Filmmaker Heeds Andrew Breitbart, Charges into Culture War Fight

Wondermade Productions vows to produce feature films with positive messages

The late, great Andrew Breitbart famously taught that “politics is downstream from culture.” He was right, and it’s one reason conservative politicians struggle to win elections.

Leftists have enjoyed incredible influence over the culture for decades with their puppet strings firmly attached to nearly every film and television studio in the world. With the massive increase in TV watching since the emergence of Netflix and its competitors, Hollywood has only increased its influence over American culture.

Conservatives have seen some bright spots with the emergence of Angel Studios, Daily Wire+ and a handful of other outlets. But with major players like Disney and Warner Bros pouring billions into some of the most far-Left films to ever escape the cutting room, conservative filmmakers are struggling to catch up.

So if the Left has been dumping toxic waste into the cultural river straight from the Hollywood industrial complex, the question is this: How many successful conservative films will it take to purify that river?

I don’t know the answer, but I do know we’ll need many more culture warriors in this fight if we’re going to win future battles.

To do my part, I started Wondermade Productions, a film studio dedicated to creating features with positive messages that are palatable to mainstream audiences. That lets us communicate our conservative values beyond our sewing circles.

To christen our new studio, we filmed a romantic comedy ‘proof-of-concept’ called “Boardwalk Winter” in my hometown of Virginia Beach, starring the fabulous Natalie Veater and Magali Trench. It’s a touching and humorous story about a young woman who stays surprisingly positive after receiving a short-term medical prognosis, She determines to make the remaining days of her life meaningful while living on the beach she has always loved.

The production was a great success and we worked with some amazing filmmakers, that share our values and want to create art that we can all be proud of. The feature length version of ‘Boardwalk Winter’ is scheduled to shoot in March.

The story will also be novelized and published to coincide with the film’s release.

We also completed filming our first feature-length production, “You Only Dreamed.” It’s a dark comedy about a white-collar drone who is pushed too far and murders his boss after losing his temper. He later hides in the wilderness trying to convince his wife to bring his boat and flee the country with him.

It’s thought-provoking for a film about getting away with murder…or at least trying to.

We are determined to release these films into the wild cultural zeitgeist but need the help of an army of zealous conservatives to ensure they reach their highest potential. We just kicked off Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns for “Boardwalk Winter” and “You Only Dreamed” and are humbly asking for your support in any way you can.

Even if you can only give $10, the conservative culture warriors reading this can band together to make a big difference. And we’ll all end up with better movies to watch on Friday night.

I’ll leave with another Andrew Breitbart quote: “Excuse me while I save the world.”

Jonathan Fox is a professional writer/director/producer/actor and the founder of Wondermade Productions. He lives in Virginia Beach with his wife and four daughters. You can follow him on X and Instagram @djonathanfox and @wondermadefilms and find him on IMDb.

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