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John Cusack Cheers Gridlock from Pro-Palestinian Protests

Far-left actor ignores countless lives impacted during nationwide protests

John Cusack is the anti-Michael Rapaport.

The two actors see the current Middle East crisis from diametrically opposed positions.

Rapaport of “Beautiful Girls” fame is staunchly pro-Israel and attacks stars for not speaking out on behalf of the hostages held by Hamas. That’s assuming they’re still alive six months into its war with Israel.

He also posed as an Oscars emcee to shame actors for their awards-season silence on the hostages’ fate.

What if Michael Rapaport hosted the Oscars

And he’s taken a hit for his stance. Antifa-style activists tried to shut down his comedy performances earlier this year with no luck.

Cusack, the former teen sensation turned far-Left rabble rouser, uses his X account to promote Palestinian causes and blast Israel.

Over and again. His X feed is a blur of pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel messaging.

This week, Cusack indirectly praised the nationwide pro-Palestinian protests that snarled streets, blocked airports and caused mayhem on a grand scale.

In California, protesters chained themselves to barrels and blocked lanes on northbound I-880 in Oakland, while another group of demonstrators carrying banners disrupted southbound traffic. On the Golden Gate Bridge, protesters obstructed traffic in both directions, with some carrying a banner that read “Stop the world for Gaza.”

The disruptions did not just affect drivers. In Chicago, protesters on I-190 blocked traffic coming into O’Hare International Airport, and passengers who had already arrived started walking on foot with their luggage to catch their flights. 

The cause? Spark a ceasefire in Gaza, although Hamas has repeatedly rejected multiple calls for just that in recent weeks.

Cusack, who rarely mentions the hostages but rages against Israel daily, shared Tweets praising the protests.

Cusack’s once-hot career has cooled considerably in recent years.

He now headlines VOD-style titles that skip theaters, think “Never Grow Old” (2019) and “River Runs Red” (2018). His future projects include the WWII thriller “Fog of War” and “My Only Sunshine.”

John Cusack Reveals Hollywood SILENCED Him For Speaking Out

The actor admitted in a 2020 Guardian interview that his political passions haven’t helped him snag work in Hollywood.

“Maybe being outspoken hurts your career… I’m just aware it helps me sleep better at night, knowing that I wasn’t passive during this time.”

As for the 2024 elections, Cusack’s take on the Biden-Trump matchup from four years ago likely holds true today. He was a very reluctant Biden voter then.

“You’re voting for an extension of the neoliberal order. But the alternative is fascism. You have to vote against Trump.”

Some pro-Palestinian Democrats have soured on Biden for supporting Israel. We’ll have to wait and see if Cusack falls into that camp.


  1. And, John? They killed your career for becoming a zero dimensional actor. Not because you talk too much. They all do.

    And I liked you in Grosse Point Blank.

  2. John is so stupid, he could qualify to teach at public schools. The blithering ignorance of his comments, his logic and smugness is all testimony that there is a God, for nobody that stupid could live as long as he has without divine intervention.

  3. John Cusack has the balls to speak out
    Israel has showed it’s true colors
    They buy every world leader, as a whore
    The end is near for Israel

    1. Yes, Israel has shown its true colors. FAFO Blue and White.

      In the what ought to be immortal words of George Catlett Marshall, “We are determined that before the sun sets on this terrible struggle, our flag shall be recognized throughout the world as a symbol of Freedom on the one hand, and Overwhelming Force on the other.”

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