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Jay Mohr to Woke Comedy Club Patrons: ‘Beat It’

Veteran comic has no patience for those offended by every other joke

Jay Mohr is a survivor in more ways than one.

The veteran comic has battled panic attacks, a run on “Saturday Night Live” and, more recently, a crippling addiction problem and came out on top.

He’s still touring, appears on the new Daily Wire+ series “Mr. Birchum” and has more projects lined up according to his page.

That means he’s not going to let a few “offended” audience members slow him down.

The comedian opened up about his way of dealing with the woke mob on “The Ryan Schuiling Show,” heard on Denver’s 630 KHOW.

Schuiling brought up fellow comic Bill Burr’s broadside against liberal hypocrisy, asking Mohr his thoughts on easily offended club patrons.

Mohr didn’t hesitate in his response.

“They can only get you if you really care,” Mohr began. “You can almost subconsciously hear a crowd say, ‘he’s wounded. Get him!’ Once you start back tracking they’ve got you … I’m not up there saying racist things.”

The comedian admits he has to think twice at times before sharing a certain joke or observation. After that, it’s still “game on.”

“I have modified what I say on stage and if somebody gets mad at what I say now, that’s a ‘them’ problem, not a ‘me’ problem,” he said. “I know where my heart is.”

He has another loyal line of defense in our woke age. His fans.

“When you’ve been doing [comedy] almost forty years … they’re there specifically to see you. So the longer you do comedy, the odds of that interference goes lower and lower and lower … they know what to expect, pretty much,” he said.

“Look, this is a comedy show. This is not the comments section on Instagram. Beat it. Go get lost. I’ll say, ‘Look, the exit signs are lit up for a reason, so you can find them in the dark when you’re drunk. Get lost.”


  1. He still does one of the best Christopher Walken impressions out there (and there are tons).

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