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Just Stop Oil Ramps Up Attacks on Priceless Art

Group funded by 'Succession' producer Adam McKay targets 'Rokeby Venus'

Just Stop Oil declared war on art in the name of Climate Change.

The radical group sends its minions to art museums across the globe to deface treasured paintings, all to raise awareness about the evils of oil production.

So far, the group can point to limited, if any, success stopping our dependence on fossil fuels. Even far-Left media outlets like CNN questioned its tactics.

More importantly, thanks to glass and other defense barriers, the art works in question have resisted the various attacks.

Tomatoes. Soup. Paint. It’s all washed off after the protesters went home.

That may no longer be the case.

Two Just Stop Oil protesters hit London’s National Gallery over the weekend armed with more than liquid. They brought safety hammers to the museum and used them to attack Diego Velazquez’s “Rokeby Venus” painting. The art work is valued at roughly worth an estimated £72.5 million, according to The Daily Mail.

BBC News used the following, tortured led to describe the incident.

Two Just Stop Oil protesters have been arrested after glass protecting the Rokeby Venus painting at the National Gallery in London was smashed. [emphasis added]

Video taken from the protest shows multiple fractures in the protective glass from the assault. It’s unclear if the artwork suffered damage from the attack.

The artistic community has been mostly silent about the Just Stop Oil war on art. They may fear professional blowback or perhaps support the radicals in play but would rather keep that position silent.

That’s not the case with Adam McKay 

The director of “Anchorman,” “Vice” and “Don’t Look Upfunnels millions to Just Stop Oil, fully aware of the group’s tactics. He’s yet to be pressed on the subject from any journalist.

“I couldn’t be more freaked out!” | Adam McKay in Conversation | 6 March 2022 | Just Stop Oil

Earlier this year, McKay tripled his donations to the group and fully supports its handiwork.

“I stand with those taking action to defend the climate, to wake up the world’s sleeping governments to the terrifying scale of the catastrophe we are now living through.”

McKay, one of Hollywood’s most active and aggressive progressives, donated $4 million to the group last year.


  1. “Defend the climate”? That means all their controls for pollution have worked and there is no problem. And how come nobody has ever shown proof of the “terrifying scale” of ClimateHoax?

    1. A lengthy stay in General Population in any large state prison would be a better solution for fine-tuning his charitable donation practices.

  2. This has nothing to do with “Climate Change”, (a danger that isn’t real), and everything to do with mental illness. 01:15 minutes was way too long for this to continue.

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