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Glenn Beck Betting Big on Conservative Movies (And More)

Talk show king shares vision for developing wave of free-thinking storytellers

Andrew Klavan warned us. 

The author and Daily Wire podcaster told the conservative movement not to ignore pop culture. It matters, and it impacts more than just box office receipts or Nielsen ratings.

And conservatives duly ignored him. Now, they’re seeing the light.

The Daily Wire is going Hollywood. Blaze Media introduced “Normal World” along with its first feature film, “Re-Opening.”


Palladium Pictures is prepping both original documentaries and an incubator program to teach aspiring filmmakers to tell stories that Hollywood ignores.

Now, one of the biggest names in conservative politics vows he’s all-in on creating art that speaks to traditional values.

Glenn Beck started the ball rolling via his Blaze Media efforts. And he’s only getting started.

Beck told “The Andrew Klavan Podcast” that he’s moving full steam ahead into Hollywood-style productions.

Glenn Beck's Plan to Create The Next Great American Culture

“We’re just starting to get to the place where we have the assets, the money, the distribution access … to be able to make good, quality movies,” Beck said. “One of the breakthroughs was ‘The Chosen.’ That thing was so well done. It doesn’t feel like a conservative movie typically feels.”

“I’m working on some things with a few movie studios and schools and local theaters to help grow the next generation [of storytellers],” Beck continued, using an analogy to compare what conservatives are currently left with on the cultural front. “I firmly believe we have to stop going to the barrel and instead go to the tree to pick the apples.”

Beck’s vision isn’t for a movie or two, or even for films preaching to the proverbial choir. He’s talking art and, eventually, his legacy.

“This could be, in the end, if we’re able to unlock it, this could be the best thing or the most important thing I may have contributed in my life,” Beck said.


Think apprenticeships, for starters.

“I believe that the best way to learn is to not go to school but to go to really bright people,” Beck said. “You can learn by doing it … I think that is where we need to go.”

None of this was possible just a short time ago. Hollywood controlled all the levers of power. Technology didn’t allow the average artist to create a film credible enough to be made at home.

Much of this has changed, and dramatically so. The landscape also favors a traditional cultural renaissance given the dearth of product aimed at heartland consumers. Significant work has to be done first.

“I have the old Paramount studios in Dallas, but we use them for TV stuff … what if you wanna make movies or comedies? We have to have the ability to do this. All the way from the gaffer to the executive producer and actress, we have to have all of this covered,” Beck said.

“Hollywood is not gonna change,” Klavan said. “We have to build our own place.”

Beck shared how he often invites artists to his ranch to gather, create and inspire one another. One such artist, who had worked for Disney for years, drilled down on the core elements of story.

Not propaganda or talking points. Story.

“These are things the Right never pays attention to, and that’s why we lose,” Beck warned.


  1. MSM isn’t left or right, both are lies…today’s MSM is pure trash OWNED BY very same billionaires across the spectrum. We need less rich douchbags representing “culture” as they don’t give a fk about the masses…only to rule over them. Hence we have one party with tow nasty heads…wake up, Beck is a Z100 shock jock who only cares about his own money flow. Top Gun and Mission Impossible don’t represent American culture, just propaganda for the 1% to justify wars aka the death of poor Americans.

  2. Of course there is much merit on many levels in preaching to the conservative choir. Changing woke leaning minds is a next level challenge. At this point in time school boards vs. parents might be a really good story telling oportunity to do that. Doesn’t have to be a drama or a documentary.

  3. Today’s mainstream movies are so Far Left and Woke that pre-2018 movies are now Conservative or Based. I’m pretty sure Sound of Freedom wasn’t a Conservative movie until it was released in 2023. The time is ripe to push back on the Woke tropes of the Strong Independent Women and Weak Men and Gender/Race/Sexuality swaps and replace them with realistic characterizations.

  4. He’s on the right track, but like the movie producers at the Daily Wire, Breitbart etc., he needs to find a way to get wide mainstream distribution for these movies, or they won’t have any cultural impact. And if they’re not making an impact on the culture, what’ s the point? I don’t know what it’s going to take, but conservatives need to resolve the distribution issue.

  5. Religious movies and documentaries are just preaching to the choir. We need to produce movies that non-conservatives will want to see. Make something that change minds.
    Make some sci-fis. Make some crime dramas. Make some comedies.

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