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Even Jon Stewart Mocked Media’s New Trump Derangement Rant

Far-left comedian giggles over faux outrage over Biden-themed decal

Once upon a time Jon Stewart regularly schooled CNN.

“The Daily Show” host even appeared on the channel to say its partisan slugfest, “Crossfire,” was bad for the country.

Now, he spends most of his time mimicking his fellow, far-Left comedians in roasting President Donald Trump.


On Monday, Stewart took a moment to taunt media outlets like CNN and MSNBC for their over-the-top coverage of a decal affixed to the back of a pickup truck.

Yes, a decal.

The sticker in question features President Joe Biden lying on his side, hogtied. It’s an unpleasant visual given his Commander in Chief status. On an Outrage Scale of 1-10 it’s about a three. Maybe four.

A certain former president shared the clip of the pickup truck on Truth Social. Take three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

Yet Stewart noted how several media outlets said it was so hurtful, so violent that they couldn’t in fair conscience show it to their viewers. (Hat Tip: Ace of Spades)

Stewart did his standard slow-burn take to set things in motion.

That’s what was so disturbing and dehumanizing you wouldn’t show it on television,” he said in a comically deliberate tone. “Aren’t you the same networks that show reruns of 9/11 every year?”

Left unsaid? This image made the rounds for weeks after Kathy Griffin shared it back in 2017.

The very same “View” panel happily invited Griffin onto its show following the bloody head image.

Stewart then mocked an anchor for suggesting nearby drivers may have thought President Biden was actually in the truck featuring the garish decal.

“If you think that’s really Joe Biden tied up on the back of the pickup truck I don’t know if you have the mental acuity to be operating a motor vehicle,” Stewart cracked.

It’s funny ‘cuz it’s true. Here’s the larger truth.

Stewart could tee off on the media and its Trump Derangement Syndrome every week from now until Election Day. The material is that outrageous, that commonplace. MSNBC is the worst offender, but a quick look back at BloodbathGate shows it’s not just that cartoonishly far-Left outlet.

They all do it. Remember the Russian collusion hoax?

“The Daily Show” doesn’t have to fixate on media bias, of course. Still, the program might draw a larger crowd if, instead of catering to progressives 98 percent of the time, it reached across the aisle more often.


  1. It’s like a bunch of third graders! BOTH SIDES! They play these stupid games to distract everyone while their freedom is being stripped from the common people. Notice how nobody actually goes to jail except common people just caught up in their gotcha BS? NOBODY actually gives two craps about dark humor bumper stickers. This is the U.S.! Get your big boy pants on!

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