‘No Safe Spaces’ Makes History, Triggers Woke Critics

It turns out plenty of people wanted to hear Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager’s thoughts on free speech.

“No Safe Spaces,” which casts the unlikely duo as warriors for free and open debate, enjoyed huge box office numbers this weekend. The film opened exclusively in the Phoenix market, snaring $45,000 from one screen alone.

The team behind the film say that’s the second highest per-screen average for a documentary, coming behind Michael Moore’s “Sicko” in 2007.

The figures are still good enough for the highest per-screen average at the U.S. box office this weekend.

“No Safe Spaces,” co-starring unlikely allied like Cornel West, Tim Allen, Ben Shapiro, Alan Dershowitz and Jordan Peterson, examines how social justice warriors are shutting down debate on campuses … and beyond.


The film’s release expands Friday in Phoenix as well as new engagements in San Diego and Denver. Tampa, Greenville and Spartanburg follow on Nov. 8 with a nationwide roll out Nov. 15.

That news isn’t good for select movie critics. They attacked the film for reasons beyond what they saw on the screen. 

Common Sense Media shredded the film, unfairly calling co-star Shapiro an “alt-right poster boy.

The crux of No Safe Spaces’ logical hole is that although Carolla and Prager work really hard to convince us that curtailing free speech is tantamount to fascism, they’re making their points on a stage, to an audience, with microphones — freely. If free speech is truly in such terrible danger, where are the protestors and police to stop this not-so-dynamic duo?

Carolla and Prager haven’t been stopped yet, although some have tried. What about other college speakers? The film expressly shows both conservatives and liberals being attacked, sometimes physically, as well as others who were shouted down so their words couldn’t be heard.

Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley speech met with protests, heavy security

Apparently, Common Sense Media approves of this.

Over the the socialist Left AV Club they’re A-OK with colleges censoring conservatives, too.


Well, those ideas are getting out anyway, darn it, so a little censorship is just fine!

With regards to colleges, the protest is that students are supposed to be intellectually challenged by ideas, objectionable and otherwise, they’d otherwise never encounter. Given that this stuff is everywhere, it’s a weak argument—the marketplace of ideas is sorting itself out, just not in the direction Prager and Carolla would like.

The comments section is full of people blasting the movie’s stars for being white, middle-aged and, get this, open to debate. To be fair, The AV Club knows its demographic based on the review it ran.

So, apparently, does “No Safe Spaces” given the huge box office numbers so far.

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