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Horror Short Wages War Against Radical Feminism

“With all the contacts I had in the industry, not a single one of them had my view points,” said Bois, a Christian conservative. “Who’s going to give me the shot I’m looking for?”

An early peek at ‘The Bound’ artwork

Slowly, the openly conservative Bois realized he wasn’t alone.

Bois teamed up first with rising conservative stars including Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire and fame. Then, he got to know Friends of Abe, a group of right-leaning artists who privately meet to offer support and camaraderie.

He’s taking the next step with a little help from his fellow conservatives.

Bois started an IndieGogo page for “The Bound,” a new horror short he plans to expand into a feature film.

Here’s the official synopsis:

The film tells the story of a veteran Knight and his precocious Squire, who, while traveling on pilgrimage to Rome, suddenly find themselves waging spiritual and terrestrial warfare against a malevolent demoness dwelling in the woodlands of medieval France.

The story focuses on faith, but it’s not an easy journey. Bois says his knights are filled with “pain and doubt.” The tale may be set during medieval times, but it carries a modern hook including an assault on feminism 21st century style.

“’The Bound’ addresses modern feminism and its cataclysmic effect on masculinity and natural law,” Bois says in his best Elevator Pitch tone. “It’s morphed into a very mean-spirited ideology.” Hardly catnip to modern Hollywood screenwriters, who generally lean left. That isn’t stopping Bois.

“We can take our materials directly to our audience [with crowdfunding],”he says.

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One of the stars attached to “The Bound” is Matthew Marsden, an actor best known for the TV series “Coronation Street” and films like “Rambo.””

Marsden was “outed” as conservative by The Huffington Post several years ago. Bois says. Gigs soon became harder to come by, according to Bois.

Take That, Feminism

Bois isn’t the first storytelling to use horror to send a message, even if feminism is rarely in the genre’s crosshairs. Zombie maestro slipped some subversive, left-of-center themes in horror classics like 1968’s “Night of the Living Dead.” The young director promises not to set up a soapbox in either the short or feature version of “The Bound.”

“i am a storyteller first, not an activist first,” he says. “My themes are from a Catholic conservative perspective, but they play out in the most honest, truthful fashion.”

A production sketch from ‘The Bound.’

Andrew Breitbart understood the power of pop culture, particular in modern times. Bois believes Breitbart’s philosophy. It’s one reason he’s taking on “The Bound.”

“We can’t just get another book out there saying how bad Obama is,” he says. “We need to have actual pop cultural material.”

Besides, he believes his story will connect with a broader population than some Hollywood insiders would suspect. The polls say only a small percentage of Americans identify as feminists, he says.

“It has a negative connotation,” he adds.

Making “The Bound” will hopefully entertain those people and “give them a voice,” he says. And he hopes small projects like his horror short will some day allow conservatives to attack the mainstream on broader terms.

“We’re living in a very, very interesting time,” he says. “I’m waiting for that revolution to happen, to fund even big-budget movies with crowd funding.”

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