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Lesbian Comic Judy Gold: I Was Canceled by LGBTQ Group

Free speech defender shares cryptic details of her Cancel Culture fights

Judy Gold checks off plenty of boxes in the progressive playbook.

She’s a lesbian comic who supports the Democratic Party platform. She uses her comedy cache to promote Democrats during election seasons and lashes out at Donald Trump early and often.

Gold does diverge from her fellow progressives in one crucial way. She’s a staunch free speech advocate. She even wrote a book about it.

“Yes, I Can Say That: When They Come for Comedians We Are All in Trouble” let Gold explain why free speech remains a critical part of our democracy. She even chatted with this reporter for a Daily Wire feature, something few liberal comics would do given the platform’s conservative bona fides.

Most modern Leftists abhor free speech, cheer on Big Tech censorship and shout down opposing views on college campuses. The mainstream media similarly recoils at free speech arguments.

Not Gold.

The free-spirited comic spoke to the Montreal Gazette about her appearances this month at Canada’s Just for Laughs festival.

Cancel Culture is still top of mind for Gold, who understands much of its energy comes from her fellow progressives.

“At the core, the show, like the book, is really all about cancel culture, censorship, free speech and representation,” Gold says. “These issues are not going away. These are dark times.”

Gold says her outspoken manner has worked well for her. She’s as busy as ever at the age of 60. Still, she hinted that her unbridled wit has rubbed some the wrong way.

And it cost her some professional gigs.

No, she wasn’t canceled by any MAGA types. Instead, it came from the least likely suspects (at least on the surface).

Yet that didn’t stop Gold from having two gigs cancelled by an LGBTQ2+ group and a Jewish organization a few years ago.

“I told them I was on their side, that I represent them all over the world,” Gold recalls. “It all comes down to what is the intent of the comedian, what is the comedian trying to say, what word makes some people feel uncomfortable … and it all comes down to erasing critical thinking.”

Gold is a Jewish lesbian who works tirelessly to promote Democratic causes. She still ran afoul of the woke mob for, apparently, not adhering to every single item on its checklist.

She’s right about intent, of course.

The woke mob doesn’t consider intent in its rush to add scalps to its mantle. Morgan Wallen uttered the n-word last year, but he did so in private and not against a black person.

The mob still attacked him, nearly crushing his career in the process.

Intent matters. So does the ability to speak one’s mind. Gold gets it, and it explains why Cancel Culture doesn’t consider her gender, sexuality or political affiliations when it tries to shut her down.


  1. You can’t be a Democrat and for free speech. The party will not allow it. She reaps what she sows. You want free speech then stop carrying the water for the Democrats. Come over to the winning team.

  2. “I told them I was on their side, that I represent them all over the world,” Gold recalls.

    Haha. Lol. She’s definitely a comedian.

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