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Hollywood Cowards Can’t Mention Radical Islam

When it comes to terrorism, that elephant wields the worst of intentions. And Hollywood refuses to even discuss it.

Case in point: The latest Human Rights Campaign video and outreach effort following the Orlando terror attack that killed 49 people.

The mass murderer, Omar Mateen, was a radical Islamist who swore allegiance to ISIS. That terror organization came of age during President Barack Obama’s time in the White House. That’s the same president who dismissed ISIS as a “JV Team” despite their series of barbaric crimes.

Just this week ISIS forces committed a terror attack in Turkey which killed 43 people.

Following the Orlando massacre, celebrities rushed to condemn the attack, mourn for the victims … and use the tragedy to promote new gun control legislation. Not spoken? The inspiration behind the attack – radical Islam.

They’re doing it again.

Meet the Hollywood Cowards

The Human Rights Campaign just released a new video featuring Lady Gaga, Chris Pine, Kerry Washington, Caitlyn Jenner, Jane Fonda and Kathy Bates. And, in true US Weekly “They’re Just Like Us” fashion, the stars assembled with minimal thrills:

None of the troupe brought handlers or a personal glam squad, mostly arriving on time and driving themselves onto the lot.

The video shows the stars remembering each of the 49 people lost in the terror attack.

Stop the Hate: 49 Celebrities Honor 49 Victims of Pulse Tragedy in Ryan Murphy-Produced Tribute

It’s a beautiful way to honor the fallen. We get to know a little about the victims, what they hoped to achieve in life and how they were pursuing the American dream.

It’s also part of an orchestrated campaign to deflect the true nature of the attack. And, at the same time, let celebrities smite their political enemy. The GOP.

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Here’s Emmy Award winner Ryan Murphy, an openly gay man and one of Hollywood’s most talented creators, sharing his thoughts on the campaign:

“The hate that stole these 49 individuals from all those who loved them has been allowed to flourish in our country for too long. No person is born hating another, and we have an obligation as Americans to stand up against prejudice and bigotry that would incite violence against someone simply for who they are. I am proud to have joined with Ned Martel, my talented colleagues, and the Human Rights Campaign to honor these 49 heroes and stop the hate.”

The hate of which he speaks flows from a religion which, in many places around the world, treats being gay as a criminal offense.

Or worse.

Some ISIS members throw gay people off of buildings. Many Islamic nations punish homosexuals with death, sometimes by stoning.

That hate is real, and raw and not even brought up in the video, by Murphy or by any of the celebrities in question.

Murphy did blame someone for the terror attack: Republicans.

“It’s madness that 90 percent of our country wants stricter gun control laws and yet we’re held hostage by this select group of Republicans. I think people are getting angry about it.”

Jamie Lee Curtis, one of the stars who took part in the video, also blamed Republicans in her comments to The Hollywood Reporter:

“We’re in the middle of an election year that’s so wildly polarized. Trying to find some common link as humanity in this country right now feels difficult with the rhetoric coming out of the Republican Party, but I certainly hope a movement will come where we will all join together and say this is not OK.”

During the recent BET Awards, Black Entertainment Television President Debra Lee promoted more gun control laws following the Orlando attack.

Left out? No mention of “terror” or “radical Islam.”

President Obama can’t bring himself to name “radical Islam” after any terror attack on our soil. His celebrity followers too often do the same. They have no problem blaming people who had nothing to do with the terror attack, though.

These Hollywood cowards make us less safe, and more vulnerable, to the next terror attack.

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  1. Those wanting to leave an open door for “tolerant/pluralistic Muslims” must have forgotten what the Jihadists/Extremists are willing to do to wipe out all imbeciles..Their prophet told them to lie/deceive us and do whatever is necessary to get into our world in order to destroy us.. How would you know which Muslim to trust and which not to trust?

  2. These Hollywood maggots are disgusting cowards scapegoating Republicans because they are too cowardly and mentally conformed to tell the truth about the real enemies.

  3. When you venerate a man as an infallible prophet who said “Kill gay people in the worst way possible” — you contribute to the likelihood that some of your co-religionists will do that, even if you would never do it yourself.

    That’s the unfortunate truth about “moderate Muslims.” Yes, they’ve managed to make their own personal silk purse out of their inherited religious tradition — but in so doing, and by continuing to reinforce the authority of a man who taught objective evil, they reinforce the *entirety* of his legacy, including the parts they themselves (being more decent than he was) have rationalized ways to ignore.

    If I were a “moderate,” cultural Muslim — held less to the faith by true piety, but out of cultural inertia, the smell of preserved lemon chicken and the memory of my grandmother’s prayer rug — I would have to seriously consider whether I am not morally obliged to be a casually moderate something-else.

    Zoroastrianism is one option.

  4. “We’re so divided — and it’s all the other side’s fault!”

    Jamie Lee Curtis doesn’t really get irony, does she?

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