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Michael Rapaport Shreds Hollywood for Silence on Israeli Hostages

Actor's Israeli TV Oscars sketch shames industry for ignoring victims

You won’t find late-night comics mocking President Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline.

Nor will “Saturday Night Live” get too close to that radioactive reality. You have to look to an Italian TV show to see satirists take down the Commander in Chief.

Now, we have a second, startling example of political satire created outside the country’s borders. This one comes courtesy of American actor/stand-up comic Michael Rapaport.

The “Beautiful Girls” alum has been one of the industry’s most vocal critics of Hamas’ barbarism on Oct. 7. Rapaport uses his social media platforms to rage against the horrific attacks and plead for the safe and swift return of the remaining Israeli hostages.

It’s a subject rarely brought up on late-night TV, “Saturday Night Live” or celebrity social media accounts.

The vast majority of Rapaport’s peers are either whisper silent on the matter or demand a ceasefire, which many predict will help Hamas rebuild to attack another day.

Rapaport has had enough, but he had to find a show outside the U.S. to get his message across. He found it courtesy of the Israeli satire show “Eretz Nehederet” (translation: What a Wonderful Country).

Haaretz called the comedy program “Israel’s answer to ‘Saturday Night Live.'”

Some of the sketches are aimed at English-speaking audiences, like this savage takedown of pro-Hamas college students.

Welcome to Columbia Untisemity

The show’s most recent clip cast Rapaport as Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar host replacement.

His monologue is an unflinching blend of comedy and political savagery. The video expertly splices existing Oscars footage with a digitally imposed Rapaport on the main stage.

It’s uncanny.

What if Michael Rapaport hosted the Oscars


“Good evening to the millions of viewers at home and the 134 Israeli hostages who are watching us from the Hamas tunnels in Gaza.”

Big laugh from the faux crowd.

“[The hostages] have a lot in common with the beautiful audience we have here tonight… neither of you have eaten in almost four months. Next year the hostage diet will be bigger than Ozempic,” Rapaport said.

He mixes in some standard Oscar gags with more digs about Hollywood’s silence.

“God forbid Hamas would have raped the Gender Pay Gap. Oh, man. Julia Roberts would have run into Gaza herself with an AK-47.”

You get the idea.

He tried to feel the audience’s pain at one point, acknowledging how hard it is to defend Israel in certain quarters.

“You know that speaking up for [the hostages] could cost you some key fans in the demographic of 18-25 year olds,” he added.

Later, he announced awards for Jewish actors who have remained mum on the matter, specifically targeting comic actor Seth Rogen. He also zinged Hollywood’s MeToo contingent, similarly silent about Hamas’ shocking sexual assaults on women.

“Hamas makes Harvey Weinstein look like Peter Pan,” he cracked.

Any chance Rapaport will be part of the March 10 Oscar ceremony just went up in smoke.

We’ve seen multiple awards shows since the Oct. 7 atrocities. The hostages have yet to be mentioned in any of the speeches or monologues.

By comparison, pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted the Spirit Awards as well as the Sundance Film Festival.


  1. Thank you Michael for being brave. America once knew right from wrong and holiwood played a crucial role in emphasizing this and presenting it to the public. In the name of PC and inclusion, America’s moral compass no longer shows the north. I pray we will all wake up before opressive valyes none of us want are imposed on us.

    1. I agree with you concerned American. Michael Rapaport a huge thank you for your bravery and facing the famous Hollywood stars, who could do so much yet only seen to think of themselves. These are some of the most famous people in the world, who could actually teach truthful facts to be that idolise them. Yet do many of them do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING it’s shocking. Where is their humanity. In all my 60 years I have never heard of anything as savage as what happened and continues to happen to innocent people in the Middle East and what are people of real influence really doing?

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