

He famously cursed out the real estate mogul at the 2018 Tony Awards.

It’s now the ultimate dog-bites-man story, but since the press is corrupt they keep on reporting De Niro’s rants as if they mattered.

That means the “Killers of the Flower Moon” star’s comments on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” got even more attention.

One element of his newest anti-Trump rant is worth noting.

“If [Trump] wins the election, you won’t be on the show anymore. He’ll come looking for me. There’ll be things that happen that none of us can imagine,” De Niro said.

The 80-year-old star has no facts to back up his claim. Trump already served as president for four years. Nothing remotely similar to what he described occurred.

Instead, we’ve watched the Biden administration put Trump supporters behind bars under spurious charges, team with social media giants to silence dissent, label concerned parents “Domestic Terrorists,” create an open borders nightmare leading to the death of innocents and other authoritative moves.

Progressives likely cheered De Niro’s latest ant-Trump screed. Host Bill Maher, a reasonable soul suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, did little to slow the actor’s roll. All will vote for President Joe Biden in the fall, with or without hearing that rant.

De Niro’s comments still may blow back on him and his party.



The country lived through a Trump presidency. They saw chaos behind the scenes, the biggest journalistic fraud perpetrated against a government official (the Russia collusion hoax) and no new wars.

And they had much more money in their pockets.

Robert De Niro and Trump: It’s Not Complicated

For all the liberal teeth gnashing, Women’s Marches and “resist”-themed protests, President Trump oversaw a reasonable administration.

One can bicker with his decisions, his oversized ego and the modern GOP, but the worst-case scenarios pushed by Hollywood leftists never came to pass.

Remember director Joss Whedon’s claim that Trump would start rounding up and killing gay people?

Trump haters will never vote for him come November. What about independents?

Will they absorb De Niro’s rant and come away impressed? Or will they hear this kind of rhetoric and tune it out?

More importantly, they may have a different reaction.


They’ll realize the hyperbolic claims against Trump have no weight. That could make free thinkers wary of those lining up to agree with the actor.

That only helps Trump.

So do unhinged rants like Stephen Colbert offers with increasing regularity.

The far-Left host, who recently welcomed A.I. control over humanity, played into De Niro’s fear-mongering via “The Late Show.”

He admitted that it had been “kind of a tense night” and that if Trump does end up winning the election then it “might be the last time we get a State of the Union”.

Colbert joked that the alternative would be “a Kid Rock concert and an immigrant catapult.”

It’s reminiscent of MSNBC host Joe Scarborough’s recent claims about the 81-year-old Joe Biden.

And then there’s Whoopi Goldberg.

The Oscar-winner spun Trump’s quip that he would be a one-day “dictator” to promote homegrown energy production and immigration control into this screed.

These are not serious people. And, if they actually believed their rhetoric, they wouldn’t put their lives on the line by saying it.

When unserious people make wide-eyed claims against Trump it makes the progressive argument against Trump look … unserious.

That, combined with the sorry state of the union, means De Niro’s fury may not change a single heart or mind.

It might just do the opposite.


  1. Christian Toto, how do you describe Bill Maher as “a reasonable soul”? Maher is unhinged, disassociated from reality, a hack and echo chamber for The Left, and an apologist for the Democrat Party. If you can use soul and Maher in the same sentence, it would be to point out that Maher is a human shell without a soul, willing to sell the vast majority of American, and by extension, the rest of the world, into the slavery of a totalitarian socialist/communist Big Brother government.

  2. Just like the Trump-haters will never vote for him, his supporters will walk through fire to vote for him. That’s why the GOP is his party now. DeNiro will never figure that out, nor will anyone else with TDS; those people are too busy creating their own realities.

  3. Another fool who thinks they know it all while living inside a few blocks of Tribeca.
    Never built anything and snipes at people who do.
    Bobby, just enjoy your oscars and your east side parties and quit telling us how to live our lives.

  4. If De Niro truly thought he’d be in the Trump crosshairs, unless he was simply a slobbering, howling mad drama queen……oh…wait.

  5. Instead, we’ve watched the Biden administration put Trump supporters behind bars under spurious charges, team with social media giants to silence dissent, label concerned parents “Domestic Terrorists,” create an open borders nightmare leading to the death of innocents and other authoritative moves.

    No, these are not retorts, these are unproven hyperboles

    1. Wow…talk about being blind to what is happening in plain sight. Yes, I know you don’t actually believe your posts but that Soros money is just too good to keep your credibility. You are the very reason that reasonable people are quickly running away from the Democrat party. Keep it up.

    2. What constitutes “proof” for a leftist? Something that makes the Washington Compost front page? (or at least the Merto sectional)

  6. You know Once Upon A Time in America, where Robert De Niro played a character named Noodles, and James Woods played a character named Max? Well, I guess in real life, the roles have been reversed. James Woods is more like Noodles, while Robert De Niro is more like Max.

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