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HiT Radio: Does Jon Stewart Miss His Writers?

It’s one reason Jay Leno’s monologue remained consistently funny during his “Tonight Show” run. And Jon Stewart became a comedy institution during his “Daily Show” reign thanks to the tireless efforts of his staff.

The best comedians make it seem like the ideas flow organically from them. We know the truth.

Now, Stewart is on his own. And his banter during a live podcast taping with former Obama adviser David Axelrod found Stewart sounding like he needed some of his crack writers – stat.

I explored Stewart’s recent appearance during this week’s “Hollyweird” segment on “The Michael Brown Show,” heard on TalkRadio 630 KHOW in Denver.

This week’s “Mike Rosen at the Movies” couldn’t avoid the biggest movie of the year so far.

“Captain America: Civil War” is hoovering up cash again this weekend. Are fans happy with the third film in the super franchise? Or has some heroic fatigue set in? Host MIke Rosen and I hash it out with movie goers.

We also check in with “Sing Street,” the latest musical whimsy from John Carney of “Begin Again” fame.

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