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Joe Rogan on ‘Bloodbath’ Media Hoax: ‘Inaccurate … Deceptive’

Podcaster shreds mainstream media for blatantly distorting Trump's car import speech

If you thought mainstream media corruption was bad, just wait.

We’re still roughly eight months from Election Day, and the press’ fury against President Donald Trump will make them do or say almost anything to change hearts and minds.

Even if it means making up a story from whole cloth. 

They’ve done it before – think the Russia Collusion hoax, the “very fine people” lie and many more examples.

The Media's "Very Fine People" Myth

The latest Fake News assault might be the most embarrassing, assuming reporters possess the ability to feel shame. President Donald Trump addressed the issue of foreign car imports and their impact on the American economy.

He vowed to place a heavy tariff on foreign cars built in Mexico by China to protect local carmakers. Without it, we’d see a “bloodbath” for homegrown companies.

Agree? Disagree?

Either way, the meaning was clear. So was the context.

The media took the “bloodbath” verbiage out of said context to suggest he called for violence if he doesn’t win come Election Day.

The duplicity shocked even Joe Rogan, no stranger to media manipulation. Press outlets lied about his medical treatment after he contracted COVID-19 two years ago.

Since then, he’s gotten himself up to speed on extreme media bias. He still couldn’t believe so many press outlets would run with the “bloodbath” distortion.

Joe Rogan Experience #2121 - Jonathan Haidt

“The Joe Rogan Experience” guest Jonathan Haidt, author of “The Anxious Generation,” started the discussion by noting how many people feel the “ends justify the means” of late.

Haidt noted the infamous “Flight 93” election argument saying the only patriotic decision in 2016 was to vote for Trump. That opinion held sway over some Americans, and it pointed to a tribal uptick in modern politics.

The other side is so evil that we must do everything possible to ensure they don’t win on Election Day, he argued.

“That mindset of, ‘the ends justify the means,’ the situation is so dire even violence is justified that is really frightening,” Haidt said. “That’s my concern that we could be headed that way.”


Rogan said the mainstream media has taken that sentiment to a farcical level.

“You’re seeing that in the news,” Rogan said, alluding to the Bloodbath media hoax. “It’s important to highlight not just how inaccurate it is but just deceptive the media was in their depiction of what he said,” Rogan said.

He wasn’t done.

“It’s so disturbing that, first of all, they would think they could get away with it in this day and age with all the scrutiny, all the social media and all the independent journalists who exist now, which is one of the more interesting things about the demise of corporate media … trust in corporate media is at an all-time low and this has led to a rise in true independent journalists, the real ones, the Matt Taibbis, the Glenn Greenwalds, the people actually trying to say what is really going on.”

Haidt found Trump’s use of the word “bloodbath” disturbing, even though it’s often used as an economic descriptor, and the former President’s clumsy aside mid-“bloodbath” speech cloudy and crude. He countered that the media’s framing of the word wasn’t as deceptive as Rogan argued.

The podcaster wouldn’t budge. Haidt agreed with Rogan’s larger point about media malfeasance.

“The media, as a progressive, left-leaning institution like the university, has violated its duty many times to the truth and thereby lost the trust of much of the country,” Haidt said. “Most of the people who work in these industries are wonderful and are trying to do a good job, but the net effect, and this is my point about structural stupidity, during our Culture War, institutions that have had very little viewpoint diversity, have been subject to hijacking by those with a political agenda.”


  1. The Guardian was totally irresponsible in putting those TWO SEPARATE portions of the speech together in a crafty way, to ARTIFICIALLY CREATE a FALSE context. All this does for me is prove 100% that the media is as completely dishonest as Rogan was trying to point out. Haidt sounded like a smart person until the topic covered in this story came up. Once Trump came on the screen, without really even listening he was already shaking his head, then, EVEN AFTER HE IS CORRECTED, he still misses the mark entirely as to the context provided by The Guardian. This is the ultimate, perfect example of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) making a reasonably intelligent person quite dumb.

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