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HiT List: Is Rape Now Off Limits in Stories?

And, sadly, it’s a fact of life. You just shouldn’t show it in fiction lest you anger social justice warriors.

Or even allude to it.

Consider the press’ reaction to “Westworld.” The bleak drama debuts on HBO in October. The property, rebooted from the popular 1973 film starring Yul Brynner, involves a sexual assault in its early episodes.

It’s not a person being violated. It’s a robot played by Evan Rachel Wood that looks indistinguishable from a human being. And the rape happens off-screen.

That still inspired a wave of critical comments during the recent Television Critics Association (TCA) gathering.

'Welcome to Westworld' Teaser Trailer | Westworld | Season 1

Casey Bloys, HBO’s new head of programming, had to explain to the assembled scribes that his network’s shows feature violence against men, too.

Here, Bloys both defends his network and cowers before the PC assault:

“I can tell you that violence, it’s not just specific to women. It’s indiscriminate. Plenty of men are killed as well,” Bloys noted, listing a few examples of violence against men on HBO shows. After more questions about rape scenes featuring female characters, Bloys admitted, “I think the criticism is valid. It’s something that people should take into account. It’s not something we’re wanting to highlight.”

It’s not the first time SJWs complained about depicting sexual violence on screen. And it’s true that the theme can be used for a quick emotional hit without exploring its full consequences. It’s equally true that can be said of nearly every aspect of storytelling.

Only there’s little cultural pressure to stop the flood of cardboard characters in TV and film.

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  1. So, after completing a movie (“Jason Bourne”) in which he plays a hero who defends himself against government tyranny with a firearm, Matt Damon made a movie about the vital importance of building a wall to keep out evil foreign invaders?
    While receiving all of his Howard Zinn education, did Damon ever look up the word “hypocrite”?

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