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Hollywood Cowards Can’t Mention Radical Islam

When it comes to terrorism, that elephant wields the worst of intentions. And Hollywood refuses to even discuss it.

Case in point: The latest Human Rights Campaign video and outreach effort following the Orlando terror attack that killed 49 people.

The mass murderer, Omar Mateen, was a radical Islamist who swore allegiance to ISIS. That terror organization came of age during President Barack Obama’s time in the White House. That’s the same president who dismissed ISIS as a “JV Team” despite their series of barbaric crimes.

Just this week ISIS forces committed a terror attack in Turkey which killed 43 people.

Following the Orlando massacre, celebrities rushed to condemn the attack, mourn for the victims … and use the tragedy to promote new gun control legislation. Not spoken? The inspiration behind the attack – radical Islam.

They’re doing it again.

Meet the Hollywood Cowards

The Human Rights Campaign just released a new video featuring Lady Gaga, Chris Pine, Kerry Washington, Caitlyn Jenner, Jane Fonda and Kathy Bates. And, in true US Weekly “They’re Just Like Us” fashion, the stars assembled with minimal thrills:

None of the troupe brought handlers or a personal glam squad, mostly arriving on time and driving themselves onto the lot.

The video shows the stars remembering each of the 49 people lost in the terror attack.

Stop the Hate: 49 Celebrities Honor 49 Victims of Pulse Tragedy in Ryan Murphy-Produced Tribute

It’s a beautiful way to honor the fallen. We get to know a little about the victims, what they hoped to achieve in life and how they were pursuing the American dream.

It’s also part of an orchestrated campaign to deflect the true nature of the attack. And, at the same time, let celebrities smite their political enemy. The GOP.

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Here’s Emmy Award winner Ryan Murphy, an openly gay man and one of Hollywood’s most talented creators, sharing his thoughts on the campaign:

“The hate that stole these 49 individuals from all those who loved them has been allowed to flourish in our country for too long. No person is born hating another, and we have an obligation as Americans to stand up against prejudice and bigotry that would incite violence against someone simply for who they are. I am proud to have joined with Ned Martel, my talented colleagues, and the Human Rights Campaign to honor these 49 heroes and stop the hate.”

The hate of which he speaks flows from a religion which, in many places around the world, treats being gay as a criminal offense.

Or worse.

Some ISIS members throw gay people off of buildings. Many Islamic nations punish homosexuals with death, sometimes by stoning.

That hate is real, and raw and not even brought up in the video, by Murphy or by any of the celebrities in question.

Murphy did blame someone for the terror attack: Republicans.

“It’s madness that 90 percent of our country wants stricter gun control laws and yet we’re held hostage by this select group of Republicans. I think people are getting angry about it.”

Jamie Lee Curtis, one of the stars who took part in the video, also blamed Republicans in her comments to The Hollywood Reporter:

“We’re in the middle of an election year that’s so wildly polarized. Trying to find some common link as humanity in this country right now feels difficult with the rhetoric coming out of the Republican Party, but I certainly hope a movement will come where we will all join together and say this is not OK.”

During the recent BET Awards, Black Entertainment Television President Debra Lee promoted more gun control laws following the Orlando attack.

Left out? No mention of “terror” or “radical Islam.”

President Obama can’t bring himself to name “radical Islam” after any terror attack on our soil. His celebrity followers too often do the same. They have no problem blaming people who had nothing to do with the terror attack, though.

These Hollywood cowards make us less safe, and more vulnerable, to the next terror attack.

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  1. Upon what do you base the statement “The inspiration behind the attack – radical Islam”? From what I’ve read, the Orlando shooter had zero actual ties with ISIS and might well have just been an angry guy with some major issues (not the least of which might have been that he was a closet homosexual).

    1. Despite saying he did it for ISIS, ISIS claiming responsibility, his posts on Facebook DURING the massacre saying he was doing it for the glory of Allah, yeah, I can’t find any ties either.

      Do you understand how terrorist recruiting works in the 21st century? It’s not like they send out membership cards.

      He was a radical Muslim who had been on and off FBI watchlists for years, a known radical, from a radical Islamic family. He also had taken trips to Saudi Arabia where it is believed he met with either recruiters or his future handlers.

      1. He claimed affiliation with ISIS. I concur. But that doesn’t mean he was part of the organization any more than I can say I’m part of the Tea Party before I go and slash a few tires, but that doesn’t make it a crime sponsored by, encouraged by or even endorsed by that group. Learn to pick through the news coverage and ask a few critical questions…

        1. You should follow your own advice. ISIS has embraced this event as one of their own. You’re being remarkably bigoted in a “western white man knows best” way when you try to argue that you know better than the actual group under discussion.

        2. Before the shooting in Orlando, ISIS put out a call to all believers to shed bled in the name of Allah. I’m paraphrasing, but it was essentially a call to action. The shooter had been to Saudia Arabia. Are you ignoring that part? He had likely met with handlers in the past. He carried out the shooting when the call went out and then gave ISIS credit.

          Your analogy is only half there. If you slashed tires in the name of the TEA Party and then the TEA Party took the credit, that would indeed be blamed rightfully on that group. ISIS took credit because they want more of these attacks and they don’t care who carries them out.

          In the meantime, despite the obvious ties and possible meetings with ISIS, this awful massacre has been blamed on guns, Republicans, and hateful Christian rhetoric. You have a guy jumping up and down yelling “I did it for Allah!” and you have people like you saying “We just don’t see the tie. It must be all those horrible Christians and their guns”.

        3. Here Dave, let me make this really easy for you. Just pretend he said he was carrying out the murders in the name of Jesus Christ. I think in that case your understanding of the situation would be crystal clear.

      1. But a nutjob saying he’s a terrorist doesn’t mean he’s actually part of the group he claims he’s affiliated with or has “membership” in…

          1. You’re mistaken. Bwana Dave Taylor knows better than those brown people (even though Islam is a religion and not a race, roll with it because he is) who their members are.

            It’s smug liberal paternalism at its most abhorrent.

          2. I react exclusively to what you write. Change your behavior if you want different treatment. You are behaving badly at present. Shame on you.

        1. The wannabee membership committee head for ISIS has spoken!

          The actual membership committee for ISIS also spoke. They say he was a member.

    2. When new information comes to light, it’s important to accept it and adjust your thinking based on it. The homosexual angle was investigated by law enforcement and no evidence for it was found. If you did not know this, you haven’t been paying attention. If you reject it, your reality based community card is now revoked.

      If ISIS allows people to claim ties in the way that the shooter did and subsequently embraced the shooter as one of their own, why should your judgment of “zero actual ties” worth anything? Who died and put you in charge of determining ISIS membership?

      ISIS and a disturbing number of other violent groups have signed up to a strategy of recruiting, seeding, and supporting leaderless resistance forces. This Orlando shooting follows the leaderless resistance playbook. You may not like this style of warfare (I don’t) but you can’t honorably pretend that it doesn’t exist and in a practical sense it’s downright unhealthy to ignore this style of warfare. So cut it out.

      1. He had ties to the Taliban, though — through his father. And his mother-in-law had come out in support of, I believe, Hamas.

        So even setting aside ISIS, he had ties to jihad.

        1. You seem to be saying I think that he wasn’t a terrorist, ISIS member, or a bad guy all around. I think you are replying to the wrong person here as that’s not what I’m saying.

      2. You get to “revoke” my “reality card” but I’m the delusional one because I simply ask a question to clarify a claim in the article? Umm, yeah.

        1. You ignored the conditionals in that statement, in order to hunt for offense.

          I’m no longer assuming you weren’t paying attention.

        2. Yep. You’re delusional all right. You have no interest in the factual claim (which you could have asked about). Here’s a non-right wing source for it, just to keep you in your safe space.


          Also, it’s generally considered poor form to misquote somebody, which you did. If you reread my statement I never used the phrase “reality card”.

          I was commenting on the smug left-wing habit of claiming that they form a “reality based community” in supposed opposition to the right. There’s a separate, non-political joke about revoking someone’s man card for this or that bit of unmanly behavior. So I combined the two and tried to keep the edge off the fact that you’re making it a smidge more likely that people are going to die in future because of your efforts to reduce clarity and distract from the actual security issues at hand.

          It’s really easy to become angry about such things and for events to spiral out of control. Humor’s a good way to keep things toned down. So fine, you don’t want my humor. I’ll omit it in future when I discuss how you’re making things worse and are acting like an awful human being.

    3. This human, in some of his last statements on Earth, self-identified as a a fighter for the Islamic State. Just who are you to deny how a human self-identifies? What next, will you begin lecturing on how we should call Caitlyn Jenner “Bruce”?

      The fact that you will, in public, deny a human’s self identification shows that you are a tremendous bigot and Islamophobe. And trying to blame it on his sexuality shows you are also a homophobe.

      Rule 4.

      1. Oh, the wave upon wave of assumptions and judgment. Nicely done. At least, if your goal is to just shut down any discourse at all, “grey” man.

        1. I adore the irony when the left’s rules are applied to themselves.

          Again, Alinsky, rule 4.

  2. “Commonsense gun laws”, blah blah blah–
    FIRST…good grief, since when is it ONE word?! It’s “common sense”. Get it right for a change. (And I get ticked when our side does it, too–I’m just saying….)
    SECOND…exactly WHAT about those Democrat “assault weapons bans” and so on is so “commonsense”? WHAT would they have done to stop this–wait for it–TERRORIST ATTACK?!?
    Here’s some common sense (TWO words) for you: If someone’s going to disobey the law that says…”Don’t Kill Anybody”–exactly WHAT makes you think they’re going to somehow, MAGICALLY, obey the law that says, “Don’t Use A Gun”. The bad guys, I got news for you, WILL GET THE GUNS *ANYWAY*. “Commonsense” gun laws will NOT change that.
    THAT…is common sense.

  3. All we need is to keep law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves and our resulting collective progressive superiority will shame ISIS into inaction. Progressive celebrities are so smart.

  4. “We’re in the middle of an election year that’s so wildly polarized. Trying to find some common link as humanity in this country right now feels difficult with the rhetoric coming out of the Republican Party, but I certainly hope a movement will come where we will all join together and say this is not OK.”

    Does Jamie Lee Curtis know of people who are saying that what happened in Orlando is OK?

    1. She probably doesn’t know sh1t from shinola. For instance, I’m sure she doesn’t know that the Chappaqua Harpy has laundered millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia — where they execute gays just for being gay — and channeled it to her campaign?

      Nah. It doesn’t fit the narrative.

  5. I am still sickened at the underbussing of the gay community in an effort to shield Muslims from any accusation of wrongdoing.

    I think rational people understand not all Muslims are terrorists, I have worked with a few myself and they are not going to blow up or shoot up anything anytime soon. However, it’s foolish to ignore that Muslim terrorism is very real and happening on a frequent basis in the world. We’ve seen what feels like a steady candence now. Boston, Garland, San Bernadino, and Orlando off the top of my head. Sure, Garland failed but, hey, Texas.

    So of course Hollywood is attack Republicans because not only are they cowards but they also might have to admit that the evidence of there worldview is going counter to reality. In a profession known for playing pretend, I’m sure reality is a struggle for them.

    The only upside is these kinds of videos are truly preaching to the choir.

      1. What’s so sad about that scenario? Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing a few of they Hollywood leftist dolts go up against the wall, since they would happily stand back and watch conservatives and Republicans being sent to a Gulag.

      2. Oh, I don’t know if that’s sad. While they’re busy killing them, guess what I’ll be doing.

    1. There’s usefulness in wedging your opponents and pulling as many as possible over to your side. The attempt is worth making and I support it because I want to win. Uniting your opponents and enlarging your problems is not something I’m a fan of.

      1. Understand your point but if you’re going to ‘wedge’ them over to our side you’re going to have to get them away from Islam. While some may display an appearance of moderation to the outside world, I think there’s a lot of quiet, schadenfreudenous (I just made that up) glee in moderate Muslim households around the world each time a new Muslim initiated atrocity takes place. The problem *is* Islam and anyone who is even remotely serious about their Muslim faith is not going to come over to our side. That is going to become increasingly clear as time goes by.

        1. You might be right. I’m willing to see how Egyptian President Sisi’s call for reform plays out. Have you been following the aftermath of that new years speech?

          1. Al Sisi is the most significant voice in the Islamic world today calling for reform.
            What he did took guts.

      2. I’ve been waiting 15 years for that wedge to shift more than a handful of courageous chips. Face it, moderate Muslims are as irrelevant to this fight as the good Germans were in 1943.

        1. It’s important to leave the door open for people to come across for two reasons. First because we might not be doing it right at the moment and periodically revisiting the issue may yield improved results. For instance, we pay almost no attention to making it safe for muslims to be heterodox and avoid physical retribution from other muslims. That’s something that might be keeping the results poorer than they might otherwise be.

          The second reason is that it is important for our view of ourselves as being the good guys to leave a door open that allows muslims to live peacefully but not just as a sort of temporary hudna/truce. It keeps us on the right side of the genocide question.

          1. Easy enough to do with the proper language.
            Distinguish between pluralistic and tolerant Muslims and supremacist jihadi Muslims.
            When I talk to pluralistic tolerant Muslims they get it.
            The ones who don’t are mentally socially conformed and culturally uninformed Americans.
            Most Muslims have never read the Koran in the same way most Christians and Jews have never read the Bible.
            Even so theological understanding is less important than cultural and linguistic.

          2. Perhaps easy enough for *you* to do. A great many people in the chattering classes can’t seem to pull it off and it’s been an ongoing problem for more than a decade. If you’re able to do it and *teach* it then you’ve got something special there. Share, please.

  6. Socialism is the message, Marxism is the strategy and Fascism is the goal…

    Democrats lost America’s first Civil War because they enslaved Black people. Democrats are going to lose America’s second Civil War because they attempted to enslave everyone else…

    Not every Democrat was a KuKluxKlan member, but every KuKluxKlan member was a democrat.

    When peaceful recourse is denied, violent redress becomes justified, it becomes manifold.

  7. Celebrities could not think on their own if their lives depended upon it. Someone says one thing and they all follow. Jimmy Stewart would have flown his B-17 over Hollywood Blvd. and laid it to waste.

    1. Once you swallow ‘if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor’ what won’t you swallow? Democrats are lemmings. Led by the Dem politicians and their media cheerleaders.

      The Democrat voters will never police their politicians. Trump’s going to have to do it or it won’t get done.

  8. We’re supposed to feel sorry for the gays killed by a muslim extremists when they overwhelmingly support the party that brings in more islamic extremists whose religion commands them to kill gays?
    And anyone who mentions that islam wants all gays dead is branded an islamaphobe or racist?

    Wake me up when they wake up.

  9. The gays support the Democrats who want to disarm them and who want to bring in more muslims who hate gays and want to kill them.

    Popcorn time.

  10. Comments by Ryan Murphy, et al., vis-à-vis hate, demonstrate a profound misunderstanding of Islam. It’s not hate–it’s a belief of what’s true. Truth doesn’t express emotions. in Islam, women are to be treated as second class citizens. The infidel, the kuffar (e.g. gays) are simply trash to be disposed of. The experience of Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris, etc., should’ve amply demonstrated this. Denial of the facts do not change them.

  11. “The hate that stole these 49 individuals from all those who loved them has been allowed to flourish in our country for too long.”

    So he agrees with Trump that Muslims should be barred from entering the country in the short-term?

  12. Always interesting when a black person promotes gun control given its racist roots in the US.
    Gun control directed at the newly freed slaves in the south was a major justification cited during congressional debates for the necessity of the 14th amendment.

  13. “We’re so divided — and it’s all the other side’s fault!”

    Jamie Lee Curtis doesn’t really get irony, does she?

  14. When you venerate a man as an infallible prophet who said “Kill gay people in the worst way possible” — you contribute to the likelihood that some of your co-religionists will do that, even if you would never do it yourself.

    That’s the unfortunate truth about “moderate Muslims.” Yes, they’ve managed to make their own personal silk purse out of their inherited religious tradition — but in so doing, and by continuing to reinforce the authority of a man who taught objective evil, they reinforce the *entirety* of his legacy, including the parts they themselves (being more decent than he was) have rationalized ways to ignore.

    If I were a “moderate,” cultural Muslim — held less to the faith by true piety, but out of cultural inertia, the smell of preserved lemon chicken and the memory of my grandmother’s prayer rug — I would have to seriously consider whether I am not morally obliged to be a casually moderate something-else.

    Zoroastrianism is one option.

  15. These Hollywood maggots are disgusting cowards scapegoating Republicans because they are too cowardly and mentally conformed to tell the truth about the real enemies.

  16. Those wanting to leave an open door for “tolerant/pluralistic Muslims” must have forgotten what the Jihadists/Extremists are willing to do to wipe out all imbeciles..Their prophet told them to lie/deceive us and do whatever is necessary to get into our world in order to destroy us.. How would you know which Muslim to trust and which not to trust?

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