Hollywood in Toto Testimonials

Hollywood in Toto is a terrific site. It’s really well written, it’s really exciting and it’s from the right point of view…

— Andrew Klavan, bestselling author and host of The Daily Wire’s “The Andrew Klavan Show”

What’s found in abundance at Hollywood in Toto is a lot of what’s missing in Hollywood itself; originality, honesty and actual insight. Even though I don’t watch a ton of movies, Hollywood in Toto has become a daily must-read for me.Christian Toto and his dog Rudy

— Cam Edwards, host, NRA TV’s “Cam & Co.”

Sharp, funny, unpredictable, smart – Christian Toto covers Hollywood with a unique, thought-provoking perspective. Is he conservative? Sure, but this isn’t just axe-grinding or rote talking points. This is a film buff and lover of the movies who just wants to see entertainment that stirs, enlightens, inspires us and bring us joy. I just wish the film world had a hundred more like him.

— Jim Geraghty, Senior Political Correspondent, National Review

Christian Toto truly loves Hollywood. He appreciates great art and great performances. He’s not in a war to silence speech or change anyone’s politics. He’s trying to reverse Hollywood’s trend of reducing itself to clownish, political activism. The country needs entertainment to distract from politics, not embrace it. That’s why Hollywood In Toto is so important.

— Chris Stigall, Host at 990 AM The Answer in Philadelphia and ‘The Chris Stigall Show’

Christian’s redesigned site is fun and easier than ever to navigate, but the best thing about it has been true all along. Hollywood in Toto is indispensable for its independent reporting on the entertainment industry and its conservative point of view on the latest releases from Hollywood. For those looking to get past the hype, Hollywood in Toto should be their first stop.

— Ed Morrissey, HotAir.com

What sets HiT apart from the rest of entertainment journalism is how unafraid it is to tell it like it is. So many entertainment journalists are willing to trade their integrity for access and press junkets, the journalists at HiT aren’t willing to trade their independence for anything.

If you want the latest publicist’s press release reprinted without question, or the big studio’s spin on a story repeated without thought, then HiT isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for honest reviews, truthful news and unafraid analysis of the pop culture world, you’ve come to the right place.

— Derek Hunter, host of “The Derek Hunter Podcast”

Photo by Joshua Woroniecki on Unsplash

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