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Hamas Atrocities Red-Pilling Progressive Stars

Jessica Chastain, Michael Rapaport and Amy Schumer rage against far Left

Your average celebrity trusts the mainstream media. Still.

They read the following stories, all debunked, and keep on believing the headlines in their news feeds.

  • Russia Collusion Hoax
  • Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Hoax
  • Jussie Smollett Hoax
  • Covington Hoax
  • Very Fine People Hoax
  • Trump Trashes Troops Hoax
  • Rittenhouse Hoax
  • Border Agents Whipping Illegals Hoax
  • NASCAR Noose Hoax
  • The Georgia Jim Crow 2.0 Hoax
  • Trump Assaulted Secret Service Agents and Grabbed Steering Wheel of Beast Hoax
  • MAGA Assaulted Paul Pelosi Hoax
  • COVID Lab Leak Theory Is Racist Hoax
  • Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Russian Disinformation Hoax

This list, from Breitbart News’ John Nolte, is fair but incomplete. Fake News stories appear each week, and the problem is so toxic even some hard-Left celebrities are starting to notice. Hamas’ barbaric attacks on Israelis earlier this month opened plenty of people’s eyes in La La Land.

Oscar-winner Jessica Chasten, who previously starred in the anti-gun movie “Miss Sloane,” skewered the press for believing a gargantuan lie peddled by Hamas.

The terrorist group claimed an Israeli missile took out a hospital in Gaza, killing roughly 500 innocents. It wasn’t true, but many august institutions suggested it was.

That reportage inspired violent protests across the globe, all based on a lie magnified by the press. Rep. Rashida Tlaib, part of the so-called “Squad,” continues to push the lie via her Twitter feed and public events.

It proved too much for Chastain, who asked her followers for more newsworthy outlets in the wake of the Fake News barrage.

Chastain misses the bigger picture.

These outlets have a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel narrative that must be obeyed. Why else would journalists run with a story based on a terrorist group’s claim? It makes no sense unless you realize narrative trumps all in today’s woke media climate.

And it’s getting worse.

Other stars may be noticing the extreme media bias, too, but they’re keeping quiet.

For now.

Amy Schumer, one of the most reliable progressives in Hollywood, also dropped her tribal talking points in the wake of the Hamas attacks. The “Inside Amy Schumer” star blasted both Black Lives Matter and the gay community for not supporting Israel following the Oct. 7 atrocities.

She posted the following meme on her Instagram feed.

“First they came for LGBTQ and I stood up, because Love is Love. Then they came for immigrants and I stood up, because families belong together. Then they came for the black community and I stood up because Black Lives Matter … Then they came for me, but I stood alone, because I am a Jew.”

Schumer got pummeled by her far-Left peers on social media, bringing up her older, problematic jokes in the process. One user wished for her death.

It wasn’t the first time the Left tried to cancel Schumer. Her films “Snatched” and “I Feel Pretty” also got crushed for not being woke enough.

For now, Schumer isn’t backing down.

UPDATE: Schumer also scolded the press for its biased coverage in favor of Hamas.

“Many Western outlets published a propaganda LIE, blaming Israel without fact checking. FACTS only reached the headlines an hour later. Fire the @bbcnews @nyt @skynews @cnn editors who put terrorist lies on their homepages,” she wrote in her Instagram Stories.

Michael Rapaport isn’t backing down, either. The “Beautiful Girls” star is a liberal, but he’s more amenable to criticizing his own party as needed. He did just that in recent days.


First, Rapaport publicly feuded with fellow actor John Cusack, who uses his X platform to rage against Israel and downplay Hamas atrocities.

Later, Rapaport called out the Democratic “Squad,” uncorking a wave of profanity in the process. The Squad members – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley – have called for a ceasefire rather than allow Israel to defend itself against Hamas atrocities.

“AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, you fake news f—s!” Rapaport said in a video posted on Instagram on Wednesday. “You’re just as bad as Muppet-face Marjorie Taylor Greene except I haven’t come up with nicknames for you yet!”

“Take down that f—ing bulls***, you f—ing Jew haters,” Rapaport told the “Squad” member. “You hate the Jews. You’ve always hated the Jews. It’s been one of your agendas to perpetuate Jew hate. Take down your f—ing fake news tweets. Rescind your f—ing comments, rescind your f—ing fake news statements. You’re in government you motherf—ers!”

Actress Julianna Margulies also questioned her fellow progressives following the Hamas attacks.

Margulies, now co-starring on Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show,” let loose on her industry for its silence concerning the Hamas attacks.

Margulies added that she’s “disheartened” by the silence, and she’s “trying to understand and work around why every single person in our industry isn’t standing up. I don’t understand. It is shocking.”

Some stars have come forward to slam Hamas, including a gaggle of celebrities (Chris Pine, Gal Gadot, Michael Douglas and more) under the banner of the Creative Community for Peace.

This is terrorism. This is evil. There is no justification or rationalization for Hamas’ actions. These are barbaric acts of terrorism that must be called out by everyone. They are a terrorist organization whose leaders call for the murder of Jews everywhere.

Other celebrities, including Wallace Shawn, Riz Ahmed, John Cusack and Mark Ruffalo, have demanded a ceasefire as if Israel were the problem, not the terrorists who captured/tortured/killed more than a 1,000 Israelis.

The last two tragic weeks have been eye-opening in many ways, culturally speaking. We’ve seen thousands of college students side with a terrorist organization. Black Lives Matter groups did the same, unabashedly so.

And the media, which went from biased to corrupt since Donald Trump descended that escalator in 2015, sided with the terrorists in ways that even progressive stars noticed.

They may not change their voting habits moving forward. They may start doing their own research rather than rely on media narratives that have less and less to do with the truth.

Chances are, they won’t dig deep into their wallets and purses for The Squad’s re-election campaigns.


  1. If that had been Australia and/or a European country bombing Israel, the same people backing up Palestine and Hamas would be up in arms.

  2. The left has always been good at pushing their narratives as most of them are easy to sell to their large low information base. In other words, they sell their wares to idiots. Why do you think the left hates Jews so much? Because they generally work hard and succeed. Goes against the left’s promises of free money to their lazy, victim class base. I’m not sure why the Jewish community is so pro-Democrat. Maybe that will change? When they realize that the side they support is treating them like a certain WW2 era country?

  3. Those terrorists are in the USA borders courtesy of Biden’s open borders policy. Misinformation is the Left’s intention to drive rage against their enemies and anyone standing in their way. Jews will either have to fight it or as Joan Rivers once said “The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens.” Substitute German for Hamas and what they are doing.

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