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Green Day Previews Hollywood’s 2024 War on Trump

'Punk' rockers overhaul 'American Idiot' in the most predictable way possible

Green Day did us all a favor on New Year’s Eve.

The rockers cranked up their protest anthem “American Idiot” during ABC’s telecast, tweaking one verse to address the coming election cycle.

The band changed this lyric:

“I’m not a part of a redneck agenda”


“I’m not a part of the MAGA agenda.”

Green Day didn’t alter the song for the occasion. The far-Left Billboard notes they sang the line back in 2019.

Conservative raged against the moment. The media and the Left, but we repeat ourselves, framed it in the most positive light possible. Cooler heads wished Green Day cared about the erosion of free speech from the woke Left.

One thing is clear.

Consider it the Hollywood starter pistol for 2024. The anti-Donald Trump movement has officially begun.


Every poll says Donald Trump will be the GOP standard bearer in this year’s election. And we saw what that meant back in 2016. The entertainment industry rallied its considerable forces to stop him from becoming president.

It didn’t work.

Celebrities had better luck in 2020, but they had help. The COVID-19 pandemic hit Trump’s robust economy hard, and his unwillingness to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci remains a stain on his legacy. Plus, the media and social media titans tag-teamed to make the Hunter Biden laptop story disappear. One report suggested that story alone could have prevented Joe Biden from becoming president.

Now, it’s sequel time. And here’s what that will look like.

Late Night Propaganda

Colbert and co. officially dropped any pretense of being fair and balanced during the Trump v. Clinton slugfest eight years ago. Even shows that leaned to the Left would poke fun at progressives now and then. That abruptly changed in 2016 and has only grown worse since.

Expect nightly attacks on former President Trump and nary a glove to be laid on President Joe Biden regardless of what the news cycle spits out. The corrupt press will showcase and celebrate these broadsides as much as possible.

Hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers no longer care about making audiences laugh during these harangues. Their devoted fans expect polemics, not comedy.

Documentary Daze

Fact-based films can be produced and distributed far more quickly than narrative projects. That gives documentary filmmakers a decided edge, letting them react to current events or create titles designed to ride the zeitgeist.

HBO’s vigorous doc program may crank out the most product in this arena.

The Insurrectionist Next Door | Official Trailer | HBO

Any right-leaning counterpoints to this messaging will be modest and unsupported by competing conservative news outlets.

Heck, we might even see a new Michael Moore project drop before Election Day. Remember 2016’s “Michael Moore in Trumpland?”

Concert and Awards Stage Speeches

This celebrity favorite will be impossible to avoid in 2024, starting with the March 10 Oscars ceremony.

Stars will weaponize these bully pulpits to rage against Trump early and often. They’ll be celebrated by the press, naturally, and amplified without criticism.

And, when the stars look back at these moments they’ll realize how foolish it was to derail their artistic excellence with vapid virtue signaling.

Case in point?

Brad Pitt Wins Best Supporting Actor

Social Media (And Viral Videos)

The stars yield tremendous clout via Instagram, X and other Big Tech platforms. They’ll use those podiums to savage Trump for the next 11 months, with some like director Rob Reiner likely launching daily broadsides against him.

We may even see more of those cringe-worthy clips where celebrities gather to push an agenda through repetitive phrases and a distinct lack of makeup.

The Billy Ray Factor

Who is Billy Ray? The screenwriter behind “Captain Phillips,” “Richard Jewell” and “Shattered Glass” is one of Hollywood’s more impressive scribes.

He’s also the mind behind the deeply dishonest Showtime miniseries “The Comey Rule,” a project riddled with Fake News.

He’s working on an “Untitled Capitol Assault Project,” and there’s no way he’ll allow it to debut AFTER the Nov. 5 elections.


  1. Green Day dude is like 45 now. Still trying to sell the rebel teenager schtick.

    He went full-Madonna. Never go full-Modonna.

  2. Is this 1994? Who cares about Green Day, they are irrelevant. Why does the right spend so much time worry what every two bit actor/musician/athlete thinks or says. Who cares. The rights target audience are Christians and conservatives. Focus on those things. Promote good Christian values and highlight the people associated with those things. The teachers, farmers, pastors, everyday labors. Be the party of the people. Let the left show their true vile selfs and stay out of it. Why do you think the left hates libs of tik tok. All they are doing is showing libs for who they are. No commentary or finger wagging, just the left in all their unfiltered glory. Someone needs to do a Maga of tik tok and show the love and compassion the right has.

  3. My only question is, what if Ron DeSantis gets in, instead of Trump? Oh, and Billie Joe Armstrong is the embodiment of evil, and hate.

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