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Hollywood Post-Debate: Rage, Confusion and Deep Denial

Jon Stewart cites 25th amendment as Biden's mental decline takes center stage

Comedian Michael Ian Black is Hollywood.

By that, we mean the “Wet Hot American Summer” star’s Twitter feed is filled with the industry’s accepted takes on gun control, Donald Trump and other politically-charged issues.

Even Black called CNN’s presidential debate between Trump and Joe Biden early last night.


That admission captured some, but not all, of the industry’s reaction to arguably the worst presidential debate performance ever. Months of media misdirection about Biden’s cognitive health came to a screeching halt in 90 minutes.

Now, the media and the Left are screaming in near-unison that Biden must be replaced atop the Democratic ticket.

Why? They cannot hide Biden’s age-related decline anymore despite years of doing precisely that.

Joe on 'cheap fake videos': Dems, Biden campaign will have to work harder to expose the lies

Jon Stewart did his best to camouflage that reality. He did some “both-sides-ism” and slammed Trump, but one quip nailed the moment.

Biden, “The Daily Show” host said, has “resting 25th Amendment face.”

Other reactions were almost comic in their denial.

Far-Left actress Ellen Barkin, who once wished for physical violence against Louis CK and Trump, blamed CNN for Biden’s disastrous performance.

Barbra Streisand struck a similar tone with her posts on the debate. Blame CNN, not the Commander in Chief.

Bette Midler bought the mid-debate spin that Biden suffered from a “cold” and that’s why he appeared like someone who slipped free from a nursing home.

Mark Hamill, the “Star Wars” legend who yukked it up with Biden earlier this year, was one of the few Hollywood voices to say, “Nothing to see here. Move along.”


Perhaps the most fascinating Tweets came from Oscar-winner Adam McKay. The “Don’t Look Up” director is one of Hollywood’s most prolific progressives. He uses his art and cash to fuel liberal causes, including the wave of climate change radicalism spreading across the globe.

He shared this withering post about not just the debate but the lies spread by the media and his fellow Democrats. He didn’t say that precisely. His meaning couldn’t be more clear, though.

Editor’s Note: It’s a brutal time to be an independent journalist, but it’s never been more necessary given the sorry state of the mainstream media. If you’re enjoying Hollywood in Toto, I hope you’ll consider leaving a coin (or two) in our Tip Jar.


  1. CNN accused of tipping the scales for Trump….?? >.< LOL

    Poor Ellen Barkin, but I guess this is what one does when their career is failing. Leftist entertainers embarrass themselves every election season (and plenty more to come).

  2. What is Ellen Barkin talking about. Biden knew what was going to be asked and trained for over a week for it. He’s just completely mentally dilapidated. I watched the feed with RFK Jr and Dennis Miller. The whole thing was hard to listen to. RFK has his voice issue. Biden was mostly incoherent. Trump, while toned down still doesn’t get that there are more units of measure than just most/best, least/worst. Trump was the clear winner though.

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