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Carolla, Dr. Drew Shred Comey, Media on ‘Insurrection’ Lies

The podcasters call out the so-called 'experts' who keep Americans in the dark

It’s common for Adam Carolla to rail against the mainstream media on his podcasts. This time, Dr. Drew Pinsky joined the fray.

Big time.

What changed? The corruption is so pronounced Dr. Pinsky can’t help but slam the journalistic sins.

Neither podcaster is a de facto conservative. They just happen to share a common sense mien that overlaps with conservative thought. It’s why they didn’t buy the media’s “insurrection” narrative regarding the Jan. 6 riots in the nation’s capitol.

They won’t defend what happened that day, nor pretend it was anything but an ugly, awful incident. What that riot showed, sadly, is how the press and select government officials are willing to twist the truth to pursue their preferred narratives.

It’s why the duo brought up the recent news that the FBI waived away months of “insurrection” labeling tied to the Jan. 6 protests that led to a violent incursion on the U.S. Capitol.

“It turns out the insurrection wasn’t an insurrection,” Carolla said during the latest episode of “The Adam and Dr. Drew Show.”

Carolla didn’t need the FBI news blast to see what happened that day, though.

“You can tell what’s going on by using your own eyes,” Carolla said. For example, “they can talk about killer bees coming from Texas… but if you don’t know anyone attacked by killer bees, factor that in.”

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He used similar logic to separate fact from narrative fiction regarding Jan. 6. He noted how those who dare to disagree with the media talking points on the topic get unfairly attacked.

“The whole insurrection thing, it was a perfect storm of where we’re at right now,” Carolla said. “If you happen to ask questions, or happen to say, ‘I’m not for people wearing masks alone on the beach,’ all of a sudden you get painted with the vaccine denier brush… it’s intellectually dishonest.”

Similarly, “if you say, I saw a lot of the footage, I’ve seen a lot of the data, I’ve heard a lot of the stories of what went on January 6. That did not look like an organized attempt at an insurrection by a white supremacist group,” Carolla continued. “It seemed like a bunch of people rioting who were rogue and untethered.”

“’Yeah, but they had weapons!’ What weapons? ‘Flag poles and helmets,’” he mentioned in a mock debate with his critics. “In terms of planning an insurrection I don’t think that falls under the heading of ‘brought weapons to an insurrection.’”

Dr. Pinsky doubled down on the distinction.

“If it was an insurrection it was the worst attempt at a takeover in human history,” the doctor said.

“I don’t care how many talking heads are telling me this is what this was, I have the information, and it clearly wasn’t what you’re saying it is,” Carolla added. “No, I’m not going along with the insurrection title.”

“’Oh, so you’re a denier!’ I’m not denying there was a riot … and that it was unfortunate people were hurt, but it doesn’t rise to the level of an insurrection,” the comedian said.

Dr. Pinsky compared the media narrative surrounding Jan. 6 to the weeks of Antifa-fueled violence last year.

“If you were to call it ‘insurrection’ you’d have to say any riot in or around the capitol building is, by definition, an insurrection … or a govt building,” Dr. Pinsky argued. “What about Portland? Is that ‘insurrection’ there?”

Carolla then brought up former FBI director James Comey, one of the key figures behind the fraudulent Russian collusion conspiracy.

“When you see footage of James Comey, going, ‘they brought ladders, they brought sledgehammers, this fit the description of an insurrection.’ What is he doing? What is his field of expertise?” Carolla asked.

The “Road Hard” star brought up the death of rioter Ashli Babbitt, the only person to die during the melee.

“There was one shot fired, that shot was from a capitol policeman into the neck of an unarmed woman,” Carolla rightly noted, comparing her death to the Fake News surrounding someone who died shortly after the riot.

US Capitol cop who shot Ashli Babbitt ID’d as Michael Byrd | New York Post

“And then there is Officer [Brian] Sicknick, bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher [according to the false media narrative]… then he had a stroke in his office,” Carolla said. “That’s the information I have so, no, that doesn’t feel like an insurrection to me.”

He wasn’t finished.

“Why does it feel like an insurrection to James Comey who, not only has more information than you and I have, theoretically, but has been in a position for many years to identify these things,” he said. “Why does he say it’s an insurrection. The answer is, I don’t think he thinks it’s an insurrection. I think he’s lying … he gets brought on to CNN and MSNBC and knows what the dance is.”

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Dr. Pinsky shared a theory about Comey’s positioning.

“Is he so disturbed by the possibility of a Trump [second term] he’s motivated to lie to prevent that? I think it’s that,” Dr. Pinsky said.

Carolla leaned into the discussion, assailing the wave of “experts” who continually get things wrong, like the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

“A hundred former FBI and CIA agents … all signed off that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian hoax,” Carolla said. The number was actually over 50, according to Politico. “Why aren’t they worried about their reputation?”

NOTE: The letter, and its sizable fallout, got dubbed 2020’s Lie of the Year by one news outlet. There’s more:

None of the “journalists” reporting on the story contacted any of the 50+ named intelligence leaders to clear up the confusion as to whether they were claiming that it was a Russian information campaign or a Russian disinformation campaign.

Carolla then brought it all home.

He noted how the American public can no longer trust key government officials to tell them the truth. He doesn’t, either.

“When I was 25 if the former head of the FBI came on the TV set to announce something, it was [fact], carved in stone,” he said. “James Comey comes up to a microphone across from [CNN’s] Wolf Blitzer and I don’t believe a f***ing word that comes out of that guy’s mouth.”

“And you can go, ‘oh, that’s partisan politics.’ No, that’s based on him being wrong, constantly… the Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian hoax. No, it wasn’t. This was an insurrection. No, it wasn’t.”

The media, of course, had Comey’s back even if they shared the wrong angle.

“How did CNN get it so wrong? They have reporters! They’re a news outlet,” Carolla said.

Dr. Pinsky, known for being the voice of reason on the podcast even when the banter becomes heated, didn’t miss a beat.

“News is now 100 percent wrong. It’s not partially wrong. It’s 100 percent wrong,” Dr. Pinsky said.

Carolla partially corrected his on-air partner.

“If you go watch Tucker Carlson, who a lot of people hate, he’ll be on top of stuff like this earlier on,” Carolla said. “During the whole Russian collusion thing, that was three years of, you couldn’t get any information out of CNN. You could go to alternative channels and alternative voices and hear what was really going on.”

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