Comedian K-von Quadrupled Fan Base with Biden Barbs

The rising comic keeps it clean while shaming peers for dereliction of comic duty

Comedian and YouTube star K-von spent his early days playing stand-up gigs between full-time work.

K-von, pronounced Kay-von, kept a foot in each world until his comedy career started taking off. His name eventually graced a billboard in Reno, Nevada, which caught the attention of his boss at the time.

“You’re done. I saw the billboard,” K-von recalls about his verbal pink slip. And he’s been sticking to funny business ever since.

“I guess that’s a sign,” the internationally touring comic jokes.

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K-von embraced his half American, half Persian background during his original stand-up routines.

“They tell a lot of the young comedians, ‘if you talk about yourself you’re in fair territory,’” he says.

K-von’s act soon matured beyond his biographical backdrop, but he kept his yuks PG-rated. It’s why he’s part of Dry Bar Comedy, a brand known for funny – and clean – humor.

Anyone can tell dirty jokes and get a few laughs, he says. He craved a fresh way to share similar thoughts and feelings. It helped that he worked with a more established comedian in his early stand-up days who performed for crowds of all-ages.

That left K-von looking for ways to make both young and older audiences howl without working blue.

The best humor, he says, works on two different planes. The gags may sail over the younger audiences’ heads but they’re laughing at the physicality behind the routine. The parents, meanwhile, find something clever and insightful the kids can’t see.

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K-von’s career, which includes appearances on Netflix with Russell Peters and co-starring on MTV’s “Disaster Date,” evolved again recently. It wasn’t by choice, though.

“I’ve never been interested in doing political jokes,” he says. “However, I noticed our industry had no problem five nights a week doing very bad jokes about [President Donald] Trump. ‘He’s orange and he talks like this!’”

“It is hacky to do Trump jokes unless you have a good spin on it,” he adds.

Those same comics, K-von noticed, complained that President Joe Biden is “too hard” to mock. “How do you make fun of a guy this classy and decent?” he recalls.

Kvon is showing them how all over YouTube.

“I’m a one-man show, and I’m just crushing Joe Biden. I’m putting it out there since no one else is doing it. And my fan base has quadrupled.”

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That approached also spiked the hate comments coming his way.

“They want me to be quiet,” he says, adding he wasn’t scared to poke fun at Persians when Islamic extremists demanded he stop. “That’s not the way real comedians work.”

K-von credits progressives for pushing him toward his bustling YouTube channel.

“The Left was rooting on the pandemic to stay locked down, [thinking], ‘we can take Trump out,’” says K-von, who just started his own podcast, “The Right Show.” “It gave me nothing but free time to really investigate, online. all their hypocrisy.”

Just don’t expect an hour-long Biden roast when K-von hits a comedy club near you.

“We’re there to have fun,” he says, adding he might crank out a few Biden jokes before moving on to other material. “I’m not Bill Maher. I’m not trying to make this whole thing about politics.”

He’s not Stephen Colbert, either, for which he’s thankful.

“It’s not about comedy to them. It’s about power,” he says of the current late night lineup. “It’s not about being funny anymore. Can we get the clapter? That’s why I’m here, to be an alternative to that.”

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