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11 Hilarious Responses to Late Night TV’s ‘Climate Night’ Programming

Twitter users scorch liberal hosts, bring up their million-dollar lifestyles

Late night TV is your one-stop center for progressive messaging.

This week, the liberal hosts are making it official.

Trevor Noah, James Corden, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel will all turn part of their programming over to climate activism tonight.


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It doesn’t matter where one stands on climate change. Expecting comedians to transform their platforms into messaging centers is awkward at best. It’s even worse since the various shows essentially do just that on a nightly basis already.

Then again, social media users found the announcement hilarious – but not in the way Colbert and co. expected.

That last Tweet comes courtesy of the new Late Night leader, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld.

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There’s another element here that the media won’t explore.

How much energy do these various shows consume? Even more interesting? What about the hosts themselves?

We know that Noah bought a massive, $27 million mansion earlier in the year with his Comedy Central cash. The abode boasts extra thick walls to block out the city noise below. No word, however, on whether those walls do the same for climate hypocrisy.

Kimmel owns more than one home, while Fallon’s $15 million house (recently put on the market) boasts three floors in pricey New York City.

How green is it? Does Fallon fly private jets? If so, doesn’t that clash with “Climate Night?”

Ed Begley, Jr.: Living cheap and green

A select group of eco-stars practice what they preach. Ed Begley, Jr. rushes to mind. They even built a reality show around his environmental passion.

Do Kimmel, Colbert and co. do the same? Or is this just another late night virtue signal meant for the reg’lar folks watching at home?

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