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Will DailyWire+’s ‘Lady Ballers’ Out Shock ‘South Park?’

Raucous comedy mocks transgender sports using company's A-list stars

Comedy Central’s “South Park” satirized trans athletes in the 2019 episode “Board Girls.”

A character based on Randy “Macho Man” Savage transitions to female and competes against biological women in the Colorado hamlet.

The results are comically one-sided.

The installment, which went viral earlier this year on social media, would be almost impossible to pull off today even for “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Trans issues, particularly trans sports debates, remain the third rail of polite society.

Engage at your own risk. Just ask Riley Gaines.

Riley Gaines, female activists attacked by leftist protesters

DailyWire+ and Bonfire Legend just one-upped “Board Games” … and then some.

“Lady Ballers,” directed by and starring company co-founder Jeremy Boreing, follows a group of men who pretend to be women to battle against female opponents. 

Lady Ballers | Official Trailer


The comedy was kept hush-hush until recently, although a Nashville-based news outlet reported on extras leaving the project earlier this year after learning the themes embedded in the script. The Daily Wire seemingly confirmed part of that story in its announcement earlier today.

Though largely kept under wraps until now, the movie already had its fair share of controversy during filming in Nashville, with protestors rallying on location, bullying and harrassing cast and crew as they arrived on set, and successfully pressuring one contracted filming location to cancel.

NOTE: This reporter is a weekly contributor to The Daily Wire.

“Lady Ballers” stars Boreing as the coach behind the gender fluid squad, and he’s accompanied by a crush of Daily Wire personalities including “Crain & Co.” hosts Jake Crain, Blain Crain and David Cone, “What Is a Woman?” star Matt Walsh, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan and Candace Owens.

Comedian Tyler Fischer, last seen in The Daily Wire and Bonfire Legend’s “Terror on the Prairie,” plays one of the male-to-female athletes.

Other notable faces in the film include Gaines, an outspoken critic of trans women competing against biological females, and Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

The film arrives at a time when most comic institutions avoid this topic at all costs. “Saturday Night Live” gently broached the subject earlier this month with a faux Netflix documentary about a feminist sports hero.

UNTOLD: Battle of the Sexes - SNL

The 2002 sports comedy “Juwanna Mann” also featured a male character dressing up as a woman to compete in basketball. The film arrived long before the current, heated debates about trans sports matters and the main character didn’t identify as a woman outside the court.

The Daily Wire will host a red carpet premiere for “Lady Ballers” Nov. 29 in Nashville before it begins streaming exclusively for DailyWire+ members at 8 p.m. EST Dec. 1.


  1. Ladybugs was way ahead of its time when it came out in 1992. Back when you could laugh at the idea at the absurdity of men in women’s sports.

    Someone needs to do a skit of a Steve Irwin type explorer who is in a bar in Seattle looking to discover new sexes. Or a whose on first type skit, but with pronouns.

    There are so many ways to make fun of the current culture just begging for a sketch comedy show. This movie is a start, but the Daily Wire should also start its own SNL type show.

    1. Ladybugs! Hehe, classic Rodney Dangerfield movie. It was pretty funny watching the one boy dressed like a girl on Dangerfield’s team basically dominate the other girl’s teams all by himself.

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