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‘His Only Son’ Crashes Box Office Party

Angel Studios' film earns more than $5 million, but that's not the whole story

His Only Son” celebrated Easter a week early.

The Angel Studios’ film, the first in its new wave of theatrical releases, came in third place in early box office estimates over the weekend. reports the faith-based drama brought in $5.5 million on just under 2,000 screens.

That’s roughly half of what most major new releases score. 

His Only Son | Official Trailer | Angel Studios

Here’s the film’s official description:

Abraham (Nicolas Mouawad), his son, and their two servants journey for three days to the place of the offering. Along the way, the men encounter dangers and trials as Abraham silently relives memories spanning the decades he and his wife Sarah (Sara Sayed) longed for the son God had promised…the son he must now lay upon the altar. Answering age-old questions as to why the Lord would require such a sacrifice, HIS ONLY SON profoundly explores mankind’s relationship to God and encourages viewers to turn inward and ask: Can your faith still stand when you are asked to give everything?


Critics mostly ignored the title – only four Rotten Tomatoes-approved scribes weighed in on the site. Mike McGranaghan of handed it three out of four stars.

The idea of what it means to have faith is depicted in many Christian-themed films. This particular film makes it really hit home.

Audiences filled that chasm, giving the movie a 95 percent “fresh” rating.

The story behind “His Only Son” is nearly as compelling.

The film’s budget was a minuscule $250,000, smaller than even most indie features. Former U.S. Marine David Helling, who directed and co-wrote “His Only Son,” served from 2005 to 2010, including a stint in Iraq.


He went to film school courtesy of the G.I. Bill, and “His Only Son” marks his first feature-length film following five shorts.

The film’s P&A budget (Prints & Advertising) were covered by a crowdfunding campaign, which Angel Studios says marks an industry first.

The film, like many released in recent years, endured sizable delays due to the pandemic. Helling says it took roughly five and a half years from start to finish, but those delays proved fortuitous.

“It seems like Christ is on the minds and the mouths of so many people around the country and around the world and it’s like, ‘Wow, this film could not come out at a…better time,” Helling told Fox News.

A $5 million haul isn’t just noteworthy for an indie film with no major studio behind it. Several Oscar-bait films from last year’s awards season made less in their opening frame. Think “She Said,” “Tar,” “Bones and All” and “The Banshees of Inisherin.”


    1. My husband and I saw the movie, it’s wonderful. May God continue to use you to extend his kingdom here on earth.

    2. My husband and I just saw the movie and it was so much more than I expected. God wants us to be trusting and patient in Him. Abraham certainly was. I’ve paid it forward and monthly support The Chosen. All these wonderful projects are bring the Bible to life. Blessed Holy Week everyone

  1. It is was a great movie and so biblical! It was done so well! I loved it. Going again to see it.

  2. “His Only Son” is truly a wonderful film. The interpersonal relationships were spot on. The film production was the best, especially in the scene where Abraham pleaded for God to take him not his Son. The visual of Christ’s garment in the corner as Abraham was definitely dramatic and reminded me that Christ has our back!

      1. You can always spot the closet miserable left leaners.
        It takes an open minded and intellectual capacity greater then it is to be a close minded, simpleton that is then non believer in the truth that there is something way larger and more important then what u see in ur life here.

        1. You can always spot the people who question their faith in secret. They always lash out with bile and insult whenever encountering pushback. You can also spot the liars, they’re the ones who show the least amount of love, compassion, or acceptance. Closed mind indeed.

        2. You can always spot the people who question their faith in secret. They always lash out with bile and insult whenever encountering pushback. You can easily find the liars as well, they’re the ones who show the least amount of love, compassion, or acceptance. Closed mind indeed.

  3. Not only was this a simply beautiful and touching Christian film but an interfaith film that can be shared and appreciated by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. It captured the biblical story accurately with just the right amount of creativity. Really impressive acting, costuming, film quality, and definitely worth the time and money. I recommended it to my family and friends while still sitting in the theater. Most importantly however, was that the film reverently pointed to the sacrifice God made when he sent Jesus Christ to be the sacrificial lamb for mankind.

  4. This movie was amazing I could feel the emotion of Abraham and the struggle Sarah had. I thought when I watched the trailer and was overcome with tears this is going to be great. I will say this movie didn’t disappoint, even my Jewish friend loved it. I thank God that people like Helling are making biblical movies and spreading Gods word.

  5. Wonderful movie, very powerful and emotional. Will pull you in to the story,characters and truth of the Bible.Bring a tissue….Karen

  6. It was so much better than I expected… The trailer didn’t impress me, but I have read the holy scriptures or Bible and know the account of Abraham and Isaac…
    Being curious as to how this would be portrayed on the big screen, I decided to check it out.
    My faith walk was challenged… and I was provoked in my soul to examine my attitude towards God, depth of belief or trust in Him and changes that need to happen! Will tell others to go see this movie. It is well worth the time, money and effort.

  7. Can’t wait to see this Movie in Australia,
    Finding a Theatre though is not easy ..
    Angel studios congratulations on the success of the Chosen & now “His Only Son! “.

    1. Hi Lyn, it is showing at all Hoyts cinemas until 5 April. That is a large chain. I don’t know if it will be extended another week though.

    1. Oh come on don’t start to be like the Hebrew Roots Movement Zealot People who always think that everyone and everything has to be in Hebrew!!!!!!

  8. Worth seeing. Connects the Easter Episode to God’s willingness to sacrifice his son.
    He does not expect Abraham to do the same, his willingness is enough.
    Kudos to David Helling for staying faithful to the assignment from God

  9. It was amazing! The story was so well done. Helling clearly put his heart and soul into his production. I love his vision to make other biblical movies. I immediately prayed for God to make a way for me to be able to support these efforts. As soon as I got home from the theater, I paid it forward for others to see it in the theater.

    Movies like His Only Son are desperately needed in this time when evil is out in full force. I have seen more movies in the theater in 2023 than I have in like 5 years. They have all been quality Christian productions. Most of the Hollywood productions, I wouldn’t see for free or even if I was paid to see them.

    1. Agree! Wholeheartedly! Hollywood doesn’t get good scripts most of the time or they choose badly.

  10. Invested. Pay Forward, done. Plan to see/view movie, again, before leaves theater. My mind/soul/spirit thirsts to comprehend are relationship with the Divine/God/Christ…

  11. I took my mom to see the movie and we both loved it. I can’t wait to see Jacob. These are the movies I want to see on the big screen. I have not gone to the movies in years because of the worldly mess that’s out there today.

  12. I saw it and it is amazing. I took my mother who is not a strong believer as I am and she loved the movie it really opens your mind and your heart!!!!

  13. This was such a fabulous movie! Such a great depiction of what is in Genesis and throughout the Bible! Everyone needs to see what it’s really like to be faithful to God!

  14. Great Movie!! Glad to see Christian movies hitting the big screen. Like others above, we don’t go to most of the Hollywood releases these days. Once you check the content, it is a fast, “no thank you!”

  15. My Wife and I went and saw this on Friday night. It was an amazing story, well told and with that budget completely amazing.
    We are huge fans of The Chosen and have paid it forward @Angel Studios. Making the first 2 and last 2 episodes of season 3 was a stroke of genius.
    Doing the same for His Only Son made it so much better seeing it on the big screen.

  16. I saw it in a Garland Texas AMC theater with a girlfriend this past Friday night: two old Christian ladies eager to see an Angel Studios film. Because the theater had no AC, those of us in the audience could appreciate how hot and uncomfortable the desert was as Abraham, Isaac and two servants headed to Mount Moriah to fulfill Abraham’s heart breaking mission.
    The acting was believable as were the costumes and production values. Hard to believe that Helling could get so much out of a $250,000 budget–talk about ingenious directing and editing capabilities!
    If you love the stories of Genisus, go see “His Only Son.” You will be glad you did.

  17. Excellent depiction of Abram to Abraham and a most wonderful insight to how Sarah must have felt. Who knows if she really acted that way but this brought a real life and more in depth understanding to the situation… If you don’t know the story of Abraham and Isaac I suggest to read it and study prior to watching because this movie brings the word of God to life. If you don’t know the story you may not grasp it’s meanings..

  18. I didn’t even know about it until my wife mentioned it Sunday after church, so we decided to go see it with our 12yo son. I enjoyed the faithfulness to the Scripture, with a little dramatic liberty, but not uncharacteristic. I liked the imaginings of things like Abraham’s conversation with Isaac on Mt Moriah and especially the flashbacks that told much of the story of Abram, Sarai and God’s promises. Sarai’s brokenness, despair and doubt, then ultimately joy, were so well portrayed. While not an exciting movie, it was captivating and moving. Well-done and I’m looking forward to more films like this to support.

  19. Thank you Halling and Angel Studios for a great movie and wonderful story. GODS love and promise for his people is the greatest stories of all times! Well done, suspenceful, and a testimony of faithfulness. We invested, and will continue to invest in Christian based films, The Chosen, David, Jacob and so many more to come. Lets all rise up, wake up, to support JESUS movement, with prayers, money and our votes rather than sponsoring Evilness in this world!! Protect our children.

  20. It is Not a great Bible movie. It has too many scenes that are not in the bible. The Chosen series stands alone. We were very disappointed. Sorry for the comment but I hope they do better next time.

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