“Hollywood in Toto is a terrific site. It’s really well written. It’s really exciting and it’s from the right point of view…”

— Andrew Klavan, bestselling author and host of The Daily Wire’s “Andrew Klavan Show”


I’m Christian Toto, an award-winning journalist, film critic and podcaster. And I love movies. What I don’t love is how both Hollywood and the media can’t stop trashing people just like me:


I’ve worked in media long enough to know the vast majority of entertainment coverage leans to the left. And it’s getting worse. That’s why I created Hollywood in Toto – to provide some much needed balance and give fellow conservatives a place where they can get the latest news without insults.

When Hollywood takes a lazy swipe at paying customers who happened to hold views outside the left-of-center consensus, we aren’t afraid to step up.

The site offers news, reviews and commentary from a right-of-center perspective. We also respect people of faith, something many other sites can’t claim.

Here are some essential HiT stories that reflect the site’s core mission:


I’m a Denver-based film critic, member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association and founder of HiT. I studied art in college and, after collecting three degrees, realized I had a brighter future away from my pad and pencil.

I eventually landed a feature writing position with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, where I asked to review movies when our regular critic went on vacation. I essentially did the same while working for The Washington Times, volunteering to pen any entertainment story I could in between my regular assignments.

I finally emerged as one of the newspaper’s regular film critics, reviewing movies and interviewing A-list talent like Tom Hanks, Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Spacey.

I left D.C. for Denver in 2007, transitioning to a freelance career  I later found work with both Breitbart News and LifeZette.com before embracing my HiT duties full-time.

I can be heard each week on “Mike Rosen at the Movies,” “The Michael Brown Show” and “Walker Daniels in the Morning.” NRA TV regularly features my commentary, as does WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall” program in Washington, D.C.

The weekly Hollywood in Toto Podcast offers compelling interviews with leading voices in the conservative arts movement.  Think John Nolte, Sabo, Andrew Klavan, Nick Di Paolo and more.

Listen to “HiT Podcast Episode 10 Sabo” on Spreaker.

I previously appeared on “Stossel,” shown on the Fox Business Channel and the “Devil’s Advocate” program on Colorado’s PBS station.

Major media outlets like The Hollywood Reporter, USA Today, The New York Daily News and The Washington Times have shared my reviews on the latest entertainment news.


I’m a happily married father of two great sons. When I’m not in a dark movie theater I’m rooting for the New York Yankees and sampling the best mid-priced restaurants Denver has to offer.


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