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Conservatives Shouldn’t Cheer Aaron Rodgers’ Hit on Jimmy Kimmel

Jets superstar suggests late-night liberal part of Jeffrey Epstein's 'list'

Aaron Rodgers is a future Hall of Fame quarterback, but he’s become something else over the past few years.

A conservative darling.


The New York Jets quarterback refused to get the COVID-19 shot, coming up with a series of excuses for protecting his bodily autonomy. That act of defiance endeared him to Red State USA, exhausted by the mixed messaging behind the virus and possible preventative measures.

NFL Live discusses Aaron Rodgers’ vaccination status and positive COVID-19 test

Rodgers defied the authorities, and he emerged with a broader fan base as well as the ire of sports media journalists who lean relentlessly to the Left.

This week, Rodgers fumbled that newfound fame, and he can’t blame any defense for his mistake.

We’re awaiting the release of 150 names associated with the late financier Jeffrey Epstein and his infamous “Island” where sexual debauchery with minors took place. The list has been the subject of intense rumors, with some predicting powerful politicians are on the list.

That’s why it’s been kept secret for so long.

Rodgers appeared on ESPN’s “The Pat McAfee Show” Tuesday and suggested far-Left comedian Jimmy Kimmel could be among the names released this month

“There’s a lot of people — including Jimmy Kimmel — that are really hoping that list doesn’t come out.”

Kimmel acted like an innocent man would, rushing to X to attack Rodgers and threaten a lawsuit.

Some conservatives have cheered on Rodgers’ comments, hoping the far-Left Kimmel could be dragged down by the scandal.

Except there’s no proof behind the Kimmel-Epstein alleged connection. Just rumors and in some circles wishful thinking.

Other conservatives dismissed that criticism, noting how often Kimmel peddles Fake News from his ABC bully pulpit.

Russia collusion, anyone?

Trump Getting Along with Russia is a Good Thing, Not a Bad Thing

That’s correct. 

Rodgers still shouldn’t be spreading false information on a public broadcast unless he has evidence to back up his claims.

We’re living in a two-tier society where progressives can often lie with little or no consequences. No media fact checker will keep Kimmel honest about any of his politically-charged monologues.

Meanwhile, reporters rallied against comedian Joe Rogan recently when he got an anecdote wrong about President Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline. The misstatement in question came from Donald Trump, not the current Commander in Chief.

Conservatives have to play by a separate set of rules in the culture. It’s not fair. Nor is it right to cheer on Rodgers when he makes baseless accusations like this.


  1. if Jimmy Kimmel can spread fake news on his program, fake news can be spread against him. We don’t need self righteous hall monitor like you telling us how NOT to fight back.

    1. Fighting back with lies is a terrible game plan. We have the truth on our side. That’s a far more effective tool. Kimmel gets to play the victim here, and the media pounces and seizes on Rodgers’ mistake.

  2. Rogers didn’t “imply” Kimmel is on the list, he said Kimmel doesn’t want the list to come out.
    Search “Adam Perry Lang” who should appear on the list as he was an enabler who profited from his relationship with Epstein.

  3. Perhaps Rogers was making the point that many who Kimmel defends and embraces are on the list and that should be highly embarrassing to Kimmel.

  4. I would disagree with this. This was not Rodger’s first mention of the Epstein list on that particular podcast. He had been on there previously and mentioned the Epstein list without mentioning Kimmel. Then, after that first appearance, Kimmel went after Rodgers just because Rodgers mentioned the list at all. In a monologue on one of his shows after Rodgers first mentioned the list, Kimmel called Rodgers a conspiracy nut and implied he had brain damage and should go back into “concussion protocol” simply for Rodgers mentioning the list. So on his second appearance, Rodgers was only responding to Kimmel attacking him out of nowhere for his original mentioning of the list. If Kimmel hadn’t attacked Rodgers in the first place, without Rodgers having mentioned him at all, I’m betting Rodgers wouldn’t have brought up his name on his second appearance on the podcast. I can see why Rodgers mentioned Kimmel that second time around. If you talk about the list without mentioning someone, then that someone freaks out and attacks you for simply discussing the list, seems like that someone has a vested interest in that list not becoming public knowledge.

  5. 2 things.
    1. Rodgers never actually says Kimmel is on the list. Read the statement. You can imply what you want, but don’t blame Rodgers for the words you insert between the lines.
    2. As a liberal mouthpiece, Kimmel absolutely does not want the list of his idols published. His name may not be on the list, but he’s certainly expressed high praise for someone whose name is.

  6. Kimmel’s best defense is he still uses the children’s formulation of his first name. When you’re going to meet a ‘Jimmy’ you usually are ready to bend down and ruffle his hair.

    Rodgers should have known that Lefty can’t take a joke. None of them can. You would think a comedian might be able to respond with comedy but he responded like a child. Like a James that has gone through his entire adult life as a ‘Jimmy’.

  7. Remember when the right embraced Kanye West because he said some things they agreed with. How did that work out? Maybe they should be highlighting the struggles everyday Americans are going through. The violence on the streets, the prices at the grocery store, the perversion in the schools. But instead they will prop up Aaron Rogers to become the poster child for the them. I’m sure it will work out as well as it did with Kanye.

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