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The ‘Gutfeld!’ Effect: Timpf’s ‘Joke’ Tops Amazon Book Charts

Fox News star's free speech defense buoyed by show's late-night supremacy

There’s a reason why Tom Hanks and Viola Davis drop by Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” set.

The stars are hawking a product, be it a new film or streaming series.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that’s worked for decades on late-night TV and elsewhere. The stars provide appealing guests who share stories for the viewers’ amusement. Those appearances, in turn, offer “free” promotion for their respective projects.

Now, “Gutfeld!” is helping push product in a very big way.

Gutfeld: Kat Timpf has a new book out

Fox News’ late-night alternative is at or near the top of the late-night ratings heap. Host Greg Gutfeld tells the jokes his peers won’t, mocking President Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party along the way.

The ratings speak for themselves.


Gutfeld’s numbers mean more people are getting to know contributors like Jimmy Failla, Jamie Lissow, Joe DeVito and more.

That goes double for “Gutfeld!” regulars like Tyrus and Kat Timpf.

kat timpf You Can't Joke Amazon

The latter’s new book is benefiting from her time on the show, not to mention her willingness to defend free speech at a harrowing time in American culture.

Timpf’s “You Can’t Joke About That: Why Everything Is Funny, Nothing Is Sacred and We’re All in This Together” lets the pundit/stand-up riff on the First Amendment, the culture’s willingness to suppress points of view deemed inconvenient and more.

The book is currently the top seller on

She told The New York Post why self-censorship is wrong and how speaking our minds can be both hilarious and healthy.

Every tough thing I’ve ever gone through has been made easier by two things: humor and reminding myself that whenever you go through something tough, you automatically build a connection with anyone else who has, too. But what’s the use if we can’t talk about it? If we allow each other to express ourselves freely and openly, there’s no limit to the way we can connect to those around us.

Given the sky-high ratings for “Gutfeld!” you’d think movie stars, singers, comedians and more would be flocking to the show.

That’s not the case.

Gutfeld told Adam Carolla last year how the show’s right-leaning tilt means publicists steer their clients clear of his late-night set.

Timpf is brave enough to crack wise with Gutfeld and company. Now, she’s got the biggest book on the largest book platform on the planet.


  1. Kat Timpf is so over-rated it’s ridiculous. If what she says and does qualifies as ‘stand-up’ it really defines how screwed up America and the world are today. On the other hand…I love Gutfeld and his show. Tyrus…please dump the wrestling belt ‘prop’. We get it…you da champ!

  2. Jimmy Failla, Joe DeVito and Jamie Lissow are very funny, and Kat has some pretty good comedy chops, too. Throw Tyrus in, and you’ve got a very reliably funny show. I never miss an episode.

  3. This time of the year through September, I watch SF Giants home night games, even though they are starting the season pretty much in the toilet. Otherwise, my wife and I typically watch Gutfeld.

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