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Jimmy Kimmel Loves Using Fake News Against His Foes

'Live' host attacks Aaron Rodgers with spurious claim, and it's hardly the first time

Jimmy Kimmel got blindsided by football great Aaron Rodgers earlier this year.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host hit back, and hard. Could you blame him?

Rodgers insinuated Kimmel had something to fear from files tied to the late financier, Jeffrey Epstein, on “The Pat McAfee Show.” So Kimmel fired back from his ABC pulpit, with an adoring press at his back.

It wasn’t the first time Kimmel and Rodgers clashed, but when the Jets quarterback stepped over the line it got personal.

Now, Kimmel is attacking Rodgers once more, but this time the hit deserves a Personal Foul penalty, or worse.

The far-Left CNN reported that Rodgers once claimed the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre that killed 20 school children and six educators never happened. That echoed an early conspiracy theory from pundit Alex Jones.

As John Nolte of Breitbart News wrote, the accusation makes no sense on two key levels.

Plus, we have two pieces of evidence refuting the claim. Rodgers shared his sympathies for the fallen children in a 2012 interview. He also wore a decal on his Green Back Packers helmet paying tribute to the school’s tragic loss.

Naturally, a far-Left propagandist like Kimmel used what’s likely another Fake News attack against Rodgers.

This week, Kimmel shared an elaborate bit about a conspiracy theory tied to Rodgers. He joked that Rodgers never actually was a celebrated quarterback.

“The first time he played in an NFL game was last year — the week before his first game with the Jets, Aaron’s body double, the guy who played every single game for him before this, died of COVID, and they had nobody dumb-looking enough to fill in,” he quipped.

“So they had to bring in the real Aaron Rodgers, and he had to go in and fake an injury on the third play of opening day. That’s why he only threw one pass.”

Kimmel concluded the bit by stating that his conspiracy theory is “more believable than what Aaron Rodgers told people what happened at Sandy Hook.” [emphasis added]

You’d think Kimmel would understand the implications of using potentially fake stories, given Rodgers targeted him in just such an attack.


And it’s not the first time.

Kimmel conducted a fawning interview with Cassidy Hutchinson, the former Trump aide who uncorked an absurd accusation that the former President physically attacked a Secret Service agent on Jan. 6.

President Trump allegedly grabbed the man’s arms and tried to make him steer toward the U.S. Capitol that day. Or so Hutchinson claimed.

It sounded as farcical as The Jussie Smollett Story, but the media accepted it hook, line, and sinker.

So did Kimmel.

Ex Trump Aide Cassidy Hutchinson on His Fear of Being Poisoned, Throwing Ketchup & Gaetz vs McCarthy

We’ve recently learned that her story about Trump didn’t happen. So says the man driving the “Beast” car in question on that fateful day.

Has Kimmel apologized to his viewers for that interview? What about spending several years promoting the Russian Collusion Hoax?


He also gleefully spread the “Very Fine People” hoax against President Trump sans apology.

Kimmel did apologize for attempting a comedy bit that some found disrespectful to “Abbott Elementary” star Quinta Brunson. He also apologized, more than a decade later, for repeatedly donning blackface on “The Man Show.’

Yet no apologies for other public people he’s smeared over the years. There might be a pattern here.

This columnist defended Kimmel after the initial Rodgers slur tied to the Epstein files. Turns out the far-Left comic didn’t deserve that sympathy.


  1. When I see people like Kimmel and Joe Scarborough, I remember what James O’Keefe recently said – “Most people just want a paycheck.”

  2. Using fake news is like ginning up social media with bots to cause a panic to cancel problematic people (hmm Gina). A snake like Jimmy Kimmel needs to go away.

  3. Meh Kimmel and Colbert are just the DNC’s leftwing versions of WWII’s Lord Haw Haw and Tokyo Rose. Its no wonder their viewership is less than Matlock reruns on MeTV

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