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Adam Carolla Makes Total Sense on Drag Queen Story Hours

Podcaster, comic Elon Gold also reveal why each drifted to the Right

It’s official. Adam Carolla is a Republican.

The comedian confirmed his GOP embrace on the January 6 edition of “The Adam Carolla Show,” but the shift didn’t happen overnight. Nor did he declare a party over a particular issue or candidate. The “Road Hard” star follows a common-sense blueprint, and he says one party abandoned that in recent years.

Take Drag Queen Story Hour, embraced on the Left and reviled by many on the Right.

The practice drew major on and off-line battles in 2022, and that likely won’t change in the new year. The hours in question allow drag performers to read before young children. Proponents say the practice promotes tolerance, while critics point to drag as sexual by nature and, therefore, inappropriate for young audiences.

The key figure in this transition was a “genderqueer” college professor and drag queen named Harris Kornstein—stage name Lil Miss Hot Mess—who hosted some of the original readings in public … Kornstein also co-wrote the manifesto for the movement, “Drag Pedagogy: The Playful Practice of Queer Imagination in Early Childhood,” with Harper Keenan. They propose “drag pedagogy,” as a new teaching method designed to stimulate the “queer imagination,” teaching kids “how to live queerly.”

Carolla brought up the subject on his signature podcast during a chat with comedian/actor Elon Gold. The two explored the progressive march for LGBTQ rights, which started as a reasonable request for equality but eventually morphed into something … different.

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“We’re gonna take 50-year-old former long-haul truckers and put them in a f***ing thong back and have them mince about in front of your five-year-old,” Carolla said.

“Now, hold on … I’m with you on all of this stuff [about equality], but now it seems like … ‘oh, what’s the problem?'” Carolla said, shifting his voice to mimic those who defend every action within the LGBTQ community.

“It’s involving children,” added Gold, who described earlier in the conversation why his moderate views caused him to disassociate with the modern Democratic Party.

“I’ve lost crazy Left friends for being a moderate,” Gold said.


Carolla wondered aloud why Drag Queen Story Hours even exist.

“Is this you wanting to perform in front of kids, or is this your progressive movement that never stops until somebody says, ‘what the f***,’ and then you go, ‘we got a hater here!’ That’s the psychology behind it.”

“Here’s the whole thing about Drag Queen Story Hour. Any self-respecting drag queen should be like, ‘I’m not gonna shake my caboose for a five-year-old. What kind of chicken s*** is this?'” Carolla said. “If they did Stand-Up Story Hour I’d go, ‘what’s going on … why the f*** would I perform for seven-year-olds?'”

The theory that young children need to learn about sexuality in the classroom is wrong whether chat involves gay or straight couples, Gold argued.

“Don’t teach five-year-olds anything but A,B C and how to count,” Gold said.


The comedians asked why Drag Queen Story Hours are on the table today after years of drag stars restricting their work to adult venues.

“What is their game?” Carolla asked of the modern Left before answering his question. “They wanna f***ing agitate.”

“If this was just gay marriage … good. Get married, be gay. Go over there. who gives a f***?” Carolla said before shifting to the mind of activists cheering on the Story Hours. “‘Nah, I wanna get your kids involved.'”

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Carolla pulled back to examine what the current conversations might look like in the recent past.

“Can you imagine just a few short years ago trying to explain Drag Queen Story Hour? What the f*** are you talking about? No!” Carolla said, recalling an L.A.-based drag club, the Queen Mary, where consenting adults would gather, at night, to drink and watch the shows.

“We did not need to bring it to the public library,” Carolla said.

“…or the kindergarten,” Gold added.


  1. Bunch of right wing nonsense as usual. Right wing people are way dumber than the rest of the population, yet think they are superior to us all – look it up – it’s a fact. Bet ya’ll are too scared to even print this comment. Fascists.

  2. DQSH is not for kids. It was always intended for teachers -easily the most liberal herd in America because they have an overly active need to butt into other peoples lives and what better place than to snuggle up to students and subvert M&D w the cause of a marginalized (for good reason) a bunch of idolatrous men w no careers, lots of make-up and time to read to captive audience/ kids in a PUBLIC (very important fact) library. It’s brilliantly evil. -ML

  3. I struggle to understand what the point of Drag Story Time even is. What does the drag add to it? Even if it’s de-sexualized, it’s still a minstrel-esque caricature of women – not necessarily a positive message to boys or girls. Otherwise, it’s an entertainment born out of raunchy gay culture (fine for adults) now with added “queerness” which encapsulates a whole host of messages that are mostly not needed or necessarily appropriate for young children.

  4. As “unusual” as these drag queens are, the parents who bring their children to these events are truly reprehensible…

  5. I remember watching The Man Show in which he shared hosting duties with Jimmy Kimmel. It was obvious even then that he was more intelligent, wittier and less self absorbed than Jimmy. It says a lot that Jimmy is the one with the big late night show and who is quoted in the lamestream media as if his opinions have come down from Mount Olympus.

  6. Carolla has been an outspoken conservative, or at least conservative leaning, for years. That’s not news. It would be news if wishy washy fence sitting Dr. Drew came out as Republican. I love the guy, but he goes whichever way the wind is blowing or goes with whoever he’s talking to at the time.

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